Decisions and Future

Bronzite is a stone that provides protection and anchoring to restore harmony and balance to your life. Its Energy boosts your self-confidence, especially in times when you feel helpless or overwhelmed. Bronzite helps to remove doubts and take the right decisions with confidence. This makes Bronzite your best ally in developing your projects and building your future.

How to use Bronzite?

Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. 

Program your Raw Bronzite with a powerful affirmation like “Today I lay the foundation for my future” and let its vibration amplify your intention. Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga ) or place them in your “Ritual corner”.