78 Doors Tarot: Six of Pentacles

Six of Pentacles represents an unexpected increase in wealth and gifts. A generous person willing to help others


An unexpected increase in wealth, Generous man ready to help, Getting what you want is easier than expected, a gift from heaven, Unexpected relief and improvement, The gesture of reconciliation. 
Receiving unexpected gifts, the fruits of something good, Selfless gift and very necessary, Merit of merit. 
Deserved success, won, Reward, Incomplete, family. Single mother, Separate parents. Alimony, social benefits. The missing person has not forgotten you. 

Symbolism of Six of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

An interesting card – there is a gift, but no donor. The man gave something and disappeared. You can also think about an anonymous benefactor (a person does not want to openly provide assistance for some reason).

Significance of Six of Pentacles on Relationships

In the case of the prospect of a relationship, the card played out like the disappearance of a man after a romantic relationship with the words “Don’t miss! I will get in touch” (apparently he showed generosity, but only with words), which was clearly unexpected, since the young man seemed serious!
The card is cold for me and for some reason … bleak

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