Kunzite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

Many power stones have been known to people since ancient times, but kunzite is a stone discovered in recent years.

The discoverer was Dr. Kunz, a well-known American gemologist. The stone was discovered in San Diego, California in 1902 and was initially identified as tourmaline, but upon closer examination it was found to be a new type of stone, later named Kunzite in the name of the doctor.

 The pastel pink color of kunzite has rapidly become popular among Japanese women, probably because of its delicate appearance.

The charm of spodumene is its subtle hue.

It is expressed in various ways such as “Pale Pink”, “Lilac Color”, “Violet Pink”, and “Lavender Pink”.

Benefits of Kunzite

Following are the benefits of Kunzite:

  • Pure love,
  • inner awakening and peace,
  • charity and dedication,
  • purification by love,
  • meditation assistance,
  • belief

Healing effects of Kunzite:

In the field of stone healing, it is said to be good for relieving stress-related symptoms.

There are also reports that it strengthens blood vessels such as the heart and arteries to improve blood flow and help distribute oxygen throughout the body.

However, these effects have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Kunzite:

The central suggestion of Kunzite as a gemstone is “pure love”.

However, it is different from youthful innocent love.

Innocence often overlaps ignorantly. Kunzite is an experience-backed love. It leads to “charity and dedication.”

It is said that the existence of human beings goes back to the soul when it is scrutinized, and it ends up in pure love when the existence of the soul is traced back. A newborn baby is a crystal of love. However, as people grow up and accumulate various experiences on the earth, they tend to forget their true self.

Some people are at the mercy of difficult, hurt, and twisted events, yet they are able to take the opportunity to realize their true self, awaken to spirituality, and return to their existence as pure love.

Kunzite is such an “adult stone awakened to childlike purity” and a “purified love stone”.

Kunzite’s vibrations help meditation, release emotions, rest nerves, eliminate anxiety and worries, find inner peace, and help awaken the beliefs of love that sleep in one’s heart. ..

The heart that finds love and peace has become able to awaken to the charity and dedication to others and act positively as the existence of purified love, and it has become a being that is loved only once in a while. I will find that.

In that sense, especially for those who are emotionally confused, overstressed and nervous, those who do not love themselves and cannot express their love for others, and those who are looking for a more evolved self. I can recommend it.

How to Cleanse a Kunzite:

Kunzite itself is considered to be a stone with strong purifying power, but it is safer for the owner to purify it when it is first obtained. Sunbathing may cause fading, so it is strictly prohibited.

Since spodumene is a stone that tends to store energy from the outside (it is easily influenced by the outside), it is necessary to clean it diligently.

Calcite corresponds to which Kunzite:


Directions corresponding to Kunzite:


Properties of Kunzite:

Mineral nameSpodumene (miracle)
Spodumene (Supodeyumen)
Main production areasBrazil, Afghanistan, Madagascar, USA
ClassificationSilicate Mineral Pyroxene Group
Chemical compositionLiAlSi 2 O 6 Compound of lithium, aluminum, silicon and oxygen
Crystal systemMonoclinic system
Crystal habit (shape)Plate-shaped, columnar, lump-shaped
Main shadesLight pink, purple, colorless (with pleochroism)
Streak colorWhite
cleavageComplete in two directions
specific gravity3.30-3.36
Refractive index1.66 to 1.68
Similar stone non-madeRose Quartz