78 Doors Tarot: Page of Pentacles

Page of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot is a capable and thoughtful person, scientist or public figure. 


Youth, immaturity. Romanticism. 
News Carrier. Receive news. 
A guest. Originality. Intention. 
Decisiveness, energy. 
A chance to resolve a difficult situation, a case. (Maybe. Not sure. It is necessary to check) 
A gift, a surprise, an appointment, news, everything that, in our opinion, should bring joy, will be a catch in the future. You will have to spend a lot of energy and strength to get rid of a gift, a post

Symbolism of Nine of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

Symbolizes spiritual purity, elevation, cold, eternity, mystery. It is associated with the sky and the sea, therefore it combines a feeling of excitement and peace. Blue color has power and power. It cleanses and transforms. Blue is the color of the “third” eye, the frontal chakra. The ability to make plans for the future. It reflects devotional service to the truth. This color provides access to hitherto unknown. 

He is all directed towards the future. Blue color expressly declares its intention to do something, without much preliminary thought. Blue symbolizes clarity of thought. This is a great converter. Intuition is connected with this color, the first step towards higher knowledge. Blue is a threshold that must be crossed to gain access to other areas. Cap – a hat of freedom, freedom, nobility, a sign of a free man. When a slave dressed him 

The door  symbolizes the possibility of a transition from one state to another, entry into a new life, initiation, shelter and protection of the Great Mother. 

Significance of Page of Pentacles on Different Aspects of your Life

Like all pages, the page of pentacles is a chance, an impulse, something new that comes to you, you only need to open the door in time, otherwise the chance will just pass by. It can mean small gifts, trinkets, all sorts of amenities, signs of attention.

Work and Career

New duties that strive to “slip”, small overtime work, another problem that you have to solve.


The situation when a partner knocks on an already closed door, timid attempts at reconciliation, the appearance of a long-forgotten partner, who suddenly became more active.

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