78 Doors Tarot: Knight of Wands

Knight of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot stands for Passionate and impetuous person. Impatience and inability to restrain oneself.

The card gives the impression of indifference. The knight is clearly wandering, not looking around, but also that in front of him is not very interested. He walks past open doors, which symbolizes missed opportunities. The inability to quickly perk up, lacking interest, energy, motivation in work. Black birds are his fears, fears, evil thoughts. and maybe the past, which does not leave him. Until he leaves. The impression that the Knight simply has neither the strength nor the desire to move on, to enjoy something. He does not yet see all the beauty of the world. The predominance of brown indicates dull weekdays. Birds also fly by – but they are organized and they have a goal, unlike the Knight.

In this case, the door is through. She is entering and simultaneously entering the same place. Here is what is interesting. Maybe there is a decent road behind it, or a city, for example … Birds are flying from there, so there is some kind of life there. But the knight clearly rides by. Either he doesn’t want people, or … he was already there, behind this door …

Upright Keywords

a romantic, ready to take risks for the sake of a noble cause., Lack of initiative, lack of initiative, distraction, unpreparedness for sharp active actions; lack of readiness for a quick reaction; passivity, lethargy; action through force

a person is not initiative. He is deep in thought, often gloomy or philosophical, sometimes in thoughts of the eternal, sometimes in memories of the past, and sometimes in fantasies of the future. He is often depressed or simply “not here,” his thoughts may wander somewhere like a grazing horse, and he himself also loves wandering around aimlessly. The Knight of Wands is often lost in thought, but not the fact that it is productive, it is difficult for him to concentrate on one thing. And sometimes on the contrary, he “sticks” to one topic, scrolls it in his head again and again like a hackneyed record, and at such moments he becomes a terrible bore. Often the Knight of Wands wins back a man who wants to remain silent, to be alone with himself. The crowd is alien to him, she mentally presses him and unbalances him. He is closed, not very sociable, sometimes he seems completely indifferent, but in reality he may simply not notice something, as he is completely absorbed in himself, and sometimes he simply “sleeps on the go”. The card often wins back: despondency, self-absorption and thoughts; boredom mortal and longing green, from which the hunt hangs itself, but you have to overcome yourself and drag yourself forward.

Lack of initiative, lack of initiative, distraction, unpreparedness for sharp active actions; lack of readiness for a quick reaction; passivity, lethargy; action through force.

In everyday life, he plays out situations where he wants to lie down somewhere in the corner, and so that no one flutters, but there is surely someone who can force someone to do something or wander somewhere.

It can act out situations “whatever happens”, “where the curve will lead”, letting things go by chance and hoping for a chance

Knight of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot Upright Position

Knight of Wands represents a changeable nature, which is denied by all sorts of obligations, responsibilities and restrictions. Easy to climb, this person (he or she) is constantly in search of adventure. This card can also symbolize the person making changes in your life.

Predicting from Knight of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot

The map often shows a person who is in a state of choice, makes an important life decision. There are doubts, tension, anxiety, uncertainty about the future. Sometimes it shows a person in depression, apathy, not wanting to do anything. A person is more absorbed in his thoughts and does not control the situation.

Significance of Knight of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


The Knight of Wands is a card that portends change. She advises you to leave your investment, property, business, or resolve any other financial issues and move on to something else – perhaps something better has appeared on the horizon for you. Sometimes this card indicates that you are too attached to property and money. Show courage – perhaps it is the fear of risk and change that prevents you from achieving prosperity.


This card indicates a lack of affection or constancy. Perhaps you or your partner strive for freedom, and therefore avoid responsibility. Your romance can be quite exciting, but you should not think that it will last forever. In some cases, the Knight of the wands represents a break in a relationship devoid of passion. Perhaps in love you should be more adventurous.

Work and Career

change of work, area of ​​activity or responsibility is planned. It is time to challenge yourself and take some risk. Perhaps in the near future you will have a business trip. Sometimes this card indicates that you do not use your own talents to the fullest extent, and therefore show more.

Advice when Knight of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

release the situation “on the brakes”; do not act; to consider and analyze; take no initiative; Do not let yourself be drawn into the whirlpool of events; keep silent, “change location”

Warning: – you are too inactive, slow down, listless, like a boiled bitten dumpling! … Everything passes without you and passes by you while you sleep there on the go. You may be forced by circumstances (or people) and you will be forced to submit

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