78 Doors Tarot: King of Wands

King of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot represents a Domineering man with iron will. At times overly serious. The king, dressed in robes of violet tones, standing against the backdrop of Stonehenge.

King of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

King of Wands is an active person with charisma and unsurpassed qualities of a leader. He achieves all his goals thanks to the excellent work of intuition. Predicts and anticipates the behavior of opponents, which allows you to circumvent them in the corners. He is very far-sighted and easily calculates the consequences of his steps, but he still lacks analysis in his actions. The King of Wands is very smart, although he relies on his own instinct more than on the work of the mind. It acts most often on a hunch, intuitively, does not waste time thinking. Excellent intuition allows him to make a minimum of mistakes in making decisions, and a quick reaction, subject to the shortest time to think about the issue, allows him to have a reputation as an intelligent and gifted person. In his actions and decisions, the King of Wands prefers to rely not only on his experience and knowledge, but also on the knowledge of other people and generations – these can be different sources of information, books, media and so on. The main feature of this person is that he immediately sees the cause and motives of any issue, regardless of the turbidity of the situation.

Upright King of Wands in Business related Reading

businessman / partner / employee making intuitively correct decisions in work. The business is afloat, has a good base and is quite stable. The businessman is very active, authoritative and far-sighted. Good deals and negotiations thanks to the professional intuition of a businessman. The ability to be in the right place at the right time.

Upright King of Wands in Relations related Reading

 family traditions, a tendency to traditional relationships accepted in the family and in this group. Nothing extraordinary or radical. A person with good instinct and charisma, he not only knows how to keep the attention of a partner, but also anticipates his desires.

King of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Reversed or Inverted Position

Keywords: recklessness, adverse news.

The King of Wands is a recognized leader with high ideals and a passionate soul. As a rule, this is a mature man – strong, confident and energetic. Such a person inspires others, instilling in them faith and commitment to the goal.

Inverted King of Wands in Financial Matters

In resolving financial matters, consistency and steadfastness are needed. This card can indicate an ambitious enterprise that promises success, but requires remarkable energy and fidelity to the goal. It can also indicate possible financial support or a reliable partner.

Inverted King of Wands in Love Reading

King of Wands represents a sincere, warm, and loving relationship between two closely related people. However, you must remember loyalty. Do not expect someone to abandon your partner for your sake. This card may also indicate irrepressible manifestation of your feelings.

Inverted King of Wands in Career and Work

This is a card of a true leader. Its appearance means that you need to take power into your own hands, show what you are capable of, thereby gaining the trust of others. Be decisive and ambitious. Most likely, your talents and efforts will be appreciated. Perhaps you are also waiting for a creative project and a good proposal.

Advice when King of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

 resort to the help of intuition and build on the knowledge of other people. You need to see the root of the problem, look for motives for people’s behavior and the causes of the situation

you have to take a chance and rely on your instinct. You see only the core of the problem, but you cannot grasp the whole problem as a whole. You need to turn your attention to the periphery and get a complete picture of the situation. You lack analysis. You will have to rely on knowledge from other sources to back up your intuition with facts.

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