Restoring the Energy Balance of Healing Crystals and Stones: Cleansing, Charging and Energizing, Activation and Protection

Stones appeared on Earth many millennia ago, and all this time they have absorbed positive energy, subsequently giving it to their owners. Stones protect people from the evil eye and misfortunes, troubles and betrayals. They regularly face negative influences and focus them in themselves. In order for minerals to serve as talismans and amulets for a long time, you need to constantly take care of them, replenish the lost positive and then they will be your helpers and protectors for many years.

Why do you need to clean stones

What do we need stones for? To protect yourself from all kinds of trouble. And minerals constantly provide assistance, but at the same time they absorb negative energy emanating from both the owner himself and from others. And it is not necessary to wear them in the form of jewelry. It is enough to have them in the house in the form of figurines, crafts, or on the desktop as table accessories or amulets. Gems constantly protect people from human anger and hatred, envy and betrayal, from natural disasters, negative radiation from computer technology and much more, which we do not even suspect.

But the energy of the stones may not be enough for a long time and over time they may lose their unique abilities. To prevent this from happening, they should be constantly looked after, cleansed of the accumulation of negative elements. If the mineral has been treated, then it must be thoroughly cleaned after each use. If the gem is used very often, then once a month it must be cleaned with moonlight.

There are situations when a person is constantly under the influence of negative energy emanating from envious people, rivals, competitors, then the stone has a hard time. He absorbs huge portions of negative energy to protect you from lethargy, fatigue, apathy, irritability. As soon as you feel that your talisman is a little tired, help him replenish his properties by carrying out cleansing procedures, providing him with all kinds of care and support, showing your gratitude for the help and salvation provided.

Effective ways to Cleansing Healing Crystals and stones

Initially, minerals are cleaned before wearing the product. But then this procedure needs to be carried out regularly, especially if this thing was allowed to be reviled by strangers, or faced with serious troubles, illnesses, emergency circumstances. If the transparency of the gem has changed, it has become unpleasant to the touch, there is rejection, discomfort, if, when putting on jewelry, a person becomes uncomfortable after a few minutes, then it is worth cleaning the mineral.

There are many methods that restore stones to their original state. The easiest way is to keep them under running water for a short time. But you can’t wash off strong negative energy in this way. Therefore, they resort to more effective methods.

Sound cleaning method for cleansing crystals and stones

Sound vibrations are very helpful. You need to purchase a singing bowl that includes 7 metals. A talisman is placed in the bowl, we take it in the left palm, rotate it counterclockwise with gentle movements. As soon as the sound broke, this indicates excessive contamination of the mineral. Such movements must be done until such a stage when the sound stops breaking after the seventh circle. This way you can clean any gems, except diamonds.

Using a flame for cleansing crystals and stones

To do this, take a napkin and wrap the amulet in it. In order not to get burned, we use a wooden clothespin. It is not worth holding a stone in your hand. We take out a candle and light it. We drive the mineral over the flame counterclockwise. At the same time, you can read the prayer “Our Father”. This is a fairly effective cleaning method and can be used everywhere, except for cleaning aquamarine .

As for diamonds, they are very capricious and it is quite difficult to free them from negativity. This mineral sticks to its first ruler and is not ready to tune in to the rest. He constantly absorbs information and it is good if he passed on to you from a wonderful person. If not, then get ready for difficulties. In no case should one become the owner of a diamond by criminal means: steal it, get it by deception or extortion. This gem will be loyal to its rightful owner to the last and avenge him. And this can deplorably affect the health of the fraudster. It is worth remembering that diamonds should be obtained from a pure heart and with good wishes. You can only clean a diamond with fire.

Use of sea sand for cleansing crystals and stones

If this method is available to you, do not use it. To do this, it is necessary to place the natural stone in the sea sand for at least a day. Then take it out and rinse thoroughly under warm running water. This method cleans minerals framed with silver . If the frame is gold, then this method is not worth using.

