Elestial Quartz Crystals: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

Elestial Quartz is not an official mineral name, but a distribution name.

Elestial crystal was originally called “skeleton crystal” and “crocodile crystal (jakare crystal)”, and the ones from Brazil and Mexico were the mainstream.

Skeleton crystal is a name that comes from its appearance (crystal habit). This is because only the corners and edges of the crystal are raised and the surface is dented, so it looks as if the flesh has fallen and only the skeleton remains. In terms of minerals, crystals with such a crystal habit are called “hopper crystals”.

Jacare is a Portuguese word for alligator (crocodile). The appearance of multiple layers of small crystals reminded me of the scales on the back of a crocodile, so miners called it “crocodile crystal”.

However, in recent years, American crystal healers have begun to call these crystals Elestial Quartz as “a gift from an angel with tremendous healing power,” and it has become so popular that it has become a popular name.

Since then, amethyst-type skeletal crystals, mainly from India, have also been included in the category of eresthal, and in addition to purple amethyst, they are characterized by various inclusions such as gamesite, lepidocrocite, and cacoxenite.

By the way, a crystal containing 7 kinds of minerals is sometimes called Super Seven.

How does Elestial Quartz Look:

Elestial crystal is a type of crystal that has a unique appearance (crystal habit) and inclusions, and has the following characteristics.

・ Only the frame is raised and the plane is dented (skeleton = ghost crystal )
・ The dented surface becomes like a “window” and the inside can be seen through
・ Several small crystals are folded or connected are often double points and the torso of short crystals, such a line can be seen as narrow-crack is, inside the case there is that is to be hollowing out “water-filled” there is a visible part as burnt black, purple You can see abundant inclusions such as red and brown.

It does not have all of the above characteristics, and the tendency is to see these points.

Brazilian smoky eresthal is often a rugged skeletal type, Mexican white eresthal is often reminiscent of Herkimer diamonds, and Indian amethyst eresthal tends to be rich in colorful inclusions.

Benefits of Elestial Quartz

Following are the benefits of Elestial Quartz

  • Bare truth,
  • communication with the heavens,
  • self-search / search for previous life information,
  • awareness of the true self, liberation from patterns,
  • understanding of karma,
  • tremendous purification and healing power,
  • awakening and liberation

Healing effects of Elestial Quartz:

Elestial Quartz has been reported to be useful for diseases related to the brain. It stabilizes brain waves, recovers from fatigue of brain cells due to overstimulation such as drugs, and improves epilepsy and mitotic symptoms. In addition, detoxification in the body, mental stabilization, and bone healing due to fractures are also talked about.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Elestial Quartz:

The effect commonly referred to as the effect of Elestial crystal is its tremendous purification and healing power. It resonates with the vibrations of the heavenly world, and purifies and heals even the things hidden in the depths that cannot be purified by ordinary crystals.

What exactly is hidden in the depths? It’s not a material stain. What is hidden in the subconscious mind of a person, that is, the pattern of emotions and behaviors that have taken root in oneself through the accumulation of many previous life experiences. Being aware of them can be a “gift from an angel” in the sense that you understand the karma you are carrying, which can lead to great healing, or awakening and liberation. is.

However, it is consequentialism, and the outcomes that lead to it vary greatly from person to person. Some may get angry when they see the bare truth, the true self stripped of their ego, and others will be happy that the areas to be improved have been cleared. That’s why some people who watch the same drama see it as a tragedy, while others see it as a comedy.

So here I would like to consider the action, not the result. This is because Elestial Quartz is just like a highly functional natural high-tech device.

How to Use Elestial Quartz

 Basically, it is safe to put it in a familiar place and touch it at a certain distance at first. It is better to be in one corner of the field of view. Even if you leave it alone, it will have a great effect on purifying the space, and you should gradually reduce the distance by greeting occasionally.

At one point, you may suddenly feel that something has been spoken, a deja vu-like image appears, or you may have a strange dream. This is a signal from Elestial Quartz. Take your time alone, face the Elestial Quartz, take a closer look, close your eyes and meditate together. You will receive more messages as your spiritual work progresses.

How to Cleanse Elestial Quartz:

It is said that Elestial Quartz does not need to be purified because it has a high self-cleaning ability. However, we recommend that you clean it properly at the beginning of purchase, when you feel that the stone is tired after using it for a long time, or when you need to reprogram.

The most recommended purification method is to burn the leaves of white sage and let the smoke lightly pass through the stones.

Why is Elestial Quartz Unique

Elestial Quartz has a truly unique look.

Those with “windows” that are skeletonized and the inside can be seen through, those that look like “stone brains” with a number of rugged small crystals overlapping, and “abstract paintings” that are studded with many beautiful inclusions Something like.

They are like videophones, electronic dictionaries, and digital photo frames. Some stones are like healing devices, while others have a built-in messaging app.

Elestial Quartz is “created in that way”. Don’t be afraid to misunderstand, it’s like an industrial product created with the intention of being useful.

Of course, from a mineral point of view, the process of formation of Elestial Quartz has been largely elucidated. However, it only explains the process of manufacturing in a factory named Earth, and it is blind to who created it and what kind of intention it was created.

We are now living our daily lives with smartphones, but one day it suddenly appeared as an alternative to mobile phones and quickly swept the world. However, no matter how much you disassemble your smartphone, you won’t know who created it with what intention. The understanding of stones is the same.

To reiterate, Elestial Quartz is a natural ultra-high-tech device made of quartz. The unique shape was created with a useful intention. What is a useful intent? It is to help our spiritual work living with the body on Earth.

 With this stone, we can speed up our spiritual evolution. In some cases, you can get a glimpse of another dimension of the world, access information about your previous life, or see your current state as a kind of painting or sculpture rather than your body. Each eleschar is very unique, so what type of stone you are attracted to depends on what kind of action you want. But they are all heading for one big purpose. The purpose is to “know the shape of your soul, your true self.”

Those who want a “window” will see their true self by looking into it. Those who want an eresthal with a number of small crystals like bumps will understand the “habits” that they have cherished for generations. Those who are attracted to water-filled erestials may be looking for a well in their depths. It’s all about getting to know yourself and moving on.

What lies ahead?

Of course, it is “great purification and healing, awakening and liberation” mentioned at the beginning. In that sense, Eleschar is a “stone that resonates with the vibrations of the heavens” and a “gift from an angel.”

Properties of Elestial Quartz

Mineral nameCrystal, Rock Crystal
aliasSkeleton crystal
Main production areasBrazil, Mexico, India, etc.
ClassificationOxidized Mineral Quartz Group
Chemical compositionSiO 2 silicon, oxygen compound
Crystal systemTrigonal system
Crystal habit (shape)Columnar, lumpy
Main shadesColorless, brown, black
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.65
Refractive index1.54 to 1.56
Similar stone non-madeCathedral crystal