Aries Birthstone and Lucky Gemstones

The lucky stones of the sign have the role of supporting the vigorous and dynamic nature of the ram, as well as to stabilize the over-energy that it has.

Aries has the most spectacular lucky stones in the entire zodiac:

Diamond has both a positive and a negative influence on Aries

Hematite brings prosperity and abundance, translated into social prestige, fame and well-being.

Jasper increases vital energy and calms in times of stress.

Topaz and protects it from dangers.

Carnelian stimulates energy and the feeling of joy.

The characteristics of the sign of Aries

Aries are born between March 21 and April 20. It is a sign ruled by the planet Mars, and it is a sign of fire, like the sign of Leo and Sagittarius, a sign associated with passion and energy. Those born under this sign are endowed with many qualities such as loyalty, courage, self-confidence or passion, but they can also have defects such as selfishness, impulsivity, good self-esteem.

Among the main features of Aries is the need to be original. Aries has strong opinions and dominant personalities and always want to be in the first place. They are competitive and love challenges.

They are attracted to everything new and are always looking for a new adventure. They are not afraid to say what they think and fight for what they want.

They are innate leaders and their magnetic personalities often attract friends who follow them.

The lucky color of the rams is red, the bright shade of red reflects the pure and vibrant energy of this sign. But yellow, blue or purple also suit them.

Lucky stones of Aries

The lucky stone of those born in the sign of the ram is the diamond, but also hematite, topaz, jasper and carnelian are considered lucky for rams.


The diamond is the carrier of the energies of the planet Mars, enriching the relations of the wearer and strengthening his inner strength. Diamond brings balance, clarity and abundance.

It is a symbol of eternity and love and is often used to symbolize the special relationship between two partners. An extravagant gift with a greater symbolic importance than monetary value.

According to Hindu texts, diamonds are born when lightning strikes the earth and brings prosperity and happiness to the wearer.

Diamonds help the Aries native to fulfill his dreams and take his destiny into his own hands.

Diamond helps in diseases of the brain and pituitary glands and also helps eliminate toxins from the body.

It is said that the diamond strengthens the bond between two people and promotes sincerity in the relationship. Diamond brings peace and fulfillment on a personal level but also in a career.


It is the stone of those born in the sign of Aries, but also of those born in March.

In the Middle Ages it was believed to be effective in treating nosebleeds. Alchemists used hematite against poisons and blood diseases.

It is known for strengthening physical strength and courage. That is why, in ancient times, warriors and athletes wore diamonds and hematites in battles or competitions.

It leads to a healthy and harmonious lifestyle and increases our ability to make the right decisions, leading to a balanced personal and professional life. It is also known to balance positive and negative energies, stabilizing the impulsive and restless temperament of the ram.

Hematite develops mental clarity and provides decision support. It can stimulate intuition, dreams and ideas, removing doubt and confusion.


It is a variety of chalcedony, found especially in red, the lucky color of the sign.

Almost all ancient civilizations extracted and used jasper, considered a sacred stone; from it were made talismans, amulets, ritualized vessels and jewelry.

Red jasper is a stone of vital energies, enriching the endurance and stamina of the wearer. Jasper endows the wearer with the strength of work and the determination to complete the projects he has started.

Red jasper protects emotions and helps him relate more easily to others. It encourages a positive and happy philosophy of life. It also increases vital energy and calms in times of stress.

He is said to be the lucky stone of the actors, helping them to manifest their creative ideas.


It is the magic stone of Aries. Traditionally, topaz is known as the stone of love and luck, which charges and motivates the spirit. It symbolizes wisdom, knowledge and long life. It increases vitality and strongly endows the wearer.

It brings joy and prosperity. It promotes health and helps those who feel demoralized, confused or stressed. As a healing stone, topaz helps to improve the well-being of the legs and back, by increasing mobility. Improves tissue regeneration, helping those suffering from nervous or physical exhaustion. Stimulates appetite, activates vital energy and metabolism.

Topaz has a calming effect on people who are always under pressure, it helps them keep their temper and mind clear in tense situations. It endows with inspiration all those who create – poets, musicians, inventors – clarifying their thoughts.

Weather in Carnelian

It is a variety of dark red, yellow, brown or orange agate.

The ability of carnelian to transform negative energy into positive energy is well known. It makes Aries natives better understand their thoughts and enriches their ability to concentrate.

Carnelian brings prosperity and self-confidence to the wearer. It fights depression and restores inner balance. It improves productivity, giving Aries the feeling of control over his own destiny.

Carnelian can reveal the unsuspected talents of Aries, creating a harmony between mental focus and creativity. Also, carnelian is the ideal crystal when they overcome their own fears, because it helps us to be brave and overcoming fear and spreading tense states.

The effect of precious stones is extremely strong! Therefore, if you are born in the zodiac sign of Aries, do not hesitate to wear jewelry with diamonds, jasper, topaz, carnelian or hematite. Among the benefits brought by them we mention the ability to stabilize the over-energy and to amplify the dynamic nature of these natives.