Energy Body Message with Stones and Crystals

An energetic body massage can have as its goal, along with a liberating, invigorating and relaxing effect, also the treatment of diseases. This applies to any massage, even without gems.

If we supplement it with healing stones , then a very deep sensation from the influence of the stone will appear, which enhances the effect of massage in the right direction and, thus, heals certain diseases.

For this reason, rock crystal is often used for individualized treatment that should relax, activate, enlighten and release, without aiming to treat specific diseases. It just gives energy in the right proportion and clarity – things that are required almost always.

When the theory of energy massage of the body began to develop in the early 90s, only crystalline quartz ( rock crystal , amethyst , ametrine, smoky and rose quartz) could be used as sticks or gemstone leads . We should be grateful to Ewald Kligel for the fact that at the end of the 90s, from several more types of stones, comfortable leads were created, who uses them for treatment by influencing reflex zones. Since then, these “new varieties” have been used in energetic body massage with precious stones, and mostly crystalline quartz, especially rock crystal , is still used .

The method used today in the practice of energy massage of the body with precious stones has absorbed the knowledge of many types of massage. The basis is the energy massage of the body, which came from the druids, supplemented by other methods of treating delicate tissues – such as Reiki (creating energy protection), shiatsu (relaxing body postures), reflex zone therapy (working with leads) and, of course, the science of stone healing ( the effect of healing stones).

Now energy massage of the body with precious stones has become a holistic, well-established process that, if carefully carried out, can be practiced by every person.

Of course, as with mastering each type of massage, it is better to study it in practice under the guidance of experienced teachers. This article seeks to clarify the basics, possibilities and limits of energy massage so that it can be applied even in the form of play (among partners, friends and family members). For professional massage therapists, of course, it will not be a problem to quickly incorporate energetic body massage with precious stones into their own “repertoire”.


With energy massage, not only the physical body is treated, but through the energy and communication field, the whole person. Although the massage is carried out with very gentle touches, its purpose is to harmonize and energize the energy field that surrounds the body and penetrates into it.

This energy field is also called the etheric body, energy aura, “dream field” or energy field. This energy field arises through communication between our cells, tissues and organs, as well as between the body, psyche, mind and spirit. Each cell, if considered separately, is an autonomous living being with its own consciousness. Finally, each cell regulates respiration, metabolism, regeneration, and even reproduction.

Just imagine what would happen if you had to constantly give appropriate instructions to several billion cells! Therefore, it is still better if they perform their duties themselves, isn’t it? In this respect, each cell is conscious, experiencing aspirations, impressions, pain, activity and relaxation. As several cells combine into one tissue, and then into the next largest “unity”, so all organs make up an organism.

During the energy massage of the body, we proceed from the fact that every cell, every tissue, every organ and our body, as a whole, already have their own consciousness. Our body and every area in it know exactly what they need and what not, what is beneficial and what is harmful. The body has its own mind!

Why, then, are we sick? The answer is simple: because we rarely listen to our own body! Our body signals that we are full, and we continue to eat because it is tasty (or because we know that the plate should be left empty!). Our body tells us that we are tired, but we stay awake and click the TV remote, hoping to see something worthwhile. Our body signals thirst, but instead of water, we drink drinks (coffee, lemonade, etc.), which further arouse thirst … This list can be continued, if desired. Thus, health does not depend at all on our body, we create it ourselves! Our body covers many of our “sins” day after day. And it can do it, because it has an exceptional talent for self-organization!

Organization is only possible with communication! It is necessary to communicate needs, pass orders further, demand what is needed, manage results, coordinate processes and control planning.

Such an organization is only possible thanks to a quick and purposeful understanding – and it is not for nothing that the “organization” of our body has billions of “employees”! Communication pathways, nerves, blood and lymph flows are not enough for this. In our body, there are also energy communication paths (meridians, biophotons) and even telepathy (mind reading).

