78 Doors Tarot: Five of Wands

5 of Wands represents Ambition, composure, sweeping away all obstacles in the way, even friendship. 

A man walking “over the heads” to his goal. He does not pay attention to either people or circumstances, sometimes ignoring norms, decencies and rules, and goes to his goal as a dispersed tank. This is a man whose credo says “the end justifies the means.” If the goal demands the impossible, the person will strive for the impossible. If the goal will require a review of some principles, issues, relationships – the person will review them. In addition, the card plays out that overcoming obstacles will literally make you “sweat”, it will be a hard work.

Sometimes a card can play hard physical work. In everyday situations, the card played out “men’s housework” – major and minor repairs, “brandishing a hammer”, moving furniture, situations where male strength is needed.

Symbolism of 5 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot

The door is not just closed, it is walled up. No keys will help here. But the character of the card is not going to“ pick up the keys ”, look for“ approaches. ”He is impatient and ambitious. He wants to solve everything with“ one blow. ”Cut Gordian’s knot of problems Sweep away all obstacles.
He goes ahead. The weak can suffer (a tree with young leaves). But he doesn’t care. “They cut wood – chips fly.

5 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

You had a great chance to show your strength, test your strength. This is a very important task, on which your future depends. So be on top! Show what you are capable of. Show your full strength if you feel that you need it.  It will not be easy. The obstacle is quite noticeable. Be prepared to mobilize all your strengths, skills, abilities and talents. Firmly stand your ground, do not lose heart. Doubts are tantamount to failure.

Business  – A new task that requires concentration of attention and strength. To overcome it, you should temporarily postpone everything else. Intrigues of enemies, fierce competition, it is worthwhile to show oneself in all its glory, to awaken the animal instincts in oneself, to defend one’s territory, to break through the defense. 

Health  – Active physical activity, increased potential, active fight against ailments. Righteous anger. 

Relationships  – A wall of misunderstanding between partners. The need to take action to overcome it. Conquering the heart and the disposition of one’s half. Openness, directness, decisiveness, open expression of one’s feelings, debriefing, taking off masks, fighting pitfalls, confrontation, clarifying relationships. 

5 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Inverted or Reverse Position

Before you is a rather difficult obstacle, to overcome which you will not have enough strength. Fears, doubts, anxieties, internal unpreparedness, insecurity that the expended forces will bring the desired result will prevent you from implementing your plan. Perhaps the blame for everything is internal constraint, peace, inability to assert their rights and fight for their own. It’s easier for you to leave everything as it is and not to suffer. However, one way or another, the problem will come up anyway. Obstruction, barrier. Someone’s intervention is possible. Internal unpreparedness interferes with the implementation of the plan. 

Business – The strike, equipment failure, lack of materials, the absence of important employees in the workplace, is too difficult a task. Powerlessness, give up, do not want to do anything. Circumstances are stronger than us. 

Health  – A complex disease. The need to give up everything and focus on treatment, with tremendous effort. 

Relationships  – Misunderstanding, stubbornness, unwillingness to make concessions, beat our heads against the wall. Conflict, excessive straightforwardness. Not enough strength to fight. 

Significance of Five of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


high competitiveness and a tendency to monopolize the market and crush competitors. A businessman does not spare anyone in achieving ambitious plans. Tight control; system of fines; maximum efficiency in the work of employees is caused by the application of strict control measures over their activities. Difficult working conditions for employees. Can display physical labor related production.

Also, the card can play out serious serious obstacles to a person’s business, overcoming of which will require many victims. Sometimes this can mean that in order to achieve what you want, you have to “walk on the corpses.”


one of the partners is ready for a lot of things in achieving their goal, say in achieving possession of a second partner (if the couple, as such, is not created). He is ready to sweep away all the obstacles in his path and get what he wants. If a person does not have a partner, but he likes someone and wants to get this person, then the card will say that the lover will not stop at nothing, just to get the person he likes – from persecution to modeling situations (depending from surrounding cards). Sometimes, if a couple wants to break up, 5 Wands can win back that one of the partners at all costs wants to break off relations – again, it all depends on the surrounding cards.

Advice when 5 of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

get ready for hard work, you have to sweat. Your goal is achievable, but you will need full dedication, determination to achieve the goal regardless of the sacrifices and circumstances. job will not be easy, correctly calculate your strength; You are “head on,” you are sure that your “end justifies the means”

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