Bull’s Eye

Strength and Tenacity

The golden reflections of the Tiger’s Eye are tinged with red when exposed to heat in the heart of the Earth giving the Taurus Eye its magnificent Mahogany color. Associated with the courage and endurance of the ox, the Energy of the Bull’s Eye helps you to find inner strength, courage and self-confidence. Its vibration allows you to draw from within yourself unsuspected resources to go through a painful episode, to show courage or determination. Taurus Eye is also useful for boosting metabolism and libido as it stimulates the Root Chakra.

How to use your Taurus Eye or Bull’s Eye

  • Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. 
  • Program your Taurus Eye with a powerful affirmation like “My heart is filling with enthusiasm and motivation. I am determined to succeed ” and let its vibration amplify your intention. 
  • Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga,) or place them in your “Ritual corner”.