Aura Correction and Protection by using Crystals and Stones

No matter how strong aura a person has, even it periodically needs adjustment, as a result of which all negative energy leaves. One of the most effective ways to purify energy is gems and healing minerals, the magical properties of which were used by the priests in ancient times. Through exposure to amulets, a receptive aura of a specific color can be grounded.

Other people’s negative thoughts and emotions are toxic, they can damage the aura, which can lead to a violation of the sensitive subtle bodies, the physical body. Then stones and minerals can be used to restore the aura.

What is Aura

The invisible subtle energies surrounding the real physical body are defined as the human aura. The main life function is to provide a kind of protective screen in order to block and invisibly reflect destructive thoughts and hidden harmful feelings of other people, as well as to prevent the leakage of personal good energy. At the level of the invisible subtle body, dark gaps can form, weakening it, making it sensitive to the penetration of external destructive energies. These imperceptible breaks have many objective reasons, including insurmountable stress, psychological trauma, depressive conditions, incurable addictions, healed physical injuries or illnesses.

Negative energy

Poisoning human energy finds people in different ways. For example, a state of depression or stress can pass from one person to another if his external aura is weakened or damaged. The state of irritability and suppressed anger, like other oppressive energies, can easily pass from one to the other.

In addition, there are attacking psychic vampires or energy leeches that suck weak energy from people with damaged aura, leaving them devastated.

In addition, there are people who deliberately send their negative signals to others, carry out a psychic attack. If there are gaps in the aura, these actions can cause damage to the person to whom it is addressed. To protect yourself from unwanted psychic attacks, it is enough to wear tourmaline products . Rose quartz  has the ability to transform negative energy into positive energy.

It is important to take into account that any black gem is capable of scaring off or absorbing destructive energy. These include smoky quartz , agate , healing black onyx , the rarest Apache tears, beautiful obsidian .

How to correct Red Aura

In order to activate the bright red aura, the life-giving energy of agate is used , adorable  hematite is able to increase vitality, overcome depression. Classic black obsidian will help to balance the aura . Beautiful smoky quartz provides reliable mental, emotional, physical protection.

How to correct Orange Aura

To awaken the typical orange aura, an effective  tiger’s eye is used to instill self-confidence, intelligent courage. Bright  amber is used to cleanse sensitive biofield. A wonderful carnelian will help strengthen courage and relieve tangible tension . The classic brown jasper will teach inner sensitivity .

How to correct Yellow Aura

Rare citrine will help to overcome depression and increase concentration  . The original topaz can increase the overall acuity of perception. To help in love affairs, life-giving  jade is used , endowing its true owners with inner warmth, worldly wisdom. Adorable  onyx will help to reveal esoteric abilities.

How to correct the Green Aura

Common malachite helps to cleanse the green aura  , giving people a feeling of inner joy. Will grow independence in the owner, make him a generator of useful ideas.

How to correct the Blue Aura

The beautiful mineral sodalite promotes the unleashing of creativity, the exquisite  azurite helps to accelerate spiritual recovery.

It takes a welcoming aquamarine to regain creativity in life  . Delicate  turquoise will help boost mental focus.

Adjustment of the classic blue aura

To activate the receptive aura of the blue tone, you will need to work with lapis lazuli . Healing fluorite is required to restore physical fitness  . The moonstone awakens the inner voice of the representatives of the blue aura. You can restore lost peace of mind with pearls

How to correct purple aura

The stones of these chakras are amethyst , aimed at eliminating bodily ailments, sugilite , which contributes to the development of determination. To ground yourself, you need opal to overcome melancholy, white quartz  to gain mental peace.

How to protect the Aura with Crystals

To protect the receptive aura from destructive energy, it is enough to slowly move your hand with the gem over the lines of the aura. Where there are suspected breaks, the gem may become noticeably colder or begin to vibrate slightly. After determining the unfavorable segments of the aura, it is necessary to hold the gem locally in the place of injury. If it becomes necessary to move the healing gem locally, then you need to do it clockwise up and down. When a subtle gap is completely closed, it is not felt in reality.