Use of Wax for cleansing crystals and stones

Our ancestors knew about this method and often used it. It was believed that beeswax is able to remove all information from the energy field not only of a person, but also of a stone. For this, natural beeswax is melted in a water bath. The talisman is placed in the middle of the wax and thoroughly lubricated with it to get a good wax shell. In this form, the stone is left for 3 days. Then he is freed from the “cocoon”. You can use the same water bath. The product is ready for further wearing.

Use of Low Temperature for cleansing crystals and stones

This method is quite simple. This will require a tight, small bag. Pure spring water is poured into it, into which minerals are placed. The bag is placed in the freezer until ice forms. As soon as this happens, the bag is removed and placed on the table. Melting should occur naturally at room temperature. Most stones are cleared this way.

Use of small Hematites for cleansing crystals and stones

For what purposes can hematites be used ? Both for cleansing and recharging. Hematites are able to absorb the negative energy of the mineral, thereby charging it positive. One has only to put natural stone products next to hematites for four hours, and your talisman will receive the proper energy charge.

Use of Amethysts for cleansing crystals and stones

This mineral is a focus of powerful and deep radiation that can spread to other stones. To free the talisman from the negative coating, it should be placed on an amethyst druse for 24 hours. Amethyst geode can also be used.

Use of Ordinary salt for cleansing crystals and stones

This method is considered crude and powerful, so it must be used very carefully and not with all minerals. Labrador , amethyst , emerald  and moonstone are not on friendly terms with salt . Salt can destroy completely or partially damage their energy. But for other gems, using this method can lead to a positive result. A small dish is taken, a talisman is placed there. The dish is placed in a container with salt for a day. Never put minerals directly into salt. This can negatively affect their electromagnetic field, as well as brightness and hue.

Use of Salt Water for cleansing crystals and stones

To do this, you need to take a small container, pour water there, add a pinch of salt, put a stone in the water, hold for a day. This method can only be used for those minerals whose hardness on the Mohs scale is greater than 7.

Use of Wood Energy for cleansing crystals and stones

Anyone will do, but only living things. To do this, the talisman must be tied to a tree for 24 hours. The energy of the tree will gradually flow into the stone, and the dew will wash away the negative.

Use of Water for cleansing crystals and stones

It’s not a secret for anyone that negative information and all kinds of dirt can be washed off with water. It’s not for nothing that a person takes a shower in the evenings. This also has to do with minerals. This method is available to everyone. It is worth considering that the water must be clean. A spring or other water source is perfect: a stream or a river. This method assumes a passive and active cleaning method. Passive is that you put the gem in a container with water and take it out after a day. With the active method, you hold a pebble in your hand (for several minutes), and water washes it. After water procedures, the mineral should dry naturally. It is good to place it next to burning candles.

Some minerals, such as citrine , only need to be cleaned with cold water. Care is required when cleaning rhodochrosite , otherwise it will tarnish. There are minerals that have a negative attitude towards water treatments. This applies to fluorite , dioptase , malachite , sodalite , mother of pearl , lapis lazuli . It is strictly forbidden to substitute selenite under water, it may disappear before your eyes. It is worth remembering that stones that have been in direct sunlight for a long time cannot be cleaned with water. Large temperature differences can lead to cracks and splits.

Use of Air for cleansing crystals and stones

The air masses are endowed with a certain energy, which makes it possible to clean the stones. To do this, it is enough to place the mineral in a place blown by the winds. It can be either a window sill in an apartment or an open space. A hill is well suited, where the wind walks from all directions, not noticing obstacles. Calm will not work, as there will be no result. With this action, it would be nice to light the incense stick and bring it to the stone. This will enhance the cleansing effect. The smoke from the stick should envelop the mineral. When setting fire to the incense stick, use only matches, and never a lighter.

Use of Herbs and Flowers for cleansing crystals and stones

Flowers and grasses that grow on meadows in clean areas, free of burning, chemical emissions and car exhaust, are excellent stone cleaners. Not all plants are suitable, but only those who are full of vitality and natural freshness. It is this energy that is capable of replenishing gems with an energy supply.

A bowl is taken into which flowers or grass are placed. A stone is immersed there for 4-5 hours. If the species of plants has changed: the flowers have withered, the herbs have withered, then this indicates that their positive energy has been transferred to the gems and complete cleansing has occurred. It is advisable to do this procedure outdoors, in the forest or in the field. A garden may be suitable. But houseplants in pots are completely useless. They will not bring the desired effect.

