78 Doors Tarot: Four of Wands

Four of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot Stands for Satisfaction from what was earned by conscientious work. Good organization, trustworthy friends, affection of employees.

Often meant a couple spending a lot of time together, but not living permanently. In a relationship, she showed that one of the partners does not allow the other into her world.

Upright Meaning of Four of Wands in 78 Door Tarot

At the moment you enjoy life, you deserve a rest after you have done a good job. It was not easy for you, and you value it, value your hearth. Family happiness, stability, warmth, harmony, a feeling of fullness and calm, a sense of security. 

Harmony and order will come. You will achieve what you have been going for so long. Business development, stable income, strong family. 

Upright Meaning of Four of Wands in 78 Door Tarot

This situation does not bring you satisfaction and comfort. Attempts to build happiness and family remain fruitless. Perhaps you are not looking there or are taking the wrong action. Or you are a little “stuck”, neglect what you have. Or your current relationship has become obsolete and you want something new. 

Stability does not suit you, you want something else. 

Business  – Understanding that the current state of things is not forever. The desire to take risks to achieve more, the desire to hedge. 

Health  – Feel that not all problems have been resolved. Sacrifice your peace of mind to resolve possibly non-existent problems. Looking for new problems. 

Relations – Confidence that it will always be so. Neglect of family values. Conflicts, troubles, misunderstanding. 

Personality  – Takes a lot on himself, does not value what he has. 

Advice: Take risks with what you have. Perhaps happiness does not seem to you what it really is. Time to move on. 

Warning  – Your actions may destroy what you have. Think, remember that breaking is always easier than building. 

Significance of Four of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life

Business  –

A beautiful office, arrangement, stable income, maintaining the existing order, stability. 

Health  –

Well-being, keeping fit, exercises to maintain the current state: playing sports, proper nutrition. 

Relations –

Strong, durable, stable, harmonious. Accomplishment, birth and upbringing of children. 

Personality  –

Cheerful, loving, whole, harmonious. 

Advice when 4 of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

Appreciate what you have. Do not let others destroy your happiness. Do not neglect duties. They do not seek good from good. 

Warning  – Beware of enemies. Be prepared to uphold yours. 

Significance of Four of Wands in Yes No Tarot

Yes, you deserve it. 

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