The latter are not limited to our body, on the contrary, with their help we feel how the other person feels, even when he says nothing. They make us doubt when there is a threat, or rejoice when someone thinks of us in love. Most of the self-organization of our body is carried out at this level, so thoughts and emotions affect it directly and directly. Not only that: the coordination of body, soul, mind and spirit is also done in a similar way.

The energy field is nothing more than the sum of all energy connections and all communication processes in and around our body. The constant exchange of information and energy through these connections and communication paths is simply vital. Therefore, this communication and energetic area is called “energy field” (Latin word vita means “life, vitality”). It is the field that keeps the body alive.

Features of Energy Stone Message

The rules , which generally apply to all types of massage with precious stones, operate in a completely different way here. Do not do energetic body massage if you yourself are out of shape or in the mood! Indeed, during an energy massage, the effect is exerted not only by your hands, but also by your thoughts and your mood!

Massages that you do against your will when you are tired or sick can weaken both the therapist and the patient. Only act when you are fit and want to massage. Only then will you be able to achieve wonderful results through energy massage with precious stones, if you follow these rules.

They provide a lot of freedom for your own intuition and creativity. First of all, the “path through the body” is only given in outline and is by no means strictly prescribed. The speed and duration of the massage are also up to you.

Never rotate against the natural direction of the energy cycle in the energy body! Make circular movements always as it is easier to make them, or as if they arise on their own.

There is, as already mentioned, a “good” or “bad” rating for right or left roundabouts. They are exactly what they are. And please, do the spins lightly and gently. You don’t have to push! Move your gemstone lead like a blade of grass in water. Try to do this action somehow: it is done easily and gently.

If you stick to this rule, the energetic body massage will work well. It may take a little training at first, but with this fairly simple massage, confidence comes quickly.

You can choose a stone lead intuitively, according to the above examples, or using a pendulum or a vine if you know how to handle them. If you are not sure then just grab rhinestone .

Not all types of stones are recommended during pregnancy. According to experience, pregnant women are very well suited for: Agate (stone of protection of pregnancy), Amethyst (rest, relaxation), aragonite (eliminates problems with the spine), rock crystal (always useful), calcite (promotes the growth and development of bones), chalcedony (for lymph congestion or edema), heliotrope (demarcation, protection, disinfection), rose quartz (mutual feeling) and serpentine (relaxation).

In the last two months of pregnancy, still be careful, especially if the pregnancy was not quite stable. On the other hand, energetic body massage is recommended just before the birth of the baby, as it can facilitate childbirth. Magnesite or serpentine, for example, can help relax the pelvic area

Those who are severely or chronically ill for a long time should be careful. In this case, energetic body massage should only be done by experienced doctors or healers. The same applies in general to colds with a high fever. Some of the above tips are therefore also addressed to specialists. For home use, there are simpler and more reliable methods, for example, lowering the temperature using rock crystal.

But if you like to massage and you are in good health and mood, and the person you are massaging is healthy in all respects, then there are no obstacles to energetic body massage. Rejoice in the energy exchange and mutual touch, as well as the fact that something good is done – and enjoy both! An energetic body massage is primarily a treatment that brings joy. We wish you fun!

How to give energy body massage with precious stones

An energetic body massage is best done in a warm, calm room or outdoors in summer. Heat is very important, as energy massage is a full body massage that acts directly on the skin and sometimes has a cooling effect, as it tends to expand the energy body as an energy space.

The activation of subtle energies also leads during the massage to the fact that any coverings irritate the patient – you want to enjoy the emerging free space! It is best to massage on the floor with a mattress or 2-3 woolen blankets covered with a sheet (there should be a place for both the patient and the masseur).

During the energy massage of the body, gems are applied in the form of sticks, slates or elongated “drum” stones (polished round stones). For massage sticks and slates, both wide and round, and sharp, only slightly rounded ends are used. In this case, the wide side rather relaxes and calms, on the contrary, the sharper side activates and excites. There is no qualitative difference between sticks and leads. The shape of the stone can be chosen at its discretion, and often just what is from the corresponding type of stones is taken. It can be a stick, a slate lead and an elongated “drum” stone – “drop” of amethyst quartz.