Activation of Gems, Crystals and stones

Stones don’t come out of nowhere. They are given, bought, found, inherited. That is, before falling into the hands of a new owner, they went a long way, communicating with various people, and not always good ones. In order for a mineral to serve its owner faithfully, it must be tuned to human energy. To do this, you must take the following actions:

  • Take a white candle. It is an essential attribute for revitalization.
  • The ceremony should begin on a clear day closer to noon.
  • Take the amulet in your left hand and drive it over a lit candle for 7 minutes.
  • At the same time, your thoughts should be clean and light, and your mood should be good.
  • After this procedure, it is worth leaving the mineral for 2 hours in the place where the sun’s rays fall as much as possible. This will help the stone to be saturated with positive energy.

All these actions are carried out both at the time of the change of the owner of the mineral, and in the event that he, albeit for a short time, has been in the wrong hands.

Carrying out the activation of the talisman:

Many people prefer to wear stones not only as jewelry. For people, protection from troubles, evil people, ill-wishers is very important, as well as help in business and work. In order for minerals to fully perform their functions, to fully manifest their magical and healing abilities, they must be activated. The main thing is that the person to whom this gem is intended and who will use it as an assistant should participate in this process. If the activation is carried out by another person, then for its main owner the gem will be just an ornament, but nothing more.

The activation is done immediately after the pre-charging of the stones is finished. For the event to be successful, you need to take the mineral in your hands every day and hold it for several minutes. This must be done for a week, without interruption. In this way, the stone gets used to you, tunes in to your energy, tries to merge with you. Before you take a gem, you need to tune in to the positive, and no negative emotions. If a bad mood or excessive fatigue overcomes, postpone activation for another time, but only for one day.

Subsequently, the mineral can be picked up and held in the palms no more than twice a month. You can do this more often if you need the help of a talisman. It should be borne in mind that it is undesirable to give your amulet to other people. This can confuse him. It is difficult for him to switch to strangers, and failures may occur that will negatively affect the relationship of the stone with its real owner. He should have one owner, then the mineral will not betray, will not fail and will be faithful to the person all his life.

There are other ways to activate. Instead of palms, you can use amethyst druses or rhinestone . It is enough to leave the talisman next to these formations for a day. Amethyst geode can also be used. A hollow pyramid might be suitable for such an action. But it is worth finding such that its proportions were 3 x 4 x 5. If this rule is not observed, then no effect will work. Plants are also considered excellent activators and they are ready to transfer a part of their positive energy to stones. For activation to take place, you need to take a clean linen or cotton bag, put a talisman there and add a small amount of plants. You can take dry ones. So the stones must lie for 24 hours.

Charging of Gems, Crystals and stones

This stage cannot be neglected, since you do not just decorate yourself with precious stones, but select yourself according to your Zodiac Sign, character, social status, hoping for their help and support in various fields and endeavors. Before the talisman shows all its skills, you need to charge it. How to charge a talisman? There are several stages of initiation for this:

  • land;
  • water;
  • fire;
  • air.

How to properly charge gems, we will consider below.

Charging with the forces of the earth

The forces of the Earth are inexhaustible and they are able to protect the talisman from negative influences from the outside. Moreover, a magic item can be endowed with such power that will help its owner avoid emergencies and troubles. In order for the Earth to transfer a particle of its energy, it is worth putting a stone in a container for 24 hours and sprinkling it with clean earth. You can leave the mineral in the garden or on the veranda. A balcony will do too. After a day, the stone is removed and gently washed with running water.

Using Impact by water forces to Charge Crystals and Stones

Natural water has unique properties. She is able to wash away any negativity, to make the energy more pure. For these purposes, exclusively pure river water or spring water is used. The gem is carefully placed in a bowl with some water, which is placed in a secluded place, away from the eyes of strangers. During the day, no one approaches the stone. Then he is pulled out of the water and placed on a soft cloth. In no case should you wipe it off; it should dry out naturally. Used water should be poured onto the ground in the garden or flower bed. It is desirable that no one is present.

