Calcite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Calcite

The name ‘Calcite’ is said to be derived from the Latin word “chalx” which means quicklime (Ca), which is the main component.

 Calcite comes in many colors and shapes, but the most common type is colorless to yellow, which looks like a three-dimensional parallelogram (rhombohedral).

One of the major features is that the light is birefringent. If you place a colorless calcite on a book and look at it from above, the letters will look double. This is because the light that has entered calcite is separated (birefringent) in two directions.

Benefits of Calcite

following are the benefits of Calcite:

  • Compound eye thinking,
  • mental and physical balance and purification,
  • avoiding trouble,
  • success and prosperity

Healing effects of Calcite:

Since it is said that the vibration of purification is strong, it is said that it has the effect of promoting metabolism and excreting waste products, and because the main component is lime, it is said that it helps digestion and absorption of calcium.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Calcite:

Calcite has a strong birefringent force, which causes a mysterious phenomenon. If you place a colorless calcite on a book, you will see that the letters that can be seen through are doubled. This is called the birefringence phenomenon. Because of this phenomenon, it was said that having calcite had the power to double things, such as being able to think with compound-eye thinking.

Pure calcite is colorless and transparent, and is said to balance the mind and body. It is said that it was powdered and used as a medicine in China and Tibet.

Calcite becomes very colorful with various colors when iron and manganese are mixed inside. The golden calcite, in particular, is a popular symbol of success and prosperity.

Benefits of different color calcites:

  • Colorless and transparent to white: Has purifying power and enhances concentration and memory. Good for meditation and thinking.
  • Yellow-Gold: Fortune, Success and Prosperity, Hope
  • Orange: Activates internal energy and becomes positive thinking.
  • Pink: Love luck up, romantic dreams

How to Cleanse Calcite:

Calcite is generally vulnerable to water and salt, and colored stones should be avoided in the sun.

Most of the calcite that is generally purchased is crystals or round balls on a lump, so it is easier to pass it through the smoke of white sage.

Calcite corresponds to which chakra:

It depends on the color.

  • Colorless and transparent-white: top
  • yellow-gold: middle
  • orange: lower abdomen
  • pink: chest

Directions corresponding to Calcite:

It depends on the color.

  •  Colorless and transparent ~ White: North
  •  Yellow ~ Gold: West, Tohoku
  •  Orange: Southwest
  •  Pink: West, Southeast

Properties of Calcite:

Mineral nameCalcite (calcite)
Calcite (calcite)
Optical Spar ~ Another name for colorless and transparent calcite
Main production areasMexico, China, Brazil
ClassificationCarbonate minerals
Chemical compositionCaCO 3 Calcium, carbon, oxygen compounds
Crystal systemHexagonal system
Crystal habit (shape)Rhombohedral, dog-fang-shaped, nail-head-shaped, lump-shaped
Main shadesColorless, yellow, pink, green, blue, etc.
Streak colorColorless to white
cleavageComplete in three directions (rhombohedron)
specific gravity2.7 2.7
Refractive index1.48 to 1.66
Similar stone non-madeAragonite, crystal

It is a mineral found all over the world and has a variety of colors and crystal habits. Pure calcite is colorless and transparent, but it turns yellow due to iron contamination and pink due to manganese. The colorless and transparent calcite is sometimes called “Iceland spar”, which is the Japanese translation of Iceland and is sometimes called “Hyoshuseki”. This is because many colorless calcite crystals were found in Iceland, and it is now used for beautiful colorless calcite even if it is not from Iceland.

Calcite is famous as a stone with a high birefringence, and high-quality colorless and transparent calcite was used as a polarizing filter.

It has various appearances, but it is famous for its three-dimensional rhombohedron shape (rhombohedron), pointed fang-like shape (dog fang shape), and crushed nail-like shape (nail head shape).

The common parallelogram shape, which looks like a crushed matchbox, is formed by cleavage.

Stalagmites formed in limestone caves, limestone used as a material for the construction of Egyptian pyramids, and marble, which has been widely used as a stone material since the ancient Greek era, are used as stones (granular aggregates) formed by gathering calcite. I can give it.

It has the same composition as calcite, but when it crystallizes into an orthorhombic system, it becomes “Aragonite” (aragonite, aragonite, aragonite).

However, the internal structure of aragonite is unstable, and even if it is aragonite when crystallized, over time, the shape remains the same and only the internal structure changes to calcite. Therefore, most of the aragonite we see is calcite, which leaves its mark only in shape.