Emerald: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Emerald

The etymology is said to be in Sanskrit or Persian, and the Greek word “smaragdus”, which refers to all green stones, gradually became slang and changed from “esmerald” to “emerald”. It is thought that it was.

By the way, in ancient times, all beautiful green stones seemed to be called emeralds, and it is possible that other minerals such as green garnet and moldavite were also treated as emeralds.

It is believed that many of the emeralds were produced in Egypt before the Spaniards conquered Central America.

A typical emerald crystal is a hexagonal columnar, blunt and flat like a crystal.

Benefits of Emerald:

Following are the benefits of Emerald:

  • Deepen ties, good luck,
  • happiness,
  • harmony,
  • healing,
  • relationships improvement,
  • happy marriage,
  • inheritance

Healing effects of Emerald:

Emeralds have long been regarded as “healing and healing stones”, probably because of their bright green color. Alchemists in medieval Europe seemed to see the emerald as a “stone of Hermes (Mercury)” (in Europe and the United States, the god Hermes is a symbol of medicine).

In particular, there are many folklore that it helps eyestrain and recovery of eyesight, and that it improves memory.

It was also believed that emerald in the mouth could cure dysentery and prevent epileptic seizures. In addition, it is recommended to help pregnant women give birth, relieve physical pain and tiredness, heal liver disease, and use it for puncture wounds of poisonous insects.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Emerald:

Emeralds were a “symbol of breeding and life” for the ancient Egyptians. Cleopatra was also fascinated by this stone, and it is said that he finally owned his own mine.

Also, ancient Romans say that emeralds have the power to restore eyesight and prevent eye diseases, so they traded at a high price. Caesar, the emperor of the Roman Empire, also collected a lot of emeralds for treatment.

Emeralds are said to be harmless to anyone, bring harmony and compassion to the owner and their surroundings, and strengthen the bond of love between lovers and couples.

If you’re having trouble with relationships, family life, childcare, etc., emeralds may help.

Because this stone “heals you and your surroundings”. It is said to calm frustration, cleanse the mind and body, remind you of gentle feelings, and encourage you to harmonize with others.

However, emeralds do not solve everything. It is important that you have a compassionate heart and act accordingly. For those who are about to be reborn as a new self or a different self, they will help you prepare for progress.

This stone is also said to be effective as an amulet. Witches are said to stay away from emeralds and may be effective in blocking cheating on their husbands and boyfriends. There is also the implication of a happy marriage. It also has implications for avoiding sexual violence, so it may be suitable for people suffering from stalking and groping.

How to Cleanse an Emerald:

Basically, any purification method is fine, but the most recommended method is crystal cluster purification.

Emerald corresponds to which chakra:


Directions corresponding to Emerald:

East, southeast, south

Properties of Emerald:

Mineral nameBeryl (force alluvial)
Beryl (Beryl)
Main production areasColombia, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Russia, Madagascar
ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical compositionBe 3 Al 2 Si 6 O 18 Compounds of aluminum, beryllium, silicon and oxygen
Crystal systemHexagonal / Trigonal
Crystal habit (shape)Hexagonal column
Main shadesGreen, yellow-green
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.65 to 2.80
Refractive index1.57 to 1.60
Similar stone non-madeGreen Grossular Garnet (Tourbolite)

A member of the same Beryl group as aquamarine, stones that are colored green with chromium or vanadium are called emeralds.

Stones that turn green due to iron and stones that lack chromium are called beryl instead of emeralds. However, the stones colored by vanadium have been recognized as emeralds for about 10 years.

Emeralds undergo complex volcanic activity from multiple mines and contain rare chromium and vanadium, resulting in an attractive, bright green color.

However, due to its complicated volcanic activity, there are so many internal scratches that it is said that there is no emerald without scratches, and it is also brittle.

However, it is often useful as a proof of nature and as a clue to identify the place of origin.