Clear Crystal Quartz: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

Clear Crystal Quartz is the basic stone you want to align first, and it has a versatile power that can be used for various purposes. It is said that the collection of stones begins with a crystal Quartz and ends with a crystal Quartz.

How does Clear Crystal quartz Look:

The rough stone that shows the shape of the crystal is a hexagonal column with a sharp tip.

Quartz may be associated with colorless and transparent stones, but natural crystals usually have whitish smoke, inclusions of other minerals, and cracks inside. .. If you see the inclusions, you can think of it as a proof of a natural product.

Quartz is a customary name, and its composition is quartz.

When you hear quartz, you probably associate it with a white mass like rock, but among quartz, the type that shows the shape of a hexagonal columnar single crystal has been generally called quartz.

A single crystal is a crystal that shows its own shape, even though the crystals may combine to form a cluster during the growth process.

On the other hand, when we call quartz instead of crystal, it refers to a mass that is not in the form of crystals or a type that is incorporated into rock.

However, since these are customary names, there is no clear definition or delineation.

Even if it is a lump of quartz, it is difficult to distinguish whether it is a fragment of a self-shaped crystal that has been cracked or melted, or a part that has been incorporated into rock. There is also a way to decide to call it.

However, even if it is transparent, it is usually called quartz if it is incorporated in rock, and at the same time, many people call it quartz because of the atmosphere of Chinese characters.

Nowadays, when it is sold in general shops, the name crystal is used in a broad sense, including everything from types that show automorphic crystals to opaque massive quartz.

The commentary in this encyclopedia also focuses on crystals in that broad sense.

The Origin of the Name Clear Crystal Quartz:

In the Japanese name, it was described as water spirit in the old days. In English, it has been called using the word Crystal. In ancient Greece, ice is called “krystalos”, which is the etymology of “Crystal” in English. In the olden days, quartz was thought to be a fossil of ice, which was extremely frozen and could not be melted.

Crystal was originally a word for crystal, but now it means “crystal”.

In addition, crystal glass used for chandeliers and transparent beads such as Swarovski may also be named crystal, so crystal is generally a word that means transparent.

Therefore, in the English name, in order to distinguish between crystal, which is a natural stone, and crystal glass, the names Rock Crystal and Crystal Quartz are used.

Recently, the name Clear Quartz has become popular. This is a name similar to colored quartz such as Citine Quartz (Citrine) and Rose Quartz (Citrine).

Benefits of Clear Crystal Quartz

Following are the benefits of Clear Crystal Quartz:

  • Bringing all luck,
  • fulfilling prayers,
  • purifying and purifying evil spirits,
  • amplifying harmony and power,
  • maintaining good health, and
  • stabilizing the mind

Healing effects of Clear Crystal Quartz:

Since the crystal is wave-variably constant and emits stable energy, it is said that the wave motion of the space where the stone is placed is adjusted and the mental state of the stone owner is also stabilized.

In the field of stone healing, it is used for almost all purposes, from energy filling to various diseases. It is said to have excellent purification power, so it promotes metabolism, excretes toxins in the body, and helps cell regeneration. It may also contribute to the growth of nails and hair.

When actually used as part of healing, the most common method is to hold a stone over the affected area. Even if you don’t touch your skin directly, turn it lightly over your clothes to project energy. The person receiving the healing should close their eyes lightly, feel the vibration of the crystal, and imagine the affected area being healed.

For people with insomnia, placing the crystal on the bedside is said to provide a good night’s sleep. Another theory is that crystals allow you to clearly see the dreams you need.

However, these effects have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Clear Crystal Quartz:

Due to its many origins, quartz has long been sacred around the world and has been used as a magical tool for religious ceremonies, prayers, spiritual purification, wickedness, and the treatment of illness.

Among the Aborigines, the indigenous people of Australia, the myth of heaven and earth creation is that crystals are the source of spiritual power, and the universe was created by a rainbow-colored snake with the help of crystals.

Native American Medicineman considered the crystal to be a stone that contained the power of the Great Spirit and used it for healing. This is a tendency found not only in Native Americans but also in shamanism around the world.

In ancient Greece, it is said that crystal balls were used to collect sunlight, ignite altars, and disinfect wounds.

Of course, it is well known that it has often been used as a tool for precognition.

