Knight of Cups: Meaning In Love Tarot Card Reading

Knight of Cups (love reading)


The Knight of Cups is all about romance

The Knight of Cups is deeply romantic, in full contact with his emotions and his sensitivity, his inner being. At the same time, it has great significance as a bearer of news, generally positive. Slow pace is his key: while the knight of golds is still, and the knight of swords and that of wands run, he does so at a slow but steady pace.

Knight of Cups (upright) in Love


The Knight of Cups, with its great romanticism, makes it a very positive and favorable card for matters of the heart, to the point that if you are in a couple there may be important definitions, such as a marriage at the door or a much more solid union and aimed at the future.

If you are not with anyone at the moment, the card indicates that there is a good chance that someone will appear who will shake your feelings like a tremor.

Knight of Cups (reversed) in Love

If you are in a relationship, the Gentleman may indicate that one or both spouses may be feeling emotionally overwhelmed by the demands of the relationship. This can be resolved if both parties want to. Explore and share your feelings.

Pay attention to the signals your partner is giving. There is a feeling of disappointment, but possibly it is not real, it is dictated by your emotions now out of control.

If you are alone, several opportunities to meet people may appear that will not go very far. They seem to have a sparkle of their own but you get disenchanted quickly It is time to wait for better days.

Knight of Cups: UprightReversed

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