Golden Tiger Eye: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

Golden Tiger Eye gemstone is obtained when striped pattern peculiar to Tiger’s eye dissolves in a strongly acidic solvent, making the dark brown and blackish parts lighter and more mellow, and the overall yellowish tone increases. So it is called Golden Tiger’s eye.

Benefits of Golden Tiger Eye

Golden tiger Eye is a stone that can get Fortune.

Healing effects of Golden Tiger Eye:

Not enough reports have been collected as it is only a short time since it was put on the market as a treated stone.

Magical effects of Golden Tiger Eye:

In addition, since the number of golden colors is increasing due to the hue, it is thought that it is easier to attract fortune in terms of color and feng shui, as in “kind calls friends”.

The Golden Tiger Eye is named for the decolorized stone in the first place.

However, some untreated tiger’s eyes have a soft texture with many relatively yellow areas without clear stripes. It seems that there are cases where this is referred to as “non-bleached golden tiger eye” and specially regarded, but these types of stones are normally produced and are not special rare stones.

How to Cleanse Golden Tiger Eye

Basically, any purification method is fine, but if you use crude salt, it will take a very short time.

Golden Tiger Eye has the property of radiating energy to the outside, so if you charge the power as often as possible, the stone will last longer.

Golden Tiger Eye corresponds to which chakra:

Middle, lower abdomen

Directions corresponding to Golden Tiger Eye:


Properties of Golden Tiger Eye

Mineral nameQuartz with amphibole
Main production areasSouth Africa, China
ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical compositionNa (Fe, Mg) 3 Fe 2 Si 8 O 22 (OH) 2 + SiO 2 Sodium, iron, magnesium, water molecule, silicon, oxygen compound
Crystal systemMonoclinic (amphibole)
Crystal habit (shape)Fibrous, lumpy as a whole
Main shadesYellow, brown gold
Streak colorYellow, brown, white
specific gravity2.60 to 2.65
Refractive index1.53 to 1.54
Similar stone non-made