Himalayan Ice Quartz or Nirvana Quartz

Himalayan Ice Quartz is a crystal that emerged from the area where the glacier melted, and when rubbed together, it makes an icy sound, so it has come to be called an ice crystal.

 Many of them have the appearance that the surface has melted and there are small holes on the surface.
 In addition, there are some that have a C-plane (plane parallel to the crystal axis to the crown) that does not appear in ordinary crystal crystals.

This quartz variety is also known as Lemurian Scalar Quartz, Himalayan ice quartz, as well as growth interference quartz.

What is Himalayan Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz:

Ice crystal is a new type of crystal found in the Kullu Valley, which is known as the production center of crystals in northern India, and in the glacier area at an altitude of 6,000 meters further northwest.

When the snow on the glacier melted due to the effects of global warming, it seems that these crystals appeared on the surface of the earth, and they came out individually in the form of points instead of clusters.

Previously, as an anecdote that the Lemurian seed crystal was first discovered, it was told that each one was found side by side in the agate dome as if it was artificially placed. However, the appearance of ice crystals also has something in common.

Due to its mysterious appearance, it is rapidly attracting attention not only among gemstone officials but also among channelers and healing officials.

The meaning and effect as a gemstone will be raised one after another by each healer and channeler, but in my personal opinion, this stone is definitely a powerful tool for channeling and healing. ..

One of the reasons is that there is a ▽ mark called trigonic.

The equilateral triangle (△) crystal pattern that is often seen on the surface of Lemurian seeds is called a record keeper, but in the case of ice crystals, there are some that have an inverted triangle (▽) crystal pattern on the conical surface and sides. ..

The crystal in which this inverted triangle stands out is called “Trigonic crystal”, which is said to bring vibration from heaven to physical human beings and help to synchronize with superconsciousness beyond the physical body. Therefore, it is regarded as a Sherman-like tool.

Benefits of Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz:

Following are the benefits of using Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz:

  • Physical and mental healing,
  • heavenly vibration,
  • entrainment with superconsciousness,
  • development of shamanic abilities

Healing effects of Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz:

There is a report that it was effective to hold it in your hand when you got a high fever because of its cool texture.

It is also reported that rod-shaped rough stones are filled with energy when they give vibrations to each chakra of the body as a healing wand.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz:

Even if you don’t have any special channeling ability, if you are a little sensitive, you should be able to feel that this stone is very special.

The icy sound that the stones rub against each other is called the stone singing voice “Singing Sound” and calms the head and heart.

In addition, this stone has a strong wand-like element. It is a healing and magic wand-like image that was used by primitive shamans. Some people say that when they pick it up, they “feel the chilly vibrations of ice.” Perhaps it appeared to heal the body and mind of modern people who are likely to overheat due to their busy schedule.

If you are lucky enough to get an ice crystal, try using it as part of your crystal healing or holding it in your hand to meditate. The fog that covered the body and mind may clear up, and you may be able to see the truth that has continued since ancient times.

Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz corresponds to which chakra:

All Chakra.

How to cleanse the energy of Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz:

For iron-tinged stones that are red or pink in color, running water can cause iron to flow or sunbathing can cause discoloration. Therefore, we do not recommend purification with sunlight or water.

The most recommended purification method is the purification method that lets you hear the sound of the crystal tuner.

Properties of Ice Crystal or Nirvana Quartz:

Mineral nameEating crystal (
Etched Quartz ) Etched Quartz
Main production areasManikaran, Kuru City, Himachar Pradish, Northern India
ClassificationOxidized Mineral Quartz Group
Chemical compositionSiO 2 silicon, oxygen compound
Crystal systemTrigonal system
Crystal habit (shape)Columnar
Main shadesPink, red, white
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.65
Refractive index1.54 to 1.56
Similar stone non-madeRose Quartz

Most of the ice crystals are thick single crystals, and the surface looks like they are melted. There are many parts where the holes are geometrically connected.

In addition to white stones, there are also many stones with a faint pink color, which is thought to be due to iron content.

In terms of minerals, it corresponds to “Etched Quartz”. Quartz crystal is literally a crystal whose surface melts after it grows inside the ground, and it is thought that the cause is hot water of 1,650 degrees or higher, which is the melting point of the crystal.

It is not clear why the ice crystal was eroded, but it is possible that there was another geological activity after the crystal crystallized, causing hot water to spring out and melt the crystal. Most of the ice crystals are not clustered and are produced alone, probably because they were melted by hot water and separated one by one. Manikaran, the origin of ice crystals, is a hot spring resort, so this possibility is high.

The surface melting phenomenon peculiar to ice crystals can be seen in other crystal producing areas, but it is unknown why the crystals have melted so much in a specific area.

One possibility is speculative, but in the case of ice crystals, the power of glaciers may have had an effect.

Glaciers are known for sharpening the ground as they move down slopes, and the intricate terrain called fjords in Scandinavia is influenced by glaciers.

Similarly, perhaps as the glaciers moved in the Himalayas, they scraped off the clustered crystals and caught them in the snow. There are no traces of scraping on the head or bottom of the ice crystal, but like the sides, it melted overall for some reason after being scraped by the glacier. Thinking in this way, it is understandable that each ice crystal can be found individually.