Fire charging of Crystals and Stones

This should help the talisman to maximize his abilities, in order to subsequently be an irreplaceable helper to a person. This ceremony will help the stone to attract good luck, money, positive people, love, luck. If a person is weak in character or has predominantly negative traits, then the stone is able to change a person for the better, correct his character and habits, and direct him in the right direction. How is this ritual performed? A wax candle is taken and lit. A talisman is held over the tongue of flame until the candle burns out.

Using the element of air to Charge Crystals and Stones

It is also necessary to enhance the magical properties of the mineral. There are several ways to do this. You can put the amulet on the windowsill, open the window to expose the stone to the streams of clean air. Or you can take the mineral in the palm of your hand and blow on it several times. After the last action to charge the gem, you can safely use it in everyday life.

Methods for Protecting Healing Crystals and Stones

You can protect minerals and restore their former power with the help of sunlight and moonlight. This is a fairly lengthy process, but worth it. This is the best way to cleanse gems. It is considered natural, natural and potent.

Using moonlight to Protect Crystals and Stones

Choose a night with a bright moon. Use a window sill that gets moonlight most of the time. Put a talisman on the windowsill and leave it there for three days. It is advisable to start the event the day before the full moon. If possible, it is best to place the stone outdoors so that nothing prevents direct moonlight from falling on it.

If the mineral was used to remove the evil eye or damage, then it is worth placing it in a container with salted water, which is placed under the moonlight. Moreover, this must be done within three days with the waning moon. It is in the process of decreasing that the Moon pulls along all the negative, contributing to the restoration of positive energy. Labrador , adularia , selenite , opal , belomorite , which belong to moon stones, are best cleaned by the Moon.

Protecting and Cleaning Crystals and stones by the rays of the Sun

It is the Sun that is endowed with the most powerful energy, therefore the use of direct sunlight for cleansing stones is considered appropriate and justified. Great vitality is transferred to minerals, restoring lost abilities in the field of magic and healing. Natural gems are natural “accumulators” of positive energy, the main sources from which a person can recharge. Their “demagnetization” leads to the fact that the stones lose their strength and are unable to protect their owner at the right time.

However, not all stones are shown “sunbathing”. Active sun has a bad effect on rose quartz , mother of pearl , corals , turquoise  and pearls . Staying in the sun for a long time, they can lose their brightness and even crack. Citrine , pomegranate , ruby , topaz , amethyst  and some other gems are afraid of direct sunlight .

As soon as the minerals become smooth, pleasant to the touch, with a refreshing coolness, a pure shade, they are completely cleared of negativity and are able to help people in the future. Taking it in hand, one feels a surge of strength, an emotional upsurge, a feeling of confidence, joy, calmness, and comfort appears. This means that you can safely use your talisman for your own purposes.

How to understand the degree of contamination of a stone

Basically, gems by their appearance show that the limit of their capabilities is close and it is necessary to do something about it. As a rule, there is a change in hue, color, dullness and emptiness appear. Minerals to the touch become slippery, dirty, dusty, covered with a greasy coating. It is unpleasant to take them in hand. It is considered a bad omen that a crack appears on the stone or it falls out of the frame. This suggests that it is worth changing your assistant to a new one. It is strictly forbidden to wear products with such defects, since the level of negativity has already gone off scale, and no cleaning will help him.

More than once a situation arose when the stones were simply “hiding” from their owner. It seems that you put them in a prominent place, but you cannot find them later. Then he pops up in a completely different place, as if someone else had put him there. It is necessary to pay attention to this, since the gem also needs to be alone, take a break from dirt, and accumulate strength for the subsequent fight against evil. Do not touch it for a couple of days, and then brush it to remove all negative from it.

There are other methods for identifying the contamination of talismans. We take an ordinary electronic thermometer and measure our temperature. Then we put the talisman in the solar plexus area and measure the temperature again. If the indicators have dropped by several divisions, then the stone is dirty. If the temperature has risen by several divisions, then the mineral is absolutely pure and ready to protect you. Body temperature may not change. This speaks of the neutrality of the amulet at a certain time.