78 Doors Tarot: Nine of Pentacles

Upright Keywords:

Satisfaction with financial position. Creativity, regulated by a certain amount of prudence.

Symbolism of 9 of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

On the card, a couple enter, upon invitation, into a rich house.  This which means there is either satisfaction in family life, or in society. The golden bird at the entrance is a luxury item, which indicates the status of the owners.

Predicting Using 9 of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

  • 1. An invitation to visit or receive guests. Door – entering a new society.
  • 2. Buying a property. Door – moving to new housing.
  • 3. The transition to a new stage of relations in a pair. The door in this case is a transition to a new level of proximity. Here the registry office is also possible. 

What is interesting and incomprehensible to me personally is a golden bird at the entrance. Indication of status upgrade

The couple enters by invitation, which means they were awarded such an honor for some merits (not for free))).
Please note that the man is clearly young, but not dressed so hot. He, it seems, has yet to “enter the circle of the elect” and learn a lot there.

Significance of Nine of Pentacles on Different Aspects of your Life

Work and Business

advertising companies; real estate trading; service industries. The card can display the receipt of offers of cooperation, invitations to corporate events (or on the carpet to the director). Visits to superior persons. The card fell on invitations to exhibitions and promotions, business trips, business meetings, invitations to cooperation. With questions about hiring, it can be said that the resume is accepted for consideration and there is a high probability that the issue will be resolved positively.


hosting, visiting or receiving guests. The card can win back communication with a large number of relatives or friends. An expression of hospitality in one way or another.

Social Life:

A person either demonstrates it or uses it himself. Situations in which some praise something or present something in the most favorable light, while others listen to him with admiration. The card can win back offers with subsequent prospects – from real estate offers to inspect real estate, to invitations to guests, from offers to familiarize yourself with the situation and prospects, to accept such offers and start actions. Proposals for cooperation, barter, purchase / sale or mutually beneficial spending time.

Advice when 9 of Pentacles in 78 Doors appears in a reading

invite for cooperation; accept the offer. You just have to take a step to the beginning of the action.

Warning: you may be pushed to the beginning of actions, you should soberly assess the prospects of what will happen when you take a “step over the threshold”.

Astrology Significance of 9 of Pentacles in 78 Door Tarot

Jupiter / Venus as a symbol of a major gain.
Nine of Pentacles were considered in the old days as a card of financial success, gain, large and often unexpected profit. Thus, it means a turn for the better, luck and situations, which people say: “happiness has come down”. Along with this, undoubtedly, the favorable value of external luck, she also promises a tangible change in personality (for the better).

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