Labradorite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

Labradorite is a type of feldspar mineral.  

In 1770, a Moravian missionary discovers a shining stone on the coast of St. Paul Island on the Labrador Peninsula, Canada. This stone was named labradorite after the place of discovery. 

It is now also found in Mexico, the United States and Madagascar.
It is also produced in the Yurema region of Finland. It happened to be discovered during World War II, and it came to be called “Spectrolite” because it has a blacker ground color and a beautiful rainbow color.

How does Labradorite Look:

The characteristic of labradorite is its beautiful flash. The light that seems to be cold and has a very deep depth is called “Labradlessence”.

Depending on the stone, the color it emits will vary, but it will show various expressions such as blue, green, gold, orange, and red.

The color of the ground is often dark gray or black, and it is often compared to “butterfly wings” because of its colorful hues. Many Japanese people associate the pattern that floats on the back of the abalone shell.

It’s a relatively cheap stone, but high quality stones can also be treasures.

Benefits of Labradorite

Following are the benefits of Labradorite

  • Message from space,
  • intuition / insight up,
  • inspiration / creativity up,
  • prediction / spiritual ability up,
  • oppressive personality improvement,
  • higher self guidance,
  • soul growth,
  • aura restoration

Healing effects of Labradorite:

In the field of stone healing, it is said to activate the energy centers in the spleen and sacrum, supplement the lack of sexual energy, activate the respiratory system including the lungs, and activate the blood and nervous system.

In addition, it is said that the work of adding a specific pigment to the aura of the person holding the stone will restore and stabilize the aura balance. Looking at the colorful flashes of labradorite, I feel like that.

Labradorite is often referred to as “shielding (protecting) the owner from external negative vibrations such as jealousy and malice” and “recovering sadness, anger, and depressed mind”, which is the above-mentioned aura balance. It may be due to restoration.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Labradorite:

At first glance, labradorite is a dull green stone with a dull feel, but when the light hits it by tilting it, it suddenly emits flashes of various shades.

The light, which is somewhat cold, yet has a cosmic depth, is very mysterious.

Emmerson’s poem on Labradorite

Ralph Waldo Emerson, a 19th-century American thinker and poet, has left a poem with labradorite. It looks like the following.

“A person is like a piece of labradorite. It doesn’t shine when you pick it up, but when you reach a certain angle, it instantly gives off a deep and beautiful glow.”

”A man is like a bit of Labrador Spar, which has no luster as you turn it in your hand until you come to a particular angle, then it shows deep and beautiful colors.”

It can be interpreted in many ways, but it can also be understood that each person has their own strengths, and by making good use of those parts, they can shine.

Stone connected to the universe

The cold light emitted by labradorite is said to be some kind of information emitted by other planets in the galaxy to those who have this stone on Earth. Humans seem to recognize that information as intuition and insight.

From this point of view, this stone is especially recommended for those who need a keen sense of intuition and those who need inspiration and imagination. Furthermore, it is said to expand the abilities of people with psychic powers such as psychics.
In addition, it is said that the guidance by one’s higher self (higher ego) will be smoother, and especially the oppressed personality will be improved.

If you have a gemstone, depending on the stone, there is a compatibility problem that it suits or does not suit the owner’s temperament, but labradorite is said to fulfill the task that everyone should do regardless of the owner’s energy state I am. In other words, it can be said to be an almighty stone that “fulfills the dreams and hopes of its owner” without causing any harm to anyone, like crystal.

How to cleanse and Purify Labradorite:

It is said that if you let the moon and stars come out on the night of the starlight bath, it will be purified and power charged.
In addition, it is thought that it will be easier to use the power of stones by resonating the waves obtained from space with the waves of the earth, so it is recommended to touch the crystal, which is said to be a stone native to the earth.

Labradorite corresponds to which chakra:

Coccyx, middle abdomen, throat

Properties of Labradorite:

Mineral nameSoka
Ichoseki Feldspar
/ Feldspar group
aliasSpectrolite-Refers to Finnish products
Main production areasCanada, Madagascar, Finland, USA, Mexico
ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical composition(Na, Ca) AlSi 3 O 8 Sodium, calcium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen compounds
Crystal systemTriclinic system
Crystal habit (shape)Massive, plate-like
Main shadesRainbow-colored iridescence on a black or dark green background
Streak colorWhite
cleavageComplete in two directions
specific gravity2.68-2.69
Refractive index1.54 to 1.56
Similar stone non-madeAmmolite

Minerally, it is a type of plagioclase. It is a solid solution consisting of albite, anorthite, neutral feldspar, etc., and each crystal overlaps to form a multi-layer, so the incoming light reflects, diffracts, and interferes to create a unique brilliance. In addition, fine inclusions such as magnetite and hematite affect the light interference phenomenon, producing the cold rainbow-like light peculiar to labradorite.

This kind of rainbow-colored glow is called labra dressing (labrad effect).

Most labradorite is dark green or dark stone, but there is white labradorite with a white background. In this case, it is called Rainbow Moonstone as the distribution name.

Labradorite from Oregon, USA, is sometimes called Oregon sunstone or heliolite.