Can the Tarot card readings be wrong?

Tarot is an ancient practice that has been used to help resolve doubts , uncertainties or situations that you want to change. Applying an interpretive technique through a deck of cards that reflect different archetypes and scenes of life, giving it a form of prediction.

If it has happened to you to feel that a prediction has failed and you feel disappointed, do not lose hope. Well, nothing is written in stone. There are ways to pick up the omen and give it the proper reading. Keep reading and we will tell you more about what to do if the tarot is wrong.

The tarot is not wrong

The cards as such, are an instrument that guides your thinking to focus from different points of view in order to glimpse reality and find solutions . So it is difficult for Tarot cards to be wrong. The interpreter is wrong.

Hence the importance of preparing well to go to a tarot consultation and choosing the true seer. There are many ways to check if a tarot reader is real. You must check by looking for references, opinions of those who have consulted you or if you have a website.

A true cartomancer will interpret your destiny without neglecting the warnings, always advising you on the different possibilities and scenario of your case. Well predictions are made based on the current conditions of the situation, if something changes, obviously the prediction can change.

When the forecasts are not fulfilled, it is because the original conditions of the problem have changed, either because the consultant has done introspection and made influential decisions. As other factors related to it have also influenced. Like, for example, when your prediction or omen involves another person and the changes do not occur in this third person.

In other cases the perception of the tarot reader fails, because, although he has a gift, he is a human being who also has his bad days. You can misinterpret, even if the card is correct.

It is not the tarot reader who has the absolute truth, he is just someone who guides the events of the spread and interprets each card. You are responsible for making decisions and knowing what to do with each message you receive.

When is the tarot wrong?

Well, we have already said that the letters are not wrong. The messages that destiny has for you will be reflected in the spread. What can fail is the interpretation and, at the same time, this happens because the tarot reader and the environment fail. Even the emotional state of the consultant can influence.

Well, as they are people vulnerable to making mistakes, they can make mistakes during the run. It is for this reason that you should pay attention to your mood and that of the interpreter, so that everything goes in harmony at the time of reading.

Recommendations to avoid making mistakes in Tarot

The focus, the concentration on the matter at hand, and the energy of your whole being in the roll is fundamental. For that reason, below we give you the following recommendations to avoid that the tarot can be wrong:

1. Make a reading by topic.

It is not necessary to consult again and again for the same topic. Learn to settle for the interpretation received and wait for the results. Doing several readings around the same case can lead to more confusion. Pick a roll type and stick with that message.

Just as it is not advisable to read very closely. You have to let time and facts flow, each moment has its time, nothing will come faster or be delayed for wanting to control it with the tarot. It is impossible. You must trust with the passing of the omens.

2.Prepare yourself and calm down

This is one of the errors that most influence the interpretation of letters, coming to consult when tired, stressed, when leaving work, after an argument or with physical and emotional exhaustion. Honestly, nothing can go right in that state. Because your altered state is reflected in the reading immediately.

So, use your relaxation resources, take your time, because reading is for you. Choose a time, a time when you know that no one is going to interrupt you, in which you have a clear mind and do not feel tired. Try to be in tune with the balance.

3.Read tarot, it is not reading a book

Perhaps, you have some knowledge about the meanings of the figures and understand that they give a literal meaning. Well, it’s not like that. Each arcanum has a meaning that according to the spread and the accompanying cards have an interpretation. For what we recommend, do not twist the interpretation of the tarot reader, with what you think it may be.

4.Accept the reading as it is

If you are not pleased with what has come out in the print run, then do not ask them to accommodate it to your liking. In fact, if you are a professional tarot reader, you should not do it. You cannot judge, but learn to interpret the message and take advantage of it. Always leave an apprenticeship, even if it’s bad news. Well, it invites you to fight to overcome it, always.

5.Prepare your questions

Keeping your thinking focused on what you are going to consult, and preparing your questions is another way to avoid misinterpretation. This way you get more out of the spread because it helps you achieve precise and lucid revelations to positively clear all your doubts.

You can ask what you want, there are no secrets, or anything forbidden. Find out about love, business, fortune, work, family, health, relationships, past, present or future; fortune telling will always answer you.

Give them an order, by subject, by people, by feeling, in order not to run over you during the session, or on the contrary, as often happens in many cases, so that you do not stay blank without knowing what to ask.

How to recognize a tarot reader who fails

If the tarot reader fails, they may not be a professional and want to rip you off. Of those there are many milling around there. Pay attention and follow these clues so that you can confirm the seriousness and professionalism of the seer you have chosen.

Tarot readers, in addition to learning to interpret the arcana, were mostly born with the gift of clairvoyance. An ability that allows them to predict the future, reveal the past and interpret mystical energies for the well-being of others. To know a real one, check that it meets these characteristics:

  • It is expressed clearly. Saying things as they are, without so much return, allows a quick connection with the client. Without doubts or detours. This way you will obtain security in the information you need. If you have doubts, try asking him questions about yourself to corroborate if he is correct.
  • He doesn’t ask a lot of questions . The most you need to know is your name and date of birth, in order to know your astral time. These first moments in the session are decisive to detect their professionalism. Be suspicious of anyone who tries to get you into conversation.
  • Has references and opinions of others. The vast majority of professional charters, if not all, have web pages and social networks, in which their users issue opinions and comments that make it clear what level of success they have.

Finally, remember that the tarot works as a tuner of thoughts and emotions that activates decision-making. If something does not turn out as you thought or as originally predicted, you should analyze and review all the aspects mentioned.

If you are going to use this ancestral practice as part of your spiritual guide, then know it well from the beginning and following our advice so that there are no mistakes.