Chrome Diopside: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

Chrome Diopside is a stone that has a deep and bright green color. Stones treated as natural stones often have inclusion cracks, but some of the jeweler grades are transparent and close to dark emeralds.

Because of its pleochroism, it is said that it was named after the meaning of “two faces” by combining “di” which means “two” and “opsis” which means “face” in Greece.

Diopside (diopside) itself is a stone with various tones such as white, black, and brown, but it becomes greenish due to the inclusion of a trace amount of chromium. This is chrome diopside.

Even though it is green, it is not a bright young leaf color like peridot or prenite, but rather a very deep color reminiscent of dark emerald (by the way, one of the coloring factors of emerald is chrome). Occasionally, there is a part that shows a green color close to black, and there are many cases where cracks like a mosaic pattern are included due to the condition of the crystal composition, so it may look like a “green and black mottled pattern”.

Benefits of Chrome Diopside

Following are the Benefits of Chrome Diopside:

  • Moulting, rebirth,
  • regrowth,
  • learning new information,
  • extracting the earth,
  • grounding,
  • releasing stress and negative emotions,
  • uniting with the earth,
  • observing life

Healing effects of Chrome Diopside:

There are reports that it may be effective for troubles that appear after a certain age, such as menopause.

It also has a detoxifying effect that heals and regenerates wounds after surgery, helps heart problems, removes physical toxins accumulated due to bad habits such as drinking and smoking, and mental toxins accumulated due to anger and hatred. It is said that it can be expected.

In ancient times, it seems to have been used for the treatment of digestive organs such as nerve weakness and large intestine.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Chrome Diopside:

Chrome diopside as a gemstone is “stone of rebirth and regrowth” and “stone of molting”. It can be said to be an “extract that transforms the power of the earth into a more user-friendly form.”

Not many people know this stone yet, but it will be very useful for Japanese people in the future. The reason is that it supports “new elderly people”.

The power of the earth itself is so strong that it ejects magma and moves continents, so if you take it directly, there will be no human beings. Therefore, we ingest and use the energy converted into animals and plants.

Chromium diopside can be thought of as a supplement that takes out only the peaceful and nurturing part of the earth’s energy, extracts it into an extract, and fills it into capsules called minerals.

This supplement has been introduced for those who are trying to “reborn and re-grow” on the planet.

We humans are programmed to grow naturally both physically and mentally for about 20 years. However, after the peak, growth naturally stops and the energy gradually begins to decline. Normally, they just get older.

However, after a certain age, some people are released by something, become active as if they were reborn, and live their lives. In the old world of uncles and aunts after their 40s, those over the age of 60 were grandpas and grandmas on their 60th birthday.

However, the situation is completely different now, and there are many youthful people in their 50s and 60s. That tendency will continue to grow in the future. Along with that, more and more people will continue to work and devote themselves to their hobbies in order to enrich their lives in the second half. These are the “new elderly people.”

Chromium diopside is a very suitable stone to support the birth and activity of such “mature new adults”.

The reason is, first of all, the energy of the stone itself. As mentioned earlier, this stone is like a supplement that contains plenty of Earth’s extracts. Strong energy can sometimes be aggressive, but the power of chrome diopside is quite peaceful, easy to absorb, and does no harm to others.

When the chrome diopside is transparent to light, the transparent parts glow bright and bright green through the light, and the black parts are more delicious and even seem to remind you of something.

The bright green vibrations amplified by light bring youthful vitality to the body and mind of the owner. It will give you a chance to break away from yourself and make a big change, and give you the impetus to grow completely new without being bound by the old style.

On the other hand, the dark part is like an earth cord that connects to the earth. It releases mental and physical stress to the earth, and on the contrary, constantly replenishes energy from the earth. Thanks to this, it makes me understand a certain kind of “state” of living while feeling a sense of unity with the earth and feeling its comfortable rhythm and deep will.

Mosaic-like cracks, which are often seen on chrome diopside, also have great significance. Cracks, or cracks, are experiences, not defects. What looks like a mosaic is a collection of scenes in your life. They are proof of life. It’s a whole life, including successes and joys, as well as failures and regrets.

By accepting such wholeness, gaining deep insight, and moving up one level, the result is that the mind and body are “pseudo-regenerated.” With the feet on the ground, it will grow again. Chrome diopside will help you with that task.

However, it is a mistake to think of chrome diopside as a “stone for the elderly.”

No matter how old you are, everyone can feel a dead end in the middle of their lives. In such a case, instead of regretting the past and beating yourself with a cane named failure, grasping life from a new perspective is the trigger for “rebirth and regrowth.” Chromium diopside gives that perspective and also replenishes the energy of regeneration.

On the flip side, we can molt from our past self and become butterflies that fly into a new world, no matter how many times we become. It means that Chrome Diopside will provide that support.

How to Cleanse Chrome Diopside

The recommended purification method is purification with crystal clusters.

Calcite corresponds to which chakra:

All chakras. Especially the chest and the earth (0th) chakra

Directions corresponding to Chrome Diopside:

East, southeast

Properties of Chrome Diopside:

Mineral nameDiopside (rattan miracle)
Diopside (diopside)
MisnomerHidaka Jade
Main production areasRussia, etc.
ClassificationOxidized minerals
Chemical compositionCaMg (Si 2 O 6 ) Silicon, oxygen compound
Crystal systemMonoclinic system
Crystal habit (shape)Polygonal column
Main shadesGreen (Diopside itself is white, black, brown, etc.)
Streak colorWhite
cleavageComplete in one direction
specific gravity3.27-3.31
Refractive index1.66 ~ 1.72
Similar stone non-madeEmerald, green tourmaline