Another method of influencing the aura is through the chakras. To do this, you need to hold the crystal over each point of influence in turn. Chakras are kept strong and healthy with regular treatment. When a subtle damage is felt over a vibrating chakra, then it is necessary to move the gem counterclockwise. This method releases destructive energy that could have stagnated there. In a similar way, the damaged chakra is healed and sealed.

The most effective way to use gems to provide protection is to carry your chosen Healing Gem with you at all times. Fine amulets with gems and transparent crystals can be excellent amulets; pendants and graceful rings are suitable for this purpose.

Using Crystal and Stone Talismans and amulets to strengthen the Aura

The talisman is used by people to provide mental protection throughout the world by representatives of various cultures. A talisman is a small-weight item that is worn, believing that the desired object will help in the current situation, bring him some good luck, and help in the further achievement of his goals. Crystals, graceful rings, charming key rings, and an elegant Egyptian ankh are used as talismans.

The amulet is also a compact item designed to provide reliable protection against various ailments. It must be carried with you to get the desired result. In the role of magic amulets, rings or original pendants are suitable, for this the so-called “amulets of luck”, which he carries with him in a small case, compact purse or velvet bag, are also suitable.

Gems suitable for making amulets

What stones are suitable for creating healing amulets? Fine  agate is able to protect against potential danger, various everyday problems, dangerous spirits. Protects a receptive aura during extended wanderings.

Adorable amethyst is able to protect against the effects of destructive black magic, psychic attacks. It can also prevent attempts to take away power or subdue power.

The most valuable diamond protects from harmful influences, drives away obsessive fears. Life-giving  aquamarine is used for lasting protection in the water. Adorable  turquoise protects against unwanted injuries, hidden bone fractures.

To resist a bad look, it is necessary to wear eye agate . Quartz  aims to protect against destructive negative energies. Protects from deception, harmful hereditary spirits, wounds and destructive insect bites. Cute opal will help effectively protect against ill-wishers  .

Protect against fraud, destructive spirits, damage will malachite . Unusual fluorite will provide reliable mental protection  . An amulet made of strong  epidote is aimed at protection in insurmountable conflict situations.

Amber is able to protect the susceptible aura from harmful effects in general. The adorable  jasper provides general protection and will keep you from being bitten.

Combinations of precious stones to strengthen the aura

Gemstones generate beneficial astral energy that strengthens the person’s receptive electromagnetic field. They have a pronounced crystalline structure. The main combination for working with the aura is a stone with single refraction on one hand and double refraction on the other hand. The optimal gem is considered to be ruby , strong emerald , graceful sapphire , blue aquamarine  larger than three carats. It is advised to alternate different stones with a change in the life cycle. Topaz , unusual tourmaline , as well as opal , citrine and amethyst are considered to be excellent generators of positive energy .

Precious stones serve the growth of internal vitality, a certain length of the life cycle, especially when combined in a harmonious duet. The body has a pronounced mirror symmetry and a perfect hemispherical shape. It is advisable to combine classic precious stones with strong metals

Aura Corrections methods using Crystals and Stones

How to work with stones during aura correction? Stone treatment is one of the most effective ways to cleanse the receptive aura. Before the healing session, the room and stones are being prepared, they must be contemplated in their own hands, tune in to their inner frequency. When gems merge with a beautiful human aura, their active work begins.

Then the stones are applied locally to the chakras or to the affected organ. A feeling of elation or insurmountable drowsiness may arise, vivid memories of the various reasons that caused such an imbalance will come. All this points to the beginning of the denouement of the existing karmic knots. There is a search and awareness of the cause, remaking negative images. If the emerging image is not clear, then a clarifying question is asked. There is a conscious work with the inner unconscious, your hidden self.

