People with Spiritual Gifts can experience this

We are all born with a certain gift. The difference is that some of the abilities are obvious, and there are more subtle ones – “dormant” gifts.

We are all born with a certain gift. The difference is that some of the abilities are obvious, easy to define and express, and there are more subtle – “dormant” gifts. At first glance, they are invisible, but they always distinguish a person from the crowd. Often he looks somewhat eccentric, although in fact he has supernatural powers.

Such gifts are called spiritual. These blessings or abilities are very helpful in personal growth and self-improvement, and they also allow us to break away from the material and see our world deeper, for real. However, such gifts also require skillful handling.

Therefore, if you are the happy owner of some kind of gift of this kind and want it not to interfere with living a normal life (and they can make it very, very difficult!), It is important to learn how to manage and control it.

How do you know if you have a spiritual gift? Below are 6 things that usually have a huge impact on spiritually gifted people. If this is about you, then with a high degree of probability it can be argued that you are such a person.

1. Lunar cycles.

The moon is especially active during certain periods – during the New Moon and Full Moon. During these lunar phases, spiritually gifted people do not sleep well, feel inexplicable anxiety and anxiety.

Everything seems to be fine, everyone is alive and well, at work and in personal life – complete order, but restlessness at heart, and that’s it. Falling asleep at night becomes a real problem. Even if you manage to forget yourself in the morning, then the dream is kind of strange, superficial. During the day, the situation is no better: something is gnawing, something is happening inside. And such sensations continue throughout the entire period of the New Moon or Full Moon.

2. Frequent awakenings in the middle of the night at 3:00 and 4:00.

This night time period is often called the “Hour of the Witches”. And for good reason: from 3:00 to 4:00 at night, magical powers acquire just incredible power and influence. Strange things can happen that, from the point of view of logic and common sense, cannot be explained.

People with a spiritual gift very subtly react to the influence of magical forces, so they often wake up in the middle of the night at this very time. Moreover, they feel the obvious presence of something (or someone) and a growing anxiety. If this happens to you on a regular basis, then the main thing is not to worry. Pray or meditate (3-5 minutes should be sufficient). This will calm you down and help you fall asleep again.

3. Attracting animals

Intuition is much more developed in animals than in humans. In the end, it is vital for them, as it helps them survive.

All animals are very sensitive to evil or good. They feel the aura of people, that’s why they are so drawn to the spiritually gifted. Animals feel protected and safe next to them.

4. Increased attention from strangers and “strange” people.

More often than not, spiritually gifted people are attracted to strangers who are in need of help or healing, be it physical, emotional, spiritual, or mental. Also, quite often on their way there are those who in society are considered “crazy” or “out of this world.”

Don’t be surprised or annoyed. People are drawn to you, like a magnet, for the reason that on a subconscious level they feel your gift and understand that they will be saved. As for the “madmen”, these people are not mad at all. They are actually enlightened, but they do not yet realize it. All they need is the guidance of someone more enlightened. That is why the subconscious leads them straight to spiritually gifted people who see and know much more than others.

5. Increased meteosensitivity.

People with a spiritual gift have one peculiarity: they, like barometers, detect the slightest changes in the weather. If a storm is coming, they will be the first to know about it. Even if the day is unusually sunny, there is not a cloud in the sky, they still know for sure that it will rain.

This increased meteosensitivity is most likely due to the fact that the spiritual gift is associated and inseparable from nature. This allows spiritually gifted people to be acutely aware of the changing weather or seasons.

6. Ability to capture negative energy

When a spiritually gifted person enters a room, it is like a walking radar for capturing energy. He immediately “finds” even the smallest quanta of negative in the room, although nothing indicates this.

Such people from the first minutes immediately know that something bad has happened, or what those present think and feel when they look at them.

This ability to experience negativity with a “sixth sense” is not a gift. Living with him is difficult and uncomfortable. But, on the other hand, such a gift allows you to see and feel what is beyond the control of others.

It is important to control and manage your supernatural abilities. Therefore, such people should clearly determine for themselves when to heal others, and when to avoid, due to the fact that energy fatigue covers.

By the way, their sensitive nature also catches positive energy with lightning speed. Therefore, it will not be difficult to “feed” on joy and kindness. You just have to “go to the right room”!