78 Doors Tarot: Eight of Wands

8 of Wands in 78 Doors Tarot show  Intuition that helps in making difficult decisions. Perspicacity. Clairaudience.

Symbolism of 8 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot

Two women and a bunch of keys in front of them. One confidently chooses the key, the second is watching the process intensely and nervously. Apparently the fate of the latter depends on the successful choice of the first.

This card shows a person who is able to choose the right option correctly. He intuitively chooses the right approach to business, he takes the right steps and deeds, he has no doubt in making decisions, he does not hesitate. and therefore the risk of his mistakes is minimal. “I am sure – act, not sure – do not act” The card can also play out situations where the fate and future of one person is completely and completely dependent on another, very, very much depends on the correctness of the choice of the latter.

Most often, the card wins back the choice and search for a way out of the situation, waiting for a solution to its problem, advice / actions from a competent person.

8 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

Finally you have the opportunity to freely choose. Instead of meager satisfaction with what they give, you have many opportunities for every taste and color. Your task is only to figure out what really suits you, to listen to yourself, and ask relatives for advice.

The world will open in all its diversity. Take what you want

Business  – A huge number of development opportunities. The choice is yours. 

Health  – Problems for the solution of which there are many methods of treatment. State of anxiety, emotion. 
Relationships  – Several partners are claiming your location. Do not lose! 

8 of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Inverted or Reverse Position

You are lost, there is a lot of new and unknown before you, that you are overcome by fears and anxieties, prejudices and complexes that prevent you from making the right choice. Relying on the opinions of others, do not trust yourself.   Too many options. In a panic, choose the first one you get. 

Business – Not the right direction, go on the wrong path. 

Health  – Incorrect diagnosis or treatment. You have to heal what you have done. 

Relationships  – It looks like a partner is not suitable for you. You need another option. Perhaps the wrong approach to him was chosen. You have the wrong opinion about him. You could not feel and understand him. 

Significance of Eight of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


notaries, lawyers, advisers, consultants giving the most reliable advice in resolving issues. Can win back the adoption of difficult decisions regarding someone (for example, whose resume is approved, which employee to reduce, etc.). A competent opinion that is decisive in difficult matters. Seeking advice and advice. A situation where the fate of the company, or an employee is in someone’s hands and depends on the selected solutions further developments


the fate of one partner (or a family member) is in the hands of another, and depending on the decision, events will unfold (for example, a father helping his son understand which university is better to go to study). A partner helping another to solve his problem. Family consultations (or consultations of one of the partners) with a psychoanalyst to resolve family problems

Advice when 8 of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

seek help from a competent person who can solve your problem; help with making a decision, advise, show your professionalism in this matter. you rely too much on the choice of another person; everything will be decided for you; you take full responsibility for the fate of others

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