During the treatment, the client is offered to take the crystal he likes in his clean palms, subconsciously he chooses a stone of such a tone that is lacking in his aura, balances it. White and gold tones include the entire gamut of gems. A boring stone is introduced into the aura for a short time. At the same time, the patient must be aware that all precious stones are alive, it is necessary to be grateful while working with them. It is necessary to do this during a healing session, because without gratitude, the energy of the stones works for depletion. Without recoil, the sedative effect of the stones will be subtle.

Crystal layout

Any number and variety of crystals and stones is suitable for a session. There are strict guidelines to follow at first. But if you correctly tune in to the client’s energy, then no prescribed instructions are needed, you just need to trust your inner voice. You can work with one or more vibrating chakras, picking gems according to the tone of the aura.

Chakra tones: Sahasrara (localized in the region of the crown) – white, frontal Ajna of violet tone, throat Vishuddha – blue, heart point Anahata – green, Manipura chakra in the solar plexus area – yellow, sacral Svadhisthana – orange, root Muladhara – red. Locally, a stone is applied to the place of the chakra, which fully matches the tone; other minerals can be placed around the main gem.

Elongated protective stones are placed in the space between the chakras, which form an invisible energy thread between the chakras. For any internal organ to be strengthened, it is necessary to place an elongated crystal with a tip in the direction from the receptive chakra to the desired organ. For example, in case of liver dysfunction, an elongated mineral is applied to the vibrating heart chakra, with a pronounced tip “looking” at the liver. It is advisable to use a gem similar in shape to an organ in the human body.

The element of the Earth has a strictly cubic shape, it is placed right at the level of strong human legs, this element is characterized by a yellow color. The water element of the classic white tone in the form of a truncated ball, placed exactly at the level of the abdomen. The element of fire corresponds to a red tone, the sign of fire is a pyramidal stone. The air element is placed at head level in the form of a regular bowl.

When the two signs of Fire and Air are combined, a chalice is formed. As long as human thoughts are not filled with destructive fire, it is the wind. While a person thinks in this way, his element is purely black, when he becomes true air, his natural element brightens. The harmonization of the elements gives a certain spirituality, the classic shape of the crown over the head, its color is blue.

First you need to put a healing stone that matches the shape, then gems according to the color of the receptive chakras. If there is no appropriate form, then you must ask the stone for permission to interact with it. During work, it is necessary to ask for help from those stones that can have a healing effect on a particular person. Working actively with crystals is a great art.

Before interacting with stones, it is necessary to clear the field, for this you can use the “field closure” technique for the patient by placing 2 small crystals between the crown of the head and the local chakra, facing each other. With a sharp sigh, the energy is directed into the open body of a person, with a gradual exhalation, destructive energy is removed.

Any gem can be made “sacred” by treating it appropriately. The gem can be loved, but without fanaticism. In some cases, crystal meditation is used to purify the aura, at this moment they are imbued with the color of the mineral. You can also make a rosary from 21 or 33 pebbles, periodically sorting through them, feeding on their energy.

Basic requirements for stones

In order for the aura correction to take place with the proper effect, the following requirements are observed when choosing minerals:

  • Purity – no impurities, additional inclusions, cracks, air bubbles;
  • The size should not exceed the norm, too large and heavy stones are inconvenient to apply;
  • Type of stone processing – polished and cut stones are allowed for work, you can also use raw specimens.

Cleansing Personal Space with Crystals and stones

When cleaning your personal space, it is better to remove protective jewelry and protective talismans so that they do not absorb all the energy dirt. It is also better to do without watches with small crystals and glasses with strong metal arms. It is better to do the next cleaning barefoot, in socks made of pure cotton, so that all the accumulated negative goes into the ground. After these manipulations, it is better to take a relaxing salt bath.

To consolidate the procedure for cleaning the living space, one pebble can be placed in each corner of the rooms. Druses perfectly clean the space of bad energy. Before cleaning, it is advisable to talk to the stones, ask them to cleanse the energy of space, hold them near the heart, fill them with healing love. You can pour a little salt into the corners, throw a pinch over the open threshold. Salt is a soft quartz crystal that perfectly absorbs dirt, so the kitchen jar of table salt should always be tightly closed.