78 Doors Tarot: Pentacles -Ace of Pentacles

78 Doors Tarot: Ace of Pentacles

Ace of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot represents material happiness. Well-being defined by money and property.  It provides abundance of opportunities.   

Symbolism of Ace of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

A woman in rich clothes with a bunch of keys sitting on the background of the estate.

Predicting Using Ace of Pentacles in 78 Doors Tarot

Ace of Pentacles a person who has answers to all questions, who can find a way out of any situation. A person well versed in people, he is able to find an approach to each person. This person has a lot of opportunities to realize himself and his plans. A card can play a large number of ways to solve a problem;
Also, sometimes a card may indicate that a person has a lot of “strings” in his hands for which he can “pull”, either a person has in his hands the reins of government, or other ways of implementing and achieving business goals

Significance of Ace of Pentacles on Different Aspects of your Life


The card can win back large companies and good career prospects, as well as companies with a developed hierarchy.


The card can win back the high financial and / or social status of a couple or one of the partners. In relations, the map speaks of the multivariance of the ways of developing relations. A couple has many ways to achieve stability. The map also speaks about the rich prospects in the relationship of the couple. Potential partners have many points of contact, they will understand each other well. Each (or one) knows how to find an approach to another.

Advice when Ace of Pentacles in 78 Doors appears in a reading

Before you have good prospects and many ways to implement your ideas, you can choose any one you want. Surrounded by relevant cards, it may indicate that you need to ask for help from a person who “has the answers to all your questions”

Warning: wealth of choice is sometimes a problem, which in turn provokes delays due to insecurity, which is better to prefer. Sometimes a card can indicate a great responsibility for making decisions and making the right choice. Surrounded by relevant cards, it may indicate that you will face a person who, unlike you, will have many ways to resolve the issue.

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