Black stones: Healing and Magical Properties, meaning for various Zodiac Signs


Depending on the type of stones, we can talk about the characteristic features, healing and magical effects. Most people intuitively choose black minerals in order to draw the attention of people around them to their inner world.

In ancient times, negative characteristics were attributed to stones. It was accepted to wear them only to widows, witches and sorcerers. The latter used them in magical rites. Gems helped to open supernatural abilities, allowed to reveal intuition. Today, black stones are the highlight of many jewelry created by the world’s leading designers. They are especially used to make original jewelry for men.

Know the effects of using Black Stones and their suitability for different zodiac signs.

Black Agate or Coal Agate

One of the rocks is coal agate with a monochromatic black color. During the mining process, you can find unique specimens. Gems help to activate the internal forces of the body, accumulate energy and direct it in the right direction.

Effects of Wearing a Black Agate

It is ideal for women as it balances the overly emotional nature. In case of nervous disorders, you can wear a ring or a pendant, and the situation will quickly pick up the necessary momentum. At the same time, it shows a positive effect on beauty, in particular, nails, skin and hair. Also, the mineral is able to strengthen cartilage tissue. With regular wearing of jewelry with a black stone, the endocrine system returns to normal, and immunity is restored. People who dream of losing weight should insist on water on the gem in the evening and drink in the morning. Water will dull the feeling of hunger.

For many years in a row, black agate  was the talisman of kings, since its energy was colossal. At the same time, the gem feels the energy of its owner. The cleaner a person is, the more saturated the color and shine of the stone. He is also able to attract finance, establish relationships with the opposite sex and become a reliable talisman, reflecting negative blows. This stone is recommended to be worn by people who are prone to depression, or whose work is associated with constant experiences.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Black Agate:

Coal Agate fits Taurus, Capricorn, Gemini, Cancers and Virgos . The energy of the stone will allow the owner to be softer and more courteous with people, to choose the right words.


This mineral of volcanic origin is formed when lava solidifies. A very large number of ancient legends and mystical events are associated with it. This factor is influenced by the place of production. A fairly hard stone with a Mohs rating of 7.

Effects of Wearing an Obsidian

The magical abilities of obsidian have been known for a long time. It allows you to realize your cherished desires and achieve certain goals. But when the plan came true, you need to remove the jewelry. Otherwise, the stone can provoke unexpected events.

A person wearing obsidian jewelry is invulnerable to negative energy. The gem, like a mirror, reflects it. Ideal during meditation as it helps focus. Attracts finance. Silver is an excellent option for the frame .

If we talk about medicinal properties, one of the main ones can be noted the bactericidal effect, therefore, it is suitable in the autumn-spring period, when epidemics occur. Promotes a quick recovery from gout or arthrosis. Normalizes blood pressure and improves immunity. It is recommended for people who have sleep problems, are overly emotional, as well as those who have problems with the intestines or stomach.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Obsidian:

Experts recommend its Aquarius, Scorpios, Virgos  and Leos. He will allow these signs of the zodiac to establish a psychological state, add energy, and prevent unwanted actions. Sagittarius or Cancer should not wear them . Otherwise, the person acquires cowardice unusual for him.


In the process of metamorphosis over the years, pine resin has turned into black amber , which is a fragile and expensive nugget. It is prized for its pliability and has a hardness index of 3.

Effects of Wearing an Amber

Sometimes it is also called jet . The healing properties of the stone are that it helps to bring back joy to life and help to concentrate in crucial situations. In addition, the mineral is a sorbent of negative thoughts, neutralizes bad messages. However, it is recommended for those who are suffering and experiencing separation. Black amber is used as an amulet that can protect its owner.

If we talk about the healing properties of the stone, one cannot but mention its limitless possibilities. Most often, it is used in the form of thin plates that should be applied to the sore spot. Sometimes it is used for massage. For this purpose, special balls are made of stone. When worn as a pendant, it can boost immunity, reduce acute toothaches, relieve cramps, and improve digestion.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Amber:

It is ideal for Scorpio and Pisces. Often, silver or copper serves as a frame , allowing him to reveal his magical properties.


Onyx has a hardness of 2.70 on the Mohs scale .

Effects of Wearing an Onyx:

The magical abilities of black onyx  are reduced to increasing the owner’s internal energy, his strength. Therefore, it is recommended to be worn by people who prefer to lead an active lifestyle and constantly wear out. It is also an excellent solution for schoolchildren and students, since the properties of onyx have a positive effect on mental activity. He relieves businessmen from laziness and promotes the disclosure of talents. It is worth noting that the energy of the stone is so strong that it is almost impossible to bewitch or spoil a person wearing black onyx.

