78 Doors Tarot: Wands – Nine of Wands

78 Doors Tarot: Nine of Wands

Nine of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot stands for The transition from the end of the project to the beginning of a successful enterprise, the final calculation, the final stage, the gratitude of employers for what was done. 

9 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

Finally, you had the opportunity to build your own life. No one interferes with the implementation of your plans. Labor will only be good. Event  – Finally, you had the opportunity to independently build your life. No one interferes with the implementation of your plans. Labor will only be good. 

aperson with a tendency to limit intrusion into the privacy of outsiders. This is not necessarily about self-isolation, but rather, it is about restricting access to a person’s personal life for others – the hero of the card will decide for himself who to let into it and who not.

Also, the card can win back a person who seeks to bring any started business to the end, regardless of its scale.

The map can show that in the situation a missing link has appeared that will help to perceive the whole picture as a whole.

Business  – Enthusiastically take on the implementation of plans. 

Health  – Work hard on your physical condition: sports, diet, pay much attention to health. 

Relationships  – A clear division of responsibilities, jointly build your life. 

Personality  – Hardworking. 

Advice: Do not be lazy, labor will benefit you.   Do not overdo it, not all at once. Strength must be protected. 

9 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Reverse Position

At the moment, working one for all. Others do not even think about helping you or providing moral support. Pay attention to this. Perhaps they just use you. Situation  – Have to do hard work. Do not wait for help. You have to rely only on yourself. 

Business  One work, privileges go to others. Wrong division of labor. Hindsight on the part of management. 

Health  – Too many stresses, you can not stand it. 

Relationships – One does everything for two. 

Personality  – A workaholic, a tired person, taking all the problems upon himself, is not used to trusting someone. 

Significance of Nine of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


a person who is able to complete his plan. A business that is successfully developing not only thanks to competent management and a well-considered development strategy, but also thanks to the hard work and diligence of the bulk of employees. The map can show the production process in business and the proximity of the completion of work on the object.

In the spreads associated with professional activities, a map can characterize an object that has been nearly completed; most often wins back the proximity of the end of one of the stages of work, most often the key.

If we are talking about business development prospects, the situation will be strengthened, it will become more stable and secure.


a person who cares about a partner and is actively working to strengthen relationships. In this context, we are talking about specific actions of a person, and not about words – the time of words has already passed, now the time of action. The map displays the determination of the leader in the pair to take care of the emotional and sometimes material well-being of the union. As a rule, a map shows that a person actually realizes some of his ideas aimed at cementing relations. In addition to the map, it shows that there are people in the couple or in the family depending on the decisions of the leader.

Also, the map can display the proximity of the end of the process, which kept the couple in suspense during its duration.

In addition to the card, it can show that the family / couple is striving for some kind of isolation from society, they decided to become more closed to contact, the surrounding cards in this case will show for what reasons this happened. Also, the card can act out everyday situations, such as construction or repair in the family.

Advice when 9 of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

keep the steady rhythm of work, you are close to completing the key stage. You need to set some restrictions for those around you who want to get in touch with you (for example, for a student before the session, this may mean that communication should be limited in order to have time to prepare for the exams).

:until the last missing link appears in your chain, you cannot see the whole situation. The current stage is coming to an end, but do not relax too much – you still have a lot of work ahead. Do not overdo it with isolation from society.

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