Kyanite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care


Kyanite is an awakened indigo stone. There are gem-quality stones, but the ones that are mainly distributed as gemstones are often stones that appear to have innumerable scratches on the surface or have several cracks inside.

This is because the kyanite crystal itself crystallizes like a bundle of innumerable lines running in the vertical direction, so it looks like a scratch even when polished, and the actual pressure from the vertical direction is The reason is that it is easily scratched.

The biggest feature is that the hardness (hardness) changes depending on the angle. The hardness is 4 in the direction in which the crystal is stretched, so if you hit it with a knife, it will be scratched, but if it is from a right angle, the hardness will be 7, and the knife will not scratch it.

For this reason, there is another name for this, a stone with two hardnesses, called kyanite (Disthene).

It was named Kyanite after “kyanos” which means “dark blue” in Greek.

Benefits of Kyanite

Following are the benefits of Kyanite:

  • Conduction of higher-order waves,
  • conversion of energy,
  • realization of ideas,
  • search for cause information

Healing effects of Kyanite:

It is said to be useful as a support role that opens the path of invisible energy in the body and captures the waves coming from higher dimensions into the body. For example, try running the Kyanite tumble slowly along the meridians, or press it against the acupoints to stimulate it.

In the field of stone healing, it has been reported that it is used to enhance the endocrine action of the pituitary gland, thyroid gland, gonads, etc., and to promote metabolism.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Kyanite:

Due to the number of thin striations on the Kyanite, it looks like a device made by tightly bundling a large number of thin wires. What kind of equipment is it?

Kyanite is good at conducting waves from higher dimensions, and in the “passage” that connects the world of different dimensions and the material world in which we live, the “bridge” that spans the world divided into both banks, and that world. It is said to be a stone that acts like a provider when downloading certain information to this world.

In addition, as described in the feature column, Kyanite has the characteristic that there is a large difference in hardness between the vertical direction and the horizontal direction, that is, the density is different. This means that in a metaphysical sense, it has the property of changing the wave motion of conducted energy.

In other words, Kyanite not only mediates high-dimensional information, but also has the function of modulating, amplifying, and transmitting waves so that it can be embodied at the material level …, so to speak, a transformer. It’s like a mixture of amplifiers and transmitters.

For example, what we think and think in our minds is not in the physical world. It has no shape, no touch, and is invisible to the eye, but there are certainly “thoughts in my heart” and “images that inspire my head.” This means that we are in a higher world that extends to include the physical world.

Humans use tools called words to express their thoughts, draw pictures based on the images in their heads, and take actions. The cause thoughts and the blueprint in the heart are transformed into this world.

In addition to these direct physical phenomena, various events that occur around us are said to emerge as reality based on the person’s thoughts. That is why it is said that “what you have strongly thought about will come true.”

However, if you always think only about something vague or change your mind quickly, it will be difficult to come to the reality you want.

In that case, try using Kyanite. Kyanite seems to have the function of stabilizing one’s thoughts and images that are still in another dimension like a solid blueprint, and by extension, acting as a support for realizing it in this world. is.

Specifically, it is a good idea to hold Kyanite and meditate, or put it between your eyebrows to send an image that your dream has come true.

The fact that Kyanite acts like a bridge between dimensions also makes it possible to trace information in the opposite direction, that is, to search for information on the other side.

For example, things in question in this world are said to help us find information if there may be factors in the past.

In addition, since Kyanite is excellent in transmitting information like a transmitter, it is said that it is easy for a pair of men and women to have one Kyanite to establish communication like telepathy between each other. I am.

How to Cleanse Kyanite

It is generally said that there is no need for purification, but it is recommended to purify the stone when it is first obtained or when the stone feels tired. For transparent stones, prolonged sunbathing is not recommended as it can cause fading.

The recommended purification method is purification with crystal clusters.

Kyanite corresponds to which chakra:

Glabellar, crown, throat, chest

Directions corresponding to Kyanite:


Properties of Kyanite:

Mineral nameKyanite (Ran trail)
Kyanite (kyanite)
aliasTwo hard stone (in credit)
Disthen (disk scene)
Main production areasIndia, Brazil, USA, Switzerland
ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical compositionAl 2 SiO 5 aluminum, silicon, oxygen compounds
Crystal systemTriclinic system
Crystal habit (shape)Blade-shaped, flat columnar
Main shadesBlue, green, yellow, gray
Streak colorcolorless
cleavageComplete in three directions
specific gravity3.6
Refractive index1.71 to 1.73
Similar stone non-madeSapphire, iolite

The main components are aluminum silicate and quartz, and the appearance of the crystal is columnar or blade-like, with numerous vertical striations floating on it, making it look like a bundle of elongated, thin flakes. Many are awakened indigo, and there are also green, black, and whitish stones.

Sapphire is a similar non-sapphire stone, but kyanite is a stone that is quite close to sapphire in terms of composition. Sapphire does not produced in conjunction with the quartz, the reason is, aluminum oxide which is the main component of sapphire (Al 2 O 3 in), quartz (SiO 2 and) is linked, kyanite (Al 2 SiO 5 becomes) Because it will end up.

The blue color of kyanite is also due to the charge transfer of titanium iron, which is the same as the blue color of sapphire.

Kyanite, sillimanite (sillimanite), and andalusite (andalusite) have exactly the same chemical composition due to their polymorphism, but the crystal shape, color, and appearance are different.