Capricorn Birthstone and Lucky Gemstones

Those born in the sign of Capricorn are hardworking and responsible, persevering and ambitious.

Capricorn is the sign of those who fulfill their goals. Capricorns have enough strength and confidence to work for years to fulfill their ambitions. Those born under this sign have a penchant for analysis and reflection.

Prudence is one of their main qualities. In general, it does not play risky in life. In professional relationships, Capricorn is reserved and sometimes selfish. In personal relationships he is generous, always ready to help without hesitation.

Precious stones of the sign

The first decade of the sign December 22 – January 2:

The guardian planet is Jupiter. The natives of this decade go about their lives calm and self-confident. They always have their own opinions. Lucky stones are strong, such as agate, serpentine, malachite.

The second decade of the sign January 3 – January 13:

These capricorns have the ability to charm those around them, being passionate about what they do. Their lucky stones are sardonix, chalcedony, onyx, opal.

The third decade, January 14 – January 20:

Capricorns in the third decade are ruled by the Sun and need crystals that give them energy: sapphire, opal, tourmaline and garnet, in the projects they are working on.

The best stones for those born in the sign of Capricorn


It will eliminate and weaken some of the negative traits of the natives, such as selfishness and pessimistic inclinations. The stone will instill confidence in him and calm him down. Opal will inspire him to communicate with others and will make them more interesting to those with whom he will interact.


It will help Capricorn achieve his dreams of well-being and power. It will bring him courage and determination and help him gain the trust and respect of others. The ruby ​​will protect him from envy and give him the opportunity to form a fulfilled and happy family.


It has the ability to multiply spiritual power. Those people who really want to reach the top of the professional hierarchy should wear malachite.


Protects against enemies and brings good luck. Also worn by hand, onyx protects the interests of Capricorn, banishes insomnia, anxiety and fear.

Capricorn woman’s lucky stones


It will help the Capricorn woman to open up, to show her feelings without being afraid of the opinion of others. This stone will help them drive away their pessimism and achieve their goals, guiding them to the wisest solution.

Weather in Carnelian

It is the semi-precious stone of the unmarried natives of the sign. Carnelian helps them to keep their youth and beauty and to have luck in love.


It helps them achieve longevity and physical health, protects them from dangers and gossip, and endows them with energy. Agata protects the family from quarrels and strengthens relations between generations.

Capricorn man’s lucky stones

Smoky quartz

It will improve their logical thinking and intellectual skills. This talisman will alleviate the jealousy and selfishness of the native. It will help them get rid of stress and adapt better to change.


It will help alleviate Capricorn’s flaws such as his arrogance and selfishness and help him become more benevolent and sensitive. The stone protects it from dangers, accidents and disasters.

Gemstones can be real talismans for you! Therefore, choose to match as often as possible to your outfit jewelry with stones or crystals that will give you energy and immunize your intellectual abilities.