Crystal is a stone of harmony

There are also very unique types of gemstones, and depending on the person, compatibility problems such as matching stones and mismatching stones may occur. However, quartz is a stone that can be used reasonably by almost anyone because it does not have such a prominent bias, its energy properties are neutral, and its wave emission is stable.

The central suggestion of crystal energy is “harmony.” There are many talks about the effects and benefits of using crystal power, but most of them can be deciphered from the perspective of “harmony.”

For example, the first effect of crystal is purification.

Crystal energy seeks to eliminate “what should not be” from various aspects such as human aura, mental and physical aspects. In other words, crystal energy seeks to return the place to its “what it should be.” As part of this, unnecessary or potentially harmful elements will be purified. At the same time, it tries to rebalance by integrating each aspect of mind and body.

As a result, the aura of the person who had the crystal may be repaired, the cells may be purified, and the wholeness may be restored, which may help the disease to subside.

Not only about humans, but also about the space where the crystal is placed. Crystal energy adjusts the wave motion to restore the place to its original shape, and tries to eliminate the wave motion that harms the place. That leads to wickedness and purification, and as a result, the place is cleansed.

Quartz is used to purify various gemstones and charge energy for the same reason. It is said that if a stone that has been abused and tired is placed on a crystal, it will be purified and the power will be restored.

Also, when using a mixture of many types of stones, it is said that by putting a crystal in it, it will bring harmony to the energy that tends to fall apart and adjust it to a balanced state.

Crystal and meditation, realization of thoughts

Quartz is too famous as a tool for prayer and meditation.

It is said that if you meditate with a crystal, you can meditate deeply, expand consciousness, clean chakras, communicate with spirit guides, explore the previous life, travel dimension, enhance creativity, enhance telepathy and clairvoyance … There is no time to list examples where such effects and benefits are talked about.

Crystals have a good reputation as a tool for prayer and meditation because they tend to be a transcendental medium that enhances the concentration of the owner and concentrates mental energy, as if a crystal ball collects sunlight at one point. I wonder. In addition, unlike other stones, quartz is also considered to be a stone that makes it easier to program the owner’s intentions.

In other words, crystals are good at acting as an amplifier that concentrates the human mind, receives and enhances an energy pattern called thoughts.

People’s thoughts through crystals are released into the world of spirit as high-order vibrations, connecting with higher-order guides with an image like optical communication, and creating a prototype that makes the thoughts a reality. It will be.

As a result, good ideas will be brought to human beings in the real world, and the environment will be set so that synchronicity is likely to occur, and it will be easier for events that feel “lucky” to occur and for wishes to come true.

The effect of increasing concentration will be useful when studying or working, and will also improve memory. If you have a negative personality and tend to be unable to concentrate on one thing, feel the energy of the crystal once.

Above all, by projecting the image of your wishes on the crystal, you will surely be able to support the fulfillment of various prayers such as love, work, money luck, health, and taking an examination.

However, the thoughts released through the crystal have the property of returning to you first. Be aware that if you give off negative thoughts, you will hurt yourself.

As an aside, in Atlantis, which is said to be a lost ancient civilization, it is said that science and technology were highly developed and were supported by crystal energy.

Perhaps Atlantis died overnight, destroying himself because he tried to use crystal energy, which was originally focused on “harmony,” for harmful purposes.

How to Cleanse Clear Crystal Quartz:

 It is sometimes said that the crystal itself has a high purification capacity, so it is not necessary to purify it. We recommend that you clean it properly.
The most recommended purification method is to burn the leaves of white sage and let the smoke lightly pass through the stones.

Clear Crystal Quartz corresponds to which chakra:

All chakras, especially the crown

Directions corresponding to Clear Crystal Quartz:

All directions. Especially north 

Properties of Clear Crystal Quartz:

Mineral nameCrystal
Rock Crystal
Main production areasBrazil, Madagascar, USA, China, India, Pakistan, Switzerland, Russia and other parts of the world
ClassificationOxidized Mineral Quartz Group
Chemical compositionSiO 2 silicon, oxygen compound
Crystal systemTrigonal system
Crystal habit (shape)Columnar, lumpy
Main shadescolorless
Streak colorWhite
specific gravity2.65
Refractive index1.54 to 1.56
Similar stone non-madeApophyllite, calcite, apophyllite, diamond, topaz, fluorite