Lithotherapists actively use the gem in treatment, since it literally draws out diseases from the body. In particular, it allows you to cope with diseases of the genitourinary sphere, helps in the functioning of the kidneys, strengthens nails, hair, and skin. Wearing it in the form of a pendant improves the functioning of organs and the body as a whole, strengthens memory and allows you to get rid of unpleasant symptoms for meteorological people.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Onyx:

Suitable for Capricorn, Virgo , Scorpio and Taurus.


Black sapphire is extremely rare in nature. The last instance was found back in 1938. Such minerals that are on the market today have a black tint when processed. Their natural color is deep purple. Sapphire has a higher Mohs hardness – 9.

Effects of Wearing a Black Sapphire:

The magical properties of the mineral lie in the ability to harmonize the state of mind of the owner and give him positive feelings and emotions.

An excellent option for those who plan to develop psychic abilities and achieve perfection on the spiritual plane. The stone is able to give the owner the confidence and strength to achieve goals. This is an excellent option for intellectuals, allowing them to develop philosophical thinking in a person and awaken wisdom.

Today, people who turn to lithotherapists receive recommendations to wear a stone that will cure various diseases. Its unique properties are in filtering the energy of the disease, which after a while it dissipates. Helps with bronchitis, insomnia, diseases of the central nervous system, increases immunity in the autumn-spring period. At the same time, he will help only pure people, without bad thoughts.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Black Sapphire:

This is an ideal solution for Sagittarius and Aquarius, who, as a result, will become more organized and responsible, and will reach their intended goal faster. In no case is it recommended to wear jewelry with a stone to Taurus, Pisces and Capricorns.


Black specimens are durable, since they have the highest hardness index – 10.

Effects of Wearing an Black Diamond:

It should be noted that this luxury stone of the highest quality can be produced only in Italy, Belgium and Israel. He is able to give the owner not only aesthetic pleasure, but also a positive magical influence. It is believed that it gives firmness in decisions and words. The same can be attributed to love, which becomes brighter and stronger. A person’s life becomes saturated, the stone allows him to reveal his talents and pushes him to search for new ideas for self-improvement. A strong talisman capable of repelling an attack of negativity, reflecting it. The stone has the greatest strength when it comes into contact with human skin. In order for it to begin to reveal its abilities, it is necessary to activate it, for some time after the purchase, send positive thoughts and desires to it.

Medicinal properties include healing from nervous disorders, depression, and insomnia. Regularly wearing jewelry can improve hearing and cope with bad habits. Black diamonds  are an excellent anti-inflammatory agent.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Black Diamond:

Suitable for Leo , Libra , Taurus, Aries and Sagittarius. Exceptions are Pisces, Aquarius, Virgo  and Scorpio.


The stone belongs to the rare, it can be called a kind of accumulator of energy, which he is happy to share, but is able to absorb dark energy. Depending on the hands it gets into, it can do both harm and benefit.

Effects of Wearing a Spinel

An excellent option for meditation, thanks to which certain qualities of a person are enhanced. Can develop the gift of divination and intuition. But he does not tolerate evil and selfish people.

If we talk about the healing properties of spinel , you should pay attention to its beneficial effect on the musculoskeletal system. Since ancient times, stone powder has been used as an anti-inflammatory agent; various non-healing wounds were covered with it. This powder is still appreciated. It is not recommended for hypertensive patients, since it can increase blood pressure. Suitable for overly emotional people, balancing their psychological state.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Spinel:

Suitable for Lions and Pisces. Cancers  and Aquarius cannot wear it.


The luxurious mineral is especially valuable in jeweler circles. Some specimens surprise with unusual tints and shine. The higher the overflow, the more valuable the decoration with it. Hardness – 2, 2.

Effects of Wearing a Opal:

It is a stone and talented people that will allow them to gain recognition. He will help those who are ready to work and are not afraid of difficulties. Black opal is an excellent defender against various negative situations. But psychics do not recommend wearing it to weak people who, under the influence of the stone, can take the wrong path. Helps develop intuition and the gift of clairvoyance.

Wearing the mineral in the form of a pendant allows you to cope with depression, mental disorders, and nervous diseases. He will also be an excellent assistant in the fight against colds and diseases of an infectious nature. Able to improve vision.

Which Zodiac Signs can use Opal:

Ideal for Taurus, Pisces, Scorpions and Aquarius.