78 Doors Tarot: Eight of Pentacles

Symbolism of Eight of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

The girl goes to the salon to the tattoo master. The card displays the desire to get something. The girl has already approached the salon – this card often wins back people who, with their requests for the desired one, literally “stand at your doorstep.” 

A tattoo master is a specialist in his field, he has a stream of people, and he is currently busy with another client – this indicates that he is successful, experienced and authoritative, people come to him repeatedly with requests for what they want. 

Judging by the client who decided on such a big tattoo, he completely trusts the master, relies on his experience and skill. Master, a man who knows he can trust 

Predicting using 8 of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

This card shows a person who has come to someone to receive something for money, as a gift or as a loan (provided that the person who is being addressed is potentially capable of doing this). A person walks with hope, and sometimes with full confidence, that they will not refuse him and he will get what he wants. 

Significance of Eight of Pentacles on Different Aspects of your Life


desire to make a deal; steps to purchase goods and services (for example, contacts with suppliers); indicates the liquidity of the firm in the selected area. 


 can win back situations when one partner asks the other about anything – from “buy cheese on the way”, “beat the shelf in the kitchen” to “I would like to receive a fur coat as a gift, it’s better to mink ..”)) 
At the same time, the card wins back, that the partner is potentially able to fulfill this desire. 

Advice when 8 of Pentacles in 78 Doors appears in a reading

seek help from a competent person; get in touch with a person who is able to fulfill your desire, and discuss with him the conditions. 

Warning: the person you want to contact can either agree, or set conditions that will not suit you, or refuse at all.

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