Queen Of Cups : Meaning, Reversed, Yes and No, Love Life


The tarot card reading is something that will help you to guide when you feel lost in your life, It will help you to understand the occurrence of various events or sudden changes in your life. People often reach to tarot card reading when they do not find any solution to their problems. Just imagine you are being into such situations and have a card – Queen Of Cups appearing for you.

It is a card that will bring all the positive vibes for you. You could be experiencing that your life is getting overflowed with the feeling of love and passion. It would help you to understand that you are being very sensitive and emotional for everyone that crosses your path. This happens when you are trying to get the feeling of being nurtured and cared for. It is the basic significance of the card which would be providing a helping hand so that you could hear the voice of your heart and do all your work accordingly. Being empathetic toward others is something that would make you feel the intuitions. It will help you to hold on to space which will help you to properly control and express your emotions. You will need to become the truest and most authentic self of your version. With the card, you will have to make it well-grounded with all the emotional issues. You won’t be facing any sort of separation from your family or partner. But there would some situations when you would need to have a good command of those emotions and feelings. Bring out the right solution for you.  You will see yourself as a healer and a counselor with being a very intuitive coach. You will have to recognize yourself as being very divine. Trusting a process is one thing and having faith in it or believing it something different. You would be guided towards your path by your heart’s voice and it will definitely lead you in the right direction.

Impact On Various Aspect Of Life

The card – Queen Of Cups is basically regarding the significance of women. It will bring out the supportive side of you and you would be caring for it. It will give you a mindful of sympathy and wisdom as to how you should treat others as well as yourself. With this card, you could be able to show some very good points to the outside world. It will directly bring an indication that you would be more sensitive and would be willing to accept all the harsh actions.

After some time you might develop a tendency to daydream and bring out some big imagination. It will display a mature feminine side of yourself. Along with being kind and caring you will have to be very assertive.


When this card appears for you and you are already in a relationship, then this queen will indicate time of care and emotional fulfillment. It will also bring some kind of security in your life. It will open out your honest feelings and get honest. You would be converted into a loving, caring and affectionate person. It will turn you into a good listener with a lot of compassion. You will be a faithful and loyal partner during this beautiful phase.


If you are searching for answers in the financial sector then you need to see that it is a great indication for the good investment time and you would be getting some good rewards of your past work. You would be able to build financial security for yourself as well as your family. You would be getting good investment deals. But make sure that you keep an eye on the extra finances.


You would be getting immense support from a mature lady in your working background. She will be a reminder that you need to focus on your work and yield some good results. Your work colleagues would be working to bring out some great results.


If you are concerned about your health then this card turning up to you would be a good omen or a positive sign. You will just require some support to deal with the illness or injury. It will also bring an indication that you will have to take a good look at yourself and make all good things happen to you. It will be very significant you need to be in the positive state of your body to keep yourself mentally healthy.

Now that we have known how the card will bring changes in different aspects of your life. It’s time to check how it will be when the card is placed in different positions.

What would happen if the card is placed in Past Position?

Your past will show all the aspects of your personality along with your desires and success. It will help you to know how to deepen your inner knowledge.

What would happen if the card is placed in the Present Position?

The present position will bring out all the possibilities that would be revealed by the influence of a powerful woman. It would help you and make you strong to face the challenges and difficulties that would be crossing your path. It will give you valuable insight.

What would happen if the card is placed in the Future Position?

From your past and present situation, you would be able to seek assistance for your future and also advice from your loved ones. It would be like you are seeking some feminine wisdom it would be irrespective of your professional success.

If you are looking for some interpretation of Yes or No?

With this card, the answer would come up as yes. But sometimes it would be very uncertain or unclear. But whatever would be the answer it will help you in channeling and transforming yourself into a better person altogether.


Now you are all aware of the facts and figures when the card – Queen Of Cups turn-ups for you. It will guide you in a proper direction and make it worth.