78 Doors Tarot: Ace of Wands

Ace of Wands in 78 Door Tarot stands for Creativity. Inspiration that gives extra energy to achieve future goals.

This card shows a person who devoted himself entirely to the creative process. He is experienced, smart, prepared. He knows the subtleties and nuances of his work. He creates and is confident of success. The implementation of the creative plan is in full swing and there is every chance of a successful resolution of the issue or the implementation of the

Symbolism of Ace of wands in 78 Doors Tarot

The card depicts a peculiar puzzle-puzzle how to open the door?
In ancient times, there was such a custom rite (culturologists call it initiation) – to become an Initiate (Hierophant), it is necessary to pass a series of tests. These trials are different – one another is more complicated and confusing. Ace of Wands depicts such and such a test.

A sorcerer conjuring over a door seal. Based on the fact that this is an Ace (and the aces usually play the beginning of the period), the sorcerer tries to open this very door. In any case, the creative process of putting the plan into action is on the face.

The sorcerer is barefoot. But this is not because he is poor – often during rituals many sorcerers wear a mantle on their naked bodies. There should be no fasteners on the sorcerer’s clothes, as they interfere with the outflow of energy necessary for the ritual. Rarely come across shoes without fasteners, and standing in slippers is a cruel bad manners. When a magician works barefoot, when there are no fasteners, buttons, hooks on his clothes, this improves energy exchange in general.

Ace of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Upright Position

Keywords:  Purposeful, inspired, strong-willed, creative, non-standard, energetic. 

A new opportunity presented itself to show your talents, develop and test your abilities, plunge into the unknown, probe the situation, recognize its pros and cons. 

The situation in which you have to show all your abilities will be accompanied by the presence of inspiration, a surge of creative forces, inspiration. 

Business  – First successful attempts, plans, interviews. Intuition leads and helps you. The presence of great internal strength and determination will lead to the desired goal and the chosen direction will be successful. 

Health  – A surge of strength, energy, all is well. 
Relationships  – First dates, walks, sexual experience. Partners recognize each other, get to know each other, find common ground. 

Personality  – Purposeful, inspired, strong-willed, creative, non-standard, energetic. 

Ace of wands in 78 Doors Tarot in Inverted or Reverse Position

Keywords: Stubborn, self-confident, persistent, 

A situation that you cannot afford. Waste your time in overcoming it.   A situation for the solution of which other methods would be suitable. An obstacle that a person cannot afford. He does not have enough life experience, opportunities and inner strength to overcome it. 

Business – This type of activity most likely does not suit a person. He will face obstacles to overcome which there is not enough imagination and will. Will strive to overcome them, but everything will be in vain. He will only lose time. 

Health  – A lot of strength and energy is wasted. 

Relationships  – Most likely, a partner is too tough for you. He has other plans, interests, you do not have enough imagination and strength to win him over. You will not be able to achieve it. 

Significance of Ace of Wands on Different Aspects of your Life


task : dynamics, creative implementation of the task. The time for the practical application of knowledge; process in full swing; overcoming obstacles; internships, practice; honing skill; the beginning of the production process and its course


a creative approach in relationships. One of the partners (or future partners) aims to achieve rapprochement. Perhaps a person trite “picks up the keys” to a partner

Advice when Ace of Wands in 78 Doors appears in a reading

apply a creative approach; get down to business practically; choose a “key” to resolve the situation

not all doors can be opened the first time, many doors with a “secret”

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