Belomorite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake

It is because of the place where it was found, as well as due to its appearance, that the name Belomorite was given to the stone. The geochemist was able to give a clear description of the stone and after that it did not change. Academician Alexander Fersman devoted his life to outstanding discoveries and considered the mineral to be unique and mysterious. The most popular deposit today is North Karelia.

For the first time this stone was found by Fersman in 1925, who was just walking along the shores of the White Sea.

Belomorite is also called as Belomorite Fish Eye.

What is Belomorite:

Belomorite is an unusual natural stone that belongs to the varieties of feldspar . It is often compared in appearance to a moonstone with a pearl tint . But any jeweler or a person who knows at least a little about stones will be able to distinguish moonstone from belomorite.

Benefits of Wearing Belomorite

Healing effects of Belomorite:

First of all, Belomorite helps to get rid of bad thoughts and nervous stress, because it has a calming effect. It is able to relieve tension, overcome insomnia and relieve the owner of headaches. In some cases, it is recommended for heart problems, as well as the crystal is able to cure vascular diseases. It is very important that it improves all the body’s indications.

But the main property of this mineral is the treatment for infertility and use as a talisman during pregnancy. Moreover, this does not depend on the verdict of the doctors, there is always hope. Faith is essential. It also effectively helps with gynecological problems and heals tumors. Belomorite is recommended for girls who have problems with the cycle and hormones. It normalizes and normalizes the body.


If you constantly lack strength and energy, but the stone is able to replenish it. The person becomes more collected and is able to make decisions soberly.

Magical effects of Belomorite:

One fortune-telling is known, which used to be very popular – if a girl wants to see her husband, then you can put Belomorite under the pillow, and he will come in a dream.

There are several features that have been seen in this young stone:

  • has great strength;
  • able to help see the future;
  • helps to see a prophetic dream;
  • protects from the evil eye and evil eyes;
  • helps creative people;
  • can be used as a talisman and a good amulet for geologists;
  • affects sleep, improving it, and helps against stress;
  • strengthens the nervous system;
  • used as protection;
  • very often used by magicians.

If a person has a specific goal, then such an amulet will help to achieve it in a short time. If a man or woman is completely non-punctual, but the stone will help to cope with this problem. The person will stop being late and there will be a lot of free time.

The look of this moonstone is especially recommended for spouses. He will help to normalize their relationship and find a common language. Husband and wife will begin to trust each other more, and love will sparkle with new colors.

Which Zodiac Signs can wear Belomorite:

Belomorite is Suitable for:

  • Cancer,
  • Pisces

This amulet is most suitable for Cancer and Pisces . It is these signs of the zodiac that should definitely pay attention to this mineral, because it is able to help them in all their endeavors.

Belomorite is Suitable for:

  • Leo,
  • Sagittarius

Belomorite is strongly not suitable for leos  and Sagittarius . It is better for these signs to pay attention to other stones.

Belomorite can be worn for all other signs. Belomorite is a beautiful stone that has magical and healing properties, but it is very important to believe in it.

How to care for Belomorite:

It is categorically impossible to use chemical solutions and boiling water when cleaning. It is enough to put the jewelry with a stone in ordinary cold water and leave it for 30-40 minutes. Then wipe with a soft cloth.

It is best to store it in a dark box, separate from other stones.

Where is Belomorite found:

Where is it mined? The most common mineral deposits are located on the Kola Peninsula. Belomorite can also be found in Kenya, USA, Norway and the Urals. Although earlier it was found only in Russia, today deposits are found in other countries.

What is Belomorite Used for:

Belomorite is the most common use of a gem is for insertion into jewelry. More than others, a translucent and transparent stone is valued, which shines very beautifully in the sun. The frame is most often chosen from silver or other metal. Most often, light, because it looks much more harmonious.

Cutting Belomorite takes a very long time and is quite problematic due to its fragility, so jewelers do not often work with it. The gem can crumble significantly with a slight impact or careless movement. This stone is little known in the world, but in Russia it is quite popular because of its cheap cost and beauty. Many collectors like it and arouse great interest. Due to its hardness, white stone is almost impossible to scratch, but it can break if dropped.

You can find many different jewelry with this stone – these are pendants, pendants or rings. Beads are much less common because they are more subject to impact and can break. When deciding which finger to wear the ring on, you should give preference to the little finger.

It is especially important to match the shade to the eye color. Most often, blue-eyed girls and guys give preference.

It is quite rare in famous brands, but some headsets can boast of this.

Since the cost is not expensive, the stone is rarely forged. Mineralogists can easily distinguish the original from the copy by video or even a snapshot.

Properties of Belomorite:

Thick plates or pillars are a common type of Belomorite crystal. The aggregates are granular and very dense in structure. Its characteristics are often compared to quartz , which has a hardness of 7 on the Mohs scale, and belomorite – 6.

A distinctive feature is different overflows and shades, which can differ significantly depending on the incident light. The usual color is off-white, and the overflows range from blue to lilac. The mineral is not transparent, in very rare cases, translucent. It is the shiny and transparent gems that are most appreciated. Externally, the surface of the stone resembles sea salt and unusual snowy landscapes if you look inside.

You might think that the stone is illuminated from the inside – this process is called adulariscence and is quite rare. Thanks to this feature, it looks very unusual in jewelry and fits almost any look.

  • Chemical formula – 70Ab-30An
  • Hardness – 6 points on the Mohs scale
  • Specific gravity – 2.6
  • Groups – silicates
  • The system is monoclinic.