Lightening Quartz: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

 A thunder crystal is literally a crystal struck by lightning, so it is a major feature that traces of lightning running remain on the surface of the stone. In many cases it looks like a scratch, but it can range from the jagged marks of lightning to the marks of a hot dragon crawl around.

The impact of a lightning strike may have partially destroyed it, causing it to puncture, break, or melt.

It also has the characteristic that the surface often has a unique texture like frosted glass. This is also because the surface changes to cristobalite, which is a high-temperature crystalline form of quartz, due to the high voltage caused by lightning strikes.

It is called a thunder crystal because it is a crystal that has been exposed to lightning.

In addition, it is also called lightning crystal or lightning quartz.

Benefits of Lightning Quartz

Following are the benefits of ligntning Quartz:

  • Bringing catastrophic changes and breakthroughs,
  • breaking walls and breaking shells,
  • overcoming trials,
  • enhancing electric propulsion,
  • sensation and transmission, reborn,
  • fusion of genius and spirit

Healing effects of Lightning Quartz

It is said to have an energy filling effect. When you feel that you are not feeling well or your ability to act is sluggish, hold the thunder crystal with both hands and bring it to the area under your navel or where you feel comfortable, and the energy of the thunder crystal is injected into your body. Perform imaging.

However, these effects have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Lightning Quartz

The meaning of thunder crystal as a gemstone is “a stone that causes a drastic change”.

This crystal has overcome the test of lightning strikes and owns its energy, which is a great help for those who are feeling stuck or struggling in difficult situations. It is said to break walls, break shells, give power to overcome difficulties, and encourage electric shock. It can be said to be a “breakthrough stone” that breaks the deadlock.

It’s also good when you’re confronting a powerful enemy or when you have to work hard to get the job done. For those who are reluctant to linger, it can also bring a strong “katsu”.

In addition, it is said to bring strong emotional ability and transmission power, and it is said to strengthen the ability to feel vibrant and the ability to directly convey to the other person’s mind.

How to Use Lightning Quartz:

Thunder crystal is most effective for those who decide to change themselves.

For example, let’s say a wall stands in front of you. Imagine holding the wall in your hand and destroying it steadily. It doesn’t matter if your thunderstorm-amplified wave breaks through the wall, or you use your limbs to break the wall. By performing such imaging, the situation that was stuck can be completely changed or a breakthrough can appear.

Also, if you want to meet your allies, cooperators, or soulmates, hold a thunder crystal in your hand and shoot a strong lightning bolt from it, run around the night sky, and image the lightning strike at the same place. I will. This will make it easier for people to appear in sync with your vibrations.

How to Cleanse Lightning Quartz:

It is sometimes said that it is not necessary to purify itself because of its high purification ability, but it should be done properly at the beginning of purchase, when you feel that the stone is tired after using it for a long time, or when you want to reprogram. We recommend that you purify it.

The most recommended purification method is the sound of a crystal tuner or the smoke of white sage.

Lightning Quartz corresponds to which chakra:

All chakras

Directions corresponding to Lightning Quartz:

All directions, especially North

Why Does Lightning Quartz Transform Lives

The crystal sleeping on the ground is suddenly struck by a high-voltage lightning bolt that has fallen from heaven and transforms in an instant.

When a violent storm accompanied by lightning occurs, rainwater seeps into the soil, and shock waves from lightning strikes from the ground to the ground. Quartz in the soil is also shocked, but since the surroundings are hardened with earth and sand, the crystal itself does not often fall apart. However, the surface instantly changes to another type of mineral called cristobalite, and especially the part where the high voltage current runs is destroyed and becomes like a scar.

This gives birth to a thunder crystal.
Thunder crystal is a “reborn” crystal.

It changes to a different kind in terms of minerals, but it also changes to something like a “battery” in terms of metaphysics.

The inside is taken from the bottom, but you can see that the colors are different between the outer circumference and the inside. This is because the outer circumference became cristobalite due to the impact of a lightning strike.

Few things are so clear, but even if you don’t see it with the naked eye, a lightning-strike crystal will deteriorate due to exposure to high voltage on the outside, and the original crystal power will be compressed inside. Even if it looks like a hard mineral, it turns into something like a fluid in terms of energy.

This energy is very special (as we will see later). Just as when a battery is set in an electric appliance, an electric current flows, and when some kind of environment is set up, the thunder crystal can exert tremendous power.

So what is that “environment”?
It’s by no means one type, but a typical pattern is when a person with a thunder crystal has a strong will to “change.”

Thunder crystal is said to give a shocking impetus to those who are trying to change their way of life, those who are trying to do what they should be doing, and those who are trying to find the meaning that was born. I will.

This is because the energy of thunder crystal is “fusion of heaven and earth”.

“Expressing your will to the ground”

The original purpose of human beings must have been there. However, as we are born as innocent babies by daring to erase the memories of the past, we have no choice but to start from the zero point where we do not remember the original purpose.

In the process of being taught the logic of the earth and growing up while memorizing the difference between good and evil in the society and the high and low values, it becomes more and more distant from the original purpose. Depending on the mood, many people will live ad hoc, with their desires going, or for no purpose at all.

Therefore, a turning point is needed.
A blow to wake up.

Inspired by something, awareness comes. They realize that they have lived by being swept away, decide to become someone, or try to change their way of life with a clear sense of purpose. It is at such times that thunder crystals are most effective.

It is dangerous to be hit by lightning, but in rare cases, there are cases where people “change” as if they were reborn by a lightning strike experience. It is a pattern in which the way of life changes drastically or the spiritual ability suddenly awakens.

This is a natural excuse, and you should think that you were awakened to your true self.

Of course, lightning strikes are life-threatening and are not something you can experience. However, you may be able to experience transformation by getting a powerful thunder crystal.

This is because it gives great power to those who have made a strong decision to “change” themselves.

Properties of Lightning Crystal

Mineral nameCrystal
Rock Crystal
Main production areasBrazil
ClassificationOxidized Mineral Quartz Group
Chemical compositionSiO 2 silicon, oxygen compound
Crystal systemTrigonal system
Crystal habit (shape)Columnar, lumpy
Main shadescolorless
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.65
Refractive index1.54 to 1.56
Similar stone non-madeEleschar crystal, ice crystal, crack crystal