Ruby: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Ruby

Ruby is a red variety of corundum , the second hardest mineral known since ancient times. The red color is due to the presence of chrome in the composition of the stone.

Ruby gets its name from the Latin word “rubeus” or “rubrum”, which means “red”. Like other red stones, it is called “carbunculus” or carbuncle , which means a small coal or ash. It was only after 1800 that ruby, like sapphire , was identified as a subspecies of the corundum group. Before that, red spinel and garnet  were also considered rubies.

The quality of a ruby ​​is determined by its color, cut and clarity. All these properties, together with weight, affect the value of the stone.

The color of the mineral ranges from deep pink to pale pink-red. There are specimens with shades of purple. The brightest and most valuable stones are blood red, they are the most valuable of other rubies of similar quality.

The red color in stones is due to the replacement of several aluminum atoms with chromium atoms (about 1 in 5000).

Large bright rubies are less common than diamonds.

In addition, rubies hold a special place in science – the first lasers were made from artificial ruby ​​crystals. Even now they are used industrially, despite the fact that other minerals are more effective.

The inclusion of ruby crystals in the reflection of light causes the effect of a six-rayed star (asterism), which is known as the star ruby.

Benefits of Wearing Rubies:

Healing effects of Wearing Ruby:

The oldest records of the stone contain information that the mineral was used to detoxify blood, prevent hunger, and protect against plague. They are also believed to be extremely beneficial to the circulatory system as they increase blood flow by stimulating the adrenal glands, kidneys, spleen, and reproductive organs.

In ancient times, it was believed that red stones help prevent exhaustion and lethargy, replacing them with energy and vitality.

Red gems are recommended as a remedy against paralysis, anemia, inflammation, pain in joints and bones, asthma, heart disease, otitis media, chronic depression, insomnia, arthritis, inflammation of the tonsils and rheumatism. Ruby lowers blood pressure and treats psoriasis. It has healing powers during a nervous breakdown and wards off nightmares.

Red crystals impart the ability to purify the air, thereby helping to fight epidemics and viral infections.

Magical Effects of wearing Ruby:

Legend has it that the ruby ​​and spinel are the frozen drops of blood of battle dragons.

Those born in December are advised to wear or wear gems. Ruby symbolizes love and health, royalty and power, dignity and beauty. Due to its hot, incandescent color, the crystal has always been considered a healing stone that strengthens the heart muscle and expels melancholy. In ancient times, the red mineral was a symbol of passion, and its pink subspecies are symbols of tender, youthful love. In the East, it was believed that the ruby ​​gives its owner “the strength of a lion , the fearlessness of an eagle and the wisdom of a snake.”

In Eastern traditions, the ruby ​​is dedicated to Buddha, Surya and Krishna. Especially in India, but everywhere the gem is highly valued as a precious gem that supports and enhances wisdom, wealth and protects from evil witches and wizards.

There is a legend that the owner of the crystal is protected from physical harm, and when something bad approaches, the color will change to dark red or gray.

There are many legends that say that the ruby ​​is a magnet for other gemstones. The one who possesses this gem is more likely to possess even more gems, because it is believed that it fascinates and attracts them. This legend is perhaps a metaphor for the abilities that contribute to Ruby’s wealth. Carry or keep it in your wallet or bag to boost your income.

The ancients believed that his piety was superior to other jewels. Moreover, it was more valuable than a diamond . There is a legend that the Mongol emperor Kublai I once offered a whole city in exchange for one gem.

Revered in many cultures, the ruby ​​has always been a symbol of passion, protection and prosperity. It symbolizes the sun, and a deep red hue is an unquenchable flame that shines through even the thickest clothes and cannot be hidden. There were legends among the peoples that a stone thrown into the water would cause it to boil, and a crystal hidden in wax would cause it to melt.

The gem was worn as a talisman and amulet, protection from diseases. It was supposed to save the owner from bad thoughts, dreams, and help resolve disputes. Burmese legend said that a gem implanted in the body would make the body invulnerable.

Today, the metaphysical properties of the gem are no less striking. It simulates the base chakra, increasing vitality. It promotes a clear mind, increased concentration and motivation; brings self-confidence to the owner, brings decisiveness, thanks to which a person overcame shyness, striving for prosperity and achievement of goals.

Meditation with rubies helps open the base chakra to receive life energy, which positively affects the fourth, heart, chakra.

The mineral helps develop creativity and helps stabilize economic status. So, when a person possesses a gem, his financial well-being will remain with him.


Working with a ruby, you can feel a surge of courage, joy, and increased leadership qualities.

Planet-ruled Mars: Ruby jewelry is worn during rituals. When a person feels exhausted, it is recommended to place a red gem next to a lit red candle to increase vitality.

