Iolite or Cordierite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Iolite

The name ‘Iolite’ is derived from the Greek words “ion” which means purple and “lithos” which means stone. In Japanese, it is sometimes written as Iolite.

Iolite is also called as Cordierite. Cordierite is named because it has a faint purplish blue color. So to speak, it is a “violet stone”.

Are Iolite or Cordierite the same:

Yes, Iolite or Cordierite are the same stone. In mineralogy, the name Cordierite is used; while in gemology, the name Iolite is used.

What is Iolite or Cordierite:

Cordierite is a stone that changes color depending on the viewing angle and has multiple aliases. These points well represent the metaphor of iolite, which is a single stone but has various aspects.

In terms of gemstones, it is a stone that shows the direction when traveling on the ground and makes you aware of the multi-layered nature of things when traveling inside. These points are explained in detail below.

 The biggest feature of cordierite is that when you look through the stone while changing the angle, the colors look different. This is called “pleochroism”.

At first glance, a stone that looks awake blue may become colorless and transparent, or appear pale purple or yellow when the direction is changed by 90 degrees.

This is due to the characteristic that when light passes through the inside of a stone, the color of a particular wavelength is absorbed and the opposite color is noticeable.

When jeweled, it is often polished so that the direction in which it looks blue faces the front, and the direction in which another color appears is blocked by metal or the like so that it cannot be seen.

Benefits of Wearing Iolite or Cordierite

Following are the Benifits of Iolite stone:

  • shows way,
  • throws light on inner journey,
  • helps in multifaceted thinking,
  • gives clear vision,
  • gives creative inspiration,
  • helps in calming noisy minds

Healing effects of Iolite or Cordierite:

 It is said to have a suggestive effect that responds to the chakra between the eyebrows and calms emotional and mental upset.

In fact, when I pick up the iolite, the color tone that can be expressed as “awakened blue” is very calm, and I feel like something is coming out of my head just by looking at it. remember.

Meditating with cordierite calms the noisy and roaring mind and helps to become empty. It’s good for people who are agitated, emotional and difficult to make correct decisions, or when feelings are chaotic and incomprehensible.

Physically, it has been reported to be used to reduce fat accumulation, alleviate the harmful effects of alcohol, improve the respiratory system, and heal glaucoma and gums, but it has not been medically proven.

Magical effects of Iolite or Cordierite:

The meaning of iolite as a gemstone can be expressed as “a stone that shows the way”.
The legend of Leif Erikson mentioned in this article clearly shows the characteristics of iolite, and in this case it shows the route, that is, the way in the physical world. However, this episode is symbolic, and the meaning of “showing the way” is more pluralistic.

For example, when you are lost in a maze, the signs on the side of the road simply indicate what the road looks like. You may be able to get out of the maze by walking along the signs, but you will not get the full picture of the maze and what it means.

However, if you can look down on the maze from the sky, you will be able to understand not only where you are in the maze, but also the overall picture of the maze (worries), and it will be easier to understand its meaning.

Cordierite is such a stone.

Cordierite has many different names, and you can change the color and expression by moving the stone itself. The stone itself does not change, but the other side of the stone can be seen one after another depending on the conditions of the viewer.

This implies that things are not just one-sided truth, they have many aspects, and the facts they receive differ depending on what angle they look at.

Regarding human mental problems such as worries and suffering, there is also the aspect that it is unpleasant and difficult, in fact it is a very effective tool for growing oneself, and the karma from the past life is settled. There are various aspects, such as to do so.

In addition, although the material world in which we live is made up of three dimensions, there is an idea that a more multidimensional spiritual world is actually spread over many layers including it.

In other words, everything from a simple event to the space in which we exist has a multi-layered structure, and it can be said that iolite has the characteristic of making the multi-layered structure noticeable.

Those who can meditate with iolite and fully sense the vibrations of the stone will have a psychic ability as the third eye will be opened and the higher vibrations will be clearly visible as an inner vision. It is said that

In that sense, it can be said to be a stone that serves as a “signpost to the inner depths.”

Due to these properties, iolite is preferred by channelers and fortune-tellers as an informative stone, and by artists as a creative inspiration.

Even for ordinary people, connecting to the inner depths gives them insight by objectively looking at their worries, sufferings, fears and traumas, getting information from past lives, and exploring the inside of the maze. It will help you to improve, develop correct judgment, and finally get a clue to the solution.

How to Cleanse the Energy of Iolite Stone:

Prolonged sunbathing is not recommended as it may fade. We recommend purification by crystal cluster or by sound such as crystal tuner.

Iolite corresponds to which chakra:

Between the eyebrows

Directions corresponding to Iolite:


History and Legends of Iolite or Cordierite

According to history textbooks, the discovery of the Americas was made by Columbus in 1492, but in fact, some 500 years ago, some people had already reached the New World. Leif Erikson, a great Viking born in Iceland.

He is said to have used iolite as a kind of compass to determine the position of a ship when sailing in the unknown Atlantic Ocean. Since the color of iolite changes depending on the angle of light entering, it is said that this stone flakes are used like a polarizing filter to know the change in the position of the sun and record the current location of the ship.

Some now argue that Ericsson did not actually use iolite as a compass, but rather simply possessed it as a talisman, which became popular among sailors.

However, even if it is said to be an imaginary story in history, it often turns out that it was an event that really happened, and in an era when there is no tool to determine the position, human beings should try to do something with the tools at hand. Therefore, it seems quite possible to devise the pleochroism of iolite and use it instead of the compass.

Properties of Iolite or Cordierite:

Mineral nameCordierite (come true cough)
Cordierite (cordierite)
aliasDichroite Sakuraishi (
transformed into mica)
MisnomerWater sapphire
Main production areasIndia, Sri Lanka, Myanmar, Brazil, Madagascar
ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical compositionMg 2 Al 4 Si 5 O 18 Magnesium, aluminum, silicon, oxygen compounds
Crystal systemOrthorhombic
Crystal habit (shape)Columnar, lumpy, granular
Main shadesBlue, purple, black, gray, white
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.57 to 2.61
Refractive index1.54 to 1.56
Similar stone non-madeBlue sapphire, tanzanite

 In mineralogy, a stone named Cordierrite. It is named after its discoverer, the French geologist PLA Cordier.

It is also sometimes called Dichroite because of its pleochroism (in English, di- indicates multiple).

When cordierite transforms into mica over many years, the host rock weathers and the crystals separate, the cross section looks like cherry blossom petals.

In Japan, these stones are called “Sakura stones”.