Gypsy Tarot: significance, how to read, deck, books

The Gypsy Tarot is one of the oldest divinatory methods of fortune telling and clairvoyance. Either to predict the future, consult the past or clarify the present. It is a tarot reading with very powerful gypsy cards that speak clearly and directly. They do not fail and are easy to interpret.

As is the tradition in their town, the gypsies have exercised white magic for centuries. His spells and strong prophetic powers are well known. They have been filled with wisdom in each of their practices, coming to invent their own Gypsy Tarot.

It is the Gypsy Tarot, a tarot reading with gypsy cards that is accurate and reliable like few others. Read on to learn more about this mystical prophetic practice.

What is the Gypsy Tarot?

The Gypsy Tarot is a form of augury or production so accurate that they say it was used by Napoleon Bonaparte to predict actions, struggles and victories during the war. It is special for making decisions, choosing paths, or when we are presented with a range of alternatives.

It is characterized by giving clear, concise, accurate answers and messages. They have more precision than other rolls or decks. Figures, names, and meanings are inherently different from other decks. It has its own arcana.

It was the gypsies who spread this divinatory art throughout Europe. Thanks to his wandering or nomadic habit of traveling the world. They became famous for the strong influence of their fortune tellers and seers.

It is part of the culture of the gypsy people, something similar to the Tarot of Marseille, but much older.

What are the cards in Gypsy Tarot

This gypsy oracle consists of 52 basic cards plus 36 gypsy cards. The gypsy tarot reading is one of the most particular of cartomancy, its figures and symbols are different from other decks.

These 36 additional Gypsy letters provide a special light of understanding to the querent to offer better answers to doubts and questions. They are very well illustrated and with details of symbols that represent daily life.

Faithfully reflecting the situations about love, family, work, greeting and money of any person. The level of clarity and understanding that the gypsy tarot offers to any query or circumstance presented is impressive.

For gypsies and for those who consult and believe in this gypsy oracle, this is a sacred divination technique. Both because of how it has remained in their culture and because of the level of successes and predictions they provide. That is why they take great care in gypsy, representing their figures with intense colors, detailed drawings and powerful characters from their culture.

The 36 gypsy cards are major arcana without numbering and related to gypsy customs. The other 56 represent four Gypsy tribes: the Roma, the Manush, the Gypsies and the Gypsies. Being the knife sticks, music, coins and bowls, instead of gold, cups, swords and wands of the traditional mallet.

Gypsy tarot spread

First of all, you should know that you must know the gypsy deck and its meaning, so that you feel confident about the reading that the tarot reader gives you. Preferably, whoever throws the gypsy cards at you must be a gypsy too.

During the gypsy card reading, you must ask a clear and sure question. Well, the answers you get will depend to a large extent on how you elaborate your query. If your questions are ambiguous or doubtful, so will the answers. And that’s not the idea, is it?

Be clear about your question, if possible write it down so you don’t forget it or make it wrong out of nerves. You must focus on what you want to know, what you are going to ask, what you want to solve. You can start by asking questions that are answered with a yes or no. In order to make the most of each of the answers you get from the test.

In principle, in the gypsy tarot reading three cards are selected. Which serve to have an overview of the past, present and future, in that same order. If the consultation is different, these letters will visualize the problems or situation of the consultant in love, health and work in the following order: first letter: talks about health, the second about work and the third about love or the couple.

In case of consulting for a specific problem or conflict, the answers will come out in this order: reveal the origin of the problem, then reveal what is being experienced and in the last gypsy letter gives advice or resolution of the problem.

In this way you get an overview of the problem that has led you to consult. You will receive general guidelines to make decisions and clarify doubts. The gypsy oracle invites you to reflect on your problems, starting with yourself.

History of the gypsy tarot

This is a deck with a lot of history, a lot of tradition and with very deep roots in the culture of a people. That he has managed to stay despite being nomadic, wandering. And they have even been recognized for the purity and roots of their culture.

In central and eastern Europe the gypsy ethnic groups used the deck as part of their divinatory tradition. It was they who through their travels and mobilizations taught the art of cartomancy with their gypsy letters to the rest of the world.

As the gypsy tarot players were named. They threw the cards in the pilgrimages and fairs with their own decks, different from the others. Distinctive for their designs, arcana and particular suits.

Luckily, today it is already a known technique and studied by many renowned tarot readers, given its popularity. Given its easy and simple symbology. It serves to reveal any matter of your daily life, as a couple or private. Love, fortune, health and work receive the most concrete and explicit answers with the gypsy tarot.

An advantage that the gypsy tarot offers is that, due to its tradition, the gift of clairvoyance has also been transmitted in their families. So you will be sure that whenever a gypsy seer touches you, she will have this innate ability that allows you to predict beyond the cards. For true gypsy seers, this is not a game, it is something that is in the blood and that surpasses any other honor in the world.

How does the gypsy tarot help you?

The spins with the gypsy deck will always give you a guiding, accurate and safe answer. That they will help you to see the solutions, regardless of the problem you have.

But remember that the truth of your life, your decisions and responsibilities are yours. No one can decide in your life for you. Nor tell you what to do. You must know how to listen and interpret the messages that the gypsy letters give you, to achieve the solutions of well-being, prosperity, abundance and happiness that you deserve so much.

Remember, that the gypsy tarot is of great help, but it is not the owner of your destiny. Conversely. It is the mission of every tarot reader and gypsy tarot reading to help you empower yourself, to take the path that belongs to you to be happy.