During the energy massage of the body, we do not use any massage oil. It would change the sensitivity of the upper surface of the skin and reduce the effect of the massage. Let the person you massage just find a pleasant position – first lying on your stomach, then on your back (if possible, place pillows, bolsters, etc.) until the client becomes completely comfortable. It is better when he is undressed as much as possible, since the energy massage is felt only directly on the skin. Give the patient a moment of calm and concentration before you start.

During the energy massage of the body, it is important that you protect yourself and your patient and consciously, for example, through breathing, become imbued with his senses as described in the Introduction. Since energetic body massage is essentially mind-controlled, having both bodies in tune with each other will have a positive effect.

Sit close to the person you will be massaging with the hand you are writing with facing towards them. It is best to sit on your heels parallel to the patient’s body so that you can see their head. This allows you to stay upright at rest, leaning slightly forward during the massage. In this position, you do not have to use force at all and you can remain internally collected. In addition, you will be able to glance at the patient’s face from time to time – this is the direct feedback needed for the success of the massage.

A wand, a gemstone lead, or an elongated drum stone (hereinafter, for simplicity, we will simply call it “lead”) is best held in your hand, like a pencil – so that you hold it with your thumb and middle fingers, and lead with your index finger … If it is long enough (which is optimal), then its posterior end should be located like a pencil between the main joints of the thumb and index finger. If the lead is shorter, you will need to grip it tightly with your fingers to hold and guide it. But this is also a matter of practice.

When you get your first experience with energy body massage, it is often easier to use the wider side of the lead first. It relaxes and soothes, so possible reactions to massage are more restrained. This is a very good start as you should concentrate on the massage technique and the different phases of the massage. As you gain more confidence, you can safely use the sharper side. Now the massage will go more lively …

At the beginning of the energy massage of the body, very, very carefully place the lead on the skin and freeze for a moment. This is a minimal touch without any pressure. On the contrary, if you are leaning slightly forward, then “internally” lean back a little, as if you were intending to immediately take the lead again. Practice before massage on your own knee or hip: Sit up straight, lean forward slightly, and place the lead with light pressure on your skin.

Now gently do it in a few circular motions, and then lean back (internally rather than externally) a few millimeters, like at the end of a letter when you put your pencil down. In this case, the lead remains, of course, in the same position, but you push it back a little so that it no longer touches the skin. Only the breath of touch remains! Now do the gentle circular motions again. Do you feel the difference? Yes, this is exactly what you need !!!

During the energetic massage of the body with precious stones, our gemstone lead “hovers”, making circular movements over the whole body, so that the skin feels only a breath from the touch. More precisely, these “circles” are small spiraling movements that, starting at one point, become wider, and then spiral again to that point. Moving gradually the central point, we make circular movements throughout the body. In this case, the direction of movement also changes again and again – according to the impulse or depending on where it is easier!

Basically, we could massage the energy body without contacting the skin at all, but the massage draws the patient’s attention to the relevant areas, which improves the effect and allows him to spiritually liberate. If the contact with the lead is more dense, the effect will be more material, that is, it will rather stimulate the reflex zones. While this is also helpful, massage needs to be done in a different way.

In energetic body massage, it is very important that the contact of the gem lead with the skin is minimal, very subtle, light as a breath, and just as gentle. The more refined the better!

The choice of where you start the energetic body massage and the direction in which you continue it can actually be left to your intuition if you have managed to penetrate the patient’s inner world. Pay attention, however, to gradually and truly massage the entire body.

Energy body massage is fundamentally (notwithstanding some exceptions) a whole body massage, as it seeks to fully harmonize energy throughout the entire energy body. Only sometimes it happens that the feeling of pleasure at a certain point becomes independent and then rather rapidly covers the whole body. This is felt by the patient as a wave of well-being that suddenly spreads everywhere. Signs of this are obvious: sudden relaxation, a brightened face, sparkling eyes, or a happy smile.