Rubies should be cleaned and recharged with sea salt. During this process, exposure to sunlight should be avoided whenever possible.

For those who are very sensitive or irritable, the stone can be very stimulating. At the same time, there are known cases when minerals soothed hyperactivity in some of their owners.

Ruby helps reduce fear of the paranormal and evil. It casts out nightmares and protects mental health. This crystal has a protective power, it protects the house from fire and intruders. Wearing small and discreet jewelry makes you feel safe.

Combination of Rubies with Other Stones:

This red crystal combines naturally with blue kyanite . In addition, it is combined with green fuchsite to help treat back ailments.

Combining this crystal with kyanite  creates a powerful blend for use as a protective talisman that also helps calm dreams.

For immersion in a meditative state, ruby ​​is combined with green apophyllite .

To increase vitality, use this red stone with other chakra base stones, including eidialyte, cuprite  and zinc.

For self-control, combine multi-colored corundums  – red and blue minerals combine the calming energy of minerals.

Use it with orange carnelian stones and multi-colored chlorite in cases of mental attack. They will provide strong protection.

It is useful to combine it with other base chakra stones such as red garnet , zinc, diopside , red aventurine and red jasper .

To boost your energy to help you get rid of negative thoughts or feelings, use gems in combination with other crystals that are beneficial to help get rid of negativity, such as blue sapphires ,green tourmalines .

How to tell if a Ruby is Real or fake:

The production of artificial minerals was successful. Previously, small fragments of real stones were fused for this. This process replaced the smelting process , during which artificial ruby ​​is made from refined ammonia and a small amount of chrome alum. Synthetic specimens contain 2.5% chromium oxide and have a particularly valuable blood red color. They have the same physical characteristics as natural minerals. However, artificially created stones often have microscopic bubbles and grooves.

Laboratory-created rubies are high-value crystals for technological use in areas such as watchmaking, medical instruments and lasers for microscopic surgery.

In appearance, the ruby ​​is very similar to spinel . So, the most famous ruby ​​- the Black Prince’s Ruby, which is inserted into the royal crown just above the most famous diamond in the world – Culinan – after research turned out to be spinel.

Garnet and tourmaline can also resemble ruby, but the latter is heavier.

Hard and resistant to mechanical stress, ruby ​​can be an excellent adornment of a jewelry collection or a powerful amulet.

Which Zodiac Signs can wear Rubies:

Red cabochons considered the zodiac stone for Leos , Scorpio, and Sagittarius Cancer. The mineral is influenced by the planets Neptune and Jupiter.

It is also believed to have the strength and quality of the Emperor Tarot card.

Ruby is considered the talisman for the sign of Pisces. Dreams in which you see the image of red minerals can signal money or wealth.

Where are Rubies found:

Ruby is common in several deposits on Earth. Its most famous deposits are located in north-central Myanmar (Burma), east of Mandalay (the former capital of the Burmese Empire). There, the precious gem is found in bands of crystalline limestone, next to granite and gneiss rocks.

The mineral has also been found in Thailand, where gravel, sapphire and spinel are typical impurities . Here they are dark in color, often with a deep reddish brown hue.

Rubies native to Sri Lanka are usually paler in color compared to gems from Myanmar.

The stone is sometimes referred to as an oriental ruby ​​to distinguish it from other red jewelry. Thus, rubies from:

  • Australia and Arizona are  high quality pomegranates ;
  • Siberia – rubellites, red tourmalines ;
  • Tanzania – red spinel .

Despite the fact that rubies were mentioned in the Old Testament, it is unlikely that they were known to the ancient Jews.

In 2000, new deposits of rubies were discovered in Madagascar. Their reserves turned out to be large, so now this island state is one of the leaders in the extraction of minerals.

Uses of Ruby:

Ruby is one of the most popular gemstones and is widely used in the production of all types of jewelry, bracelets, necklaces, rings and earrings are made with it. It is used as the main gem of a product, as well as complementary to other crystals, such as diamonds.

Large stones are extremely rare and highly prized. Transparent rubies with a rich deep color are estimated at several thousand dollars per carat.

Chemical Composition of Ruby:

  • The chemical formula of the mineral is Al 2 O 3;
  • The molecular weight is 101.96 g;
  • Aluminum (Al) 52.93%;
  • Oxygen (O) 47.07%;

Physical Properties of Ruby:

  • hardness on the Mohs scale of hardness of minerals: 9;
  • crystal structure: hexagonal;
  • refractive index: 1.76-1.77;
  • maximum birefringence: 0.0008;
  • luster: glassy to translucent;
  • habit: well-formed fine crystals;
  • specific gravity 3.9-4.1.