Danburite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

What is Danburite?

Danburite is a transparent stone characterized by vertical striations.

The colors are transparent, pale pink, yellow, purple, etc. If it is a light color, it may look dark or colorless depending on the viewing angle.

The pink danburite looks like kunzite at first glance, the crystal shape is similar to topaz, and the transparent one was once used as a substitute for diamonds.

It is easy to weather and has a characteristic that it has a texture like wiping white powder.

It comes from its discovery in Danbury, Connecticut, United States. Sometimes referred to as “Dumbright”.

Benefits of Danburite

Benefits of Danburite:

  • Healing and purifying the mind,
  • relieving emotional stress,
  • increasing vibration,
  • supporting meditation,
  • communicating with higher conscious bodies

Healing effects Danburite:

 There are reports that it is used to deal with insomnia, probably because of the suggestion of “calming the noisy mind.” It is one of the stones that can be recommended for people who are tired but have difficulty falling asleep due to their mental conversation. Place the stone on your bedside or hold it in your hand and try to sleep.
 In the field of stone healing, there are reports that it was used to improve allergic symptoms and chronic diseases, excrete waste products, and bladder disorders.
 However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects Danburite:

The appearance is gentle, and its pale color can look like a delicate, elegant and noble woman. However, in a spiritual sense, it is said to be a very powerful stone.

The central suggestion of Danburite is to “bring cleanliness and tranquility to the mind and raise it to higher wavelengths.”
 When Danburite is explained by channelers, the following events are frequently mentioned:
・ Open the heart chakra and teach you to love yourself (especially pink danburite).
・ Work on the emotional body rather than the physical body.
・ Calm the noisy heart.
・ Gently soothes a hurt or rough heart and makes you think that it is okay.
・ Helps to calm grief and anguish and release the mind from emotional stress such as anger and hatred.
・ From the third eye, open the top chakra and the upper chakra.
-Very useful as a channeling tool.
・ Promote communication with higher beings such as angels and guide spirits.

The words used vary, but they all have in common that they work on the “mind” and “higher consciousness.”

Expressing the overall image in words,
“By cleaning the heart chakra that has been wearing a negative veil and bringing it closer to the pure vibration that it originally had, it is even higher than the chakra on the top of the head. … “the wave level gradually raising co-up to the higher order of chakra, which is
What feeling.

It is said that wearing danburite brings tranquility to a noisy mind and balances emotions and intellect. Especially when meditating, it is said that you can experience a very quiet state of mind by holding one in both hands.

How to Cleanse and Purify Danburite:

Colored danburite can fade if exposed to sunlight for extended periods of time.
The most recommended purification method is the purification by the sound (wave) of the crystal tuner.

Danburite corresponds to which chakra:

Chest, crown

Directions corresponding to Danburite:


Properties of Danburite:

Mineral nameDanburi stone
Danburite (Danbyuraito)
Main production areasUSA, Mexico, Russia, Switzerland, Japan
ClassificationSilicate mineral
Chemical compositionCaB 2 (SiO 4 ) 2 Compound of calcium, boron, silicon and oxygen
Crystal systemOrthorhombic
Crystal habit (shape)Columnar, granular
Main shadesColorless, pink, yellow, brown, gray
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.97 ~ 3.03
Refractive index1.63
Similar stone non-madeTopaz, kunzite, apatite

Despite its brilliance as a substitute for diamonds and its beautiful topaz-like crystalline shape, this stone is not very well known. The reason may be that there are few rough stones that can be cut and there are few color variations.

However, the beauty of the crystal shape and the strong luster that can be enjoyed as it is is a popular target for mineral collection.

In Japan, there is a famous mine in Kyushu, which produced enough stones to be used as jewelry, but it is now closed.