Moon Stone

Lunar Energy Concentrate

The Moon Stone instantly connects you to the Energy of the Moon and the Sacred Feminine. It helps you to understand the changes in life with more serenity and confidence. Intimately linked to all natural cycles, Moonstone offers you softness and soothing. It is also known as * the * stone of fertility.

How to use Moon Stone?

Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. 

Program the Moonstone with a powerful affirmation such as “The Moon is changing in the Sky, my life is changing but I remain aligned with my authentic Being” and let its vibration amplify your intention.

Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga ) or place them in your “Ritual corner”.