Lovers of pleasure want, of course, much more, but in this place the massage should be stopped. When it is most beautiful, you have to leave … But the time has not yet come for that.

In the beginning, you can, as already mentioned, either act intuitively, or follow a certain order of the massage.

A “standard massage” (rarely precisely done), with the patient lying on his stomach, could begin at the back of the head, at the crown, and then work through intuitive circular motions along the neck, shoulders, back, pelvis and legs (one after the other) to the feet and tips fingers. Then the posture is changed, the patient lies on his back, and the massage is carried out on the feet, legs, pelvis, abdomen and chest, up again and then along the arms and to the fingertips, and back again (one hand after the other).

When the massage is done from the armpit to the fingertips, the patient extends his arms to the sides, palms up. On the “way back” to the shoulder joint, the hands should lie freely next to the body, palms down.

Then change your position and sit over the head of the person you are massaging. Now the massage goes from the shoulder joint, along the neck and behind the ears to the skull (first one, then the other side) and from there along the forehead, towards the temples and ears, then from the bridge of the nose along the closed eyelids of the eyes towards the cheekbones and jaw and, finally, from the nose along the cheeks, around the mouth and along the chin. The “paths” on the face are, however, only starting points!

The course of action can change according to experience and intuition over and over again. Listen to your feelings, as “a good ending is the crown of the case”! Finally, you can apply the gem lead to the “third eye” (the point between the eyebrows) for about 10-20 seconds more and then finish the energetic body massage.

Please always pay attention to the fact that during circular movements the energy body “leads you”. The best thing to do here is to keep the inner position that you are not making a movement, but simply allowing it to happen.

If you are in doubt, just check in an instant to see if the massage will go easier to the right or to the left. A simpler movement is always correct. But over time, you will begin to freely massage, and then the movements will happen on their own.

As your hand moves over your body, it makes circular movements to the left, then to the right, right and left, and so on again. Essentially, you can only observe and visually remember the entire course of the massage. In doing so, stay in touch with the person you are massaging while observing him. Make room for emerging reactions as described in the Introduction. The energetic body massage also ends either after the end of the full body massage, or at the “right moment”

After finishing the energetic massage of the body, it is best to stay here first (spiritually and physically), remain calm and observe how the patient is feeling.

Since we are talking about the massage of delicate tissues, it is very important that you return back the energy that you have mutually exchanged, and, if possible, purify the energy in space. This can be done at the level of the mind, while you sit quietly waiting next to the patient you have massaged.

Then there is time for the exchange of impressions, if necessary, for cleaning the used gemstone lead and for a conscious exit from the “role of the massage therapist”.


  1. The patient should take a comfortable position, the room should be warm enough!
  2. Prepare sticks, or gemstone leads, or elongated polished stones.
  3. Concentrate on protection and conscious penetration into the patient’s inner world.
  4. Maintain a straight posture, for example, in a pose on the heels; to massage, bend forward slightly.
  5. Take the lead in hand like a pencil and lead.
  6. Very gently place the lead on the skin and, according to the impulses, make light circular movements. Massage the entire body, changing the direction of the circular motion.
  7. Let the changing spiral movements occur “by themselves” – if necessary, try in which direction it is easier to massage.
  8. Possible course of massage: nape, back, pelvis, legs (back side), feet, legs (front side), pelvis, abdomen, chest, arms, head, face.
  9. Maintain contact, if possible, ask how the patient is feeling.
  10. Finish the energy massage after the end of the full body massage or at the “opportune moment”.
  11. Finish the massage, stay close to the patient, observe and ask about their needs.
  12. Balance the energy and release the energy in the room.
  13. Get feedback and start a conversation (at the request of the patient).
  14. Consciously get out of the role of “masseur”.
  15. Clean the lead, if necessary, clean the room.