Pisces Birthstone and Lucky Gemstones

Known since antiquity, the zodiac sign of Pisces has always been linked to spirituality and religion. The fish were two fish that saved Eros and Aphrodite trying to get rid of the monster Typhon. According to other legends, the two fish were even Eros and Aphrodite in fish bodies to get rid of the monster that, according to Homer, had snakes instead of fingers and a hundred dragon heads. As a reward, the fish were rewarded and ascended to heaven by the goddess Minerva, thus symbolizing the constellation of Pisces.

Jupiter and Neptune are the planets that govern the sign of Pisces. Neptune is the planet of illusions and mystery. The energy of the planet is directed towards higher spiritual development.

The symbol of the two fishes suggests the dual nature of this sign, this being probably the most pronounced in Pisces in the entire zodiac.

 That is why the natives of Pisces are prone to mood swings, and unpredictable impulses, such as the water that influences them. But they are open and adaptable to changing situations, with deep emotions, lovers of beauty, original and creative. They are understanding and compassionate, who see what is best in those around them. They are able to empathize with others, no matter what situation they are in, they are positive spirits, they support those they love, encouraging them in everything they do.

What are the right colors for Pisces?

Colors are very important for Pisces natives for whom purple, green and silver are loaded with spirituality and meaning and help them maintain mental and physical balance.

Violet should be worn when trying to find its purpose in life, to make major decisions that will have a direct impact on the daily routine.

The color green suits them when they want to have a new perspective on the world, but it is not good to wear this color when they are confused or when they have to make an important decision in life.

The color blue is recommended when they feel depressed, sad or alone. Blue makes them feel calm and balanced.

Silver neutralizes negative feelings, improves their perseverance and patience.

What gemstones bring good luck to Pisces?


It is the most important of the Pisces zodiac stones, a stone that enriches spirituality and stimulates healing on all levels. It is also the stone that gives courage. Amethyst brings peace, love and happiness.

Amethyst is a healing stone, but also a protective one, it is also the stone of intuition and clairvoyance. It helps to purify the mind and remove negative thoughts and anxiety. Amethyst is believed to help Pisces be better organized and more efficient in their work.

As a meditation stone, amethyst is suitable for relaxation and inner healing.

 Amethyst is a wonderful talisman when used in the creative arts, so it is considered the Stone of Artists, the Stone of Inventors or the Stone of Poets.

In ancient times, it was also worn by travelers, believed to protect them from attacks or bad weather. It was also believed to cure insomnia or ward off bad dreams when placed under a pillow, bringing a peaceful sleep.

Amethyst is beneficial to businessmen and diplomats, generally to those who negotiate. As a talisman of prosperity, amethyst is useful for those who tend to spend more than they can afford, for those who have problems with gambling. It is useful for those with addictive personalities to overcome vices.


 Aquamarine highlights the qualities of those born in the sign of Pisces. It helps them especially in personal but also professional relationships, making them more confident in others, more adventurous and more friendly.

Aquamarine is believed to drive the energies of the planet Neptune and is linked to the heart and neck chakra, a stone very suitable for meditation, with a calming effect.

It is said that this gemstone gives the wearer intuition and clairvoyance and enriches the intelligence. Aquamarine frees us from anxiety, gives us courage and joy.

Because of their sensitivity, natives are usually shy, and aquamarine helps them improve their ability to communicate with others.

It is said that aquamarine is the stone of mystics and pure souls who have the ability to see and feel everything. The brightness is that of the sun over the waves of the sea.

The calming effect of aquamarine is gentle and subtle, but long lasting.

White Quartz

It is also important for Pisces natives, helping them see the future for those who are especially interested in the paranormal and the spiritual.

White quartz harmonizes the body, gives energy and knowledge.


It is the talismanic stone of those born in the sign of Pisces. It is said that the ruby ​​makes us wiser and more flexible in our dealings with others. It is said that the ruby ​​makes the wearer make peace with the enemies.


Opal is the stone that brings good luck to Pisces. It brings harmony and happiness into their lives and accentuates their intuition. Opal has the power to bring joy back to the lives of those who have suffered a loss.


 It helps Pisces express things they can’t or don’t want to talk about. It brings peace and inhibits negative feelings. It is suitable to be worn in the form of a pendant or brooch.

Those born in the zodiac sign of Pisces can benefit from the healing effects of stones considered lucky for their zodiac sign. So, choose to accessorize the outfit with jewelry inlaid with aquamarine, white quartz, opal or citrine.