Ammolite: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care, Identifying Fake Ammolite

Ammolite was names so with the meaning of gem-quality ammonite.

Ammolite is also known as buffalo stone, aurora light, or corite. Buffalo stone was added from the process of discovery as described later, and aurora light was attached because the rainbow color reminiscent of aurora appears on the exterior. Ammolite is a registered trademark of Ammolite mining company in Canada.

How Does Ammolite Look:

Ammolite is a fossil of the ancient nautilus (the ancestor of the nautilus). Ammonite fossils, or ammonites, can be found all over the world, but unlike ordinary ammonites, they are characterized by a rainbow-colored glow called opal-like play color on the surface. Ammolite that has a rainbow-colored glow on its surface is specially called Ammolite.

Recognized as gem quality is only mined in Alberta, Canada and parts of Madagascar. Especially from Canada is famous.

Benefits of Ammolite

Ammolite brings powerful energy and happiness to its owner.

Healing effects of Ammolite:

It is also said to stimulate all chakras and give them health and strength. In particular, it is said to have a strong effect of removing yin and yang, so it is recommended for those who are depressed or reluctant.

However, these effects and benefits have not been proven in modern medicine.

Magical effects of Ammolite:

As a gemstone, it is said to “bring powerful power and happiness.”

The source of power is, after all, a beautiful and sparkling mosaic pattern. The mysterious glow reminiscent of rainbows, kaleidoscopes, and aurora shows various expressions such as the color changing depending on the viewing angle. There are many shades of red, orange, yellow, gold, and green, and blue and purple are rare.

When analyzed in terms of composition, these colors and brilliance are attributed to the thin adhesion of aragonite (natural calcium carbonate component) to the surface of Ammon shellfish.

On the other hand, from a psychic point of view, it is said that because the light of the primordial sun is contained, it gives the owner powerful energy, stimulates all chakras, and gives health and power. In particular, it is said to have a strong effect of removing yin and yang, so it is recommended for those who are depressed or reluctant.

The rainbow-colored brilliance is deep and strong, so it can be said to be a stone with a natural chakra color. Not to mention good luck, it is also attracting attention as a feng shui accessory.

Ammolite corresponds to which chakra:

All chakras

How to Cleanse the energy of Ammolite

As it is a delicate stone, we do not recommend irritating purification methods such as sunlight and salt.

We recommend purification with a crystal cluster or crystal tuner.

Where is Ammolite found:

 Ammon mussels lived about 70 million years ago, when Canada was still in the subtropical region. Eventually extinct, its shells are left behind in seafloor sediments, and as Canada becomes land, it sleeps deeper in the ground and becomes mineralized. Rich mineral deposits have given the Ammon shells a dazzling color and brilliance over complex natural conditions and eternal time. It is said that it was the local Indians who first discovered this beautiful fossil.

History and Legends of Ammolite:

Discovery of Ammolite by Native Americans

It is said that it was the local Native Americans who first discovered this beautiful fossil.

Once upon a time, the Blackfoot tribe, who lived in tents along the Canadian Rockies, said that at one point the entire tribe suffered terrible hunger. This is because the food buffalo has disappeared. One winter day, when a tribal girl was walking in the snow looking for firewood, she found a dazzling stone under Kinoshita.

“If you bring me back to the village, it will bring great food to your village …”.
 I heard such a voice from somewhere.

When the girl brought the stone home, as she told her, a horde of buffalo was returning outside the tent the next morning, saving the village from hunger and allowing her to live happily thereafter. The Blackfoot Confederate said that this rainbow-colored shimmering stone “brings powerful power and happiness” and has come to be used as a hunting ritual, medicine, and amulet by wrapping it in buffalo skin.

Modern Discovery of Ammolite

 It was discovered in 1908 in modern times. It was discovered by the Canadian Geological Survey as an ore-ized ammonite, but at this time no gem quality was found.

After that, local companies started mining independently from the latter half of the 1970s and discovered high quality ammonites. In 1981, it was officially recognized as a gem by the International Gem Precious Metals Federation and given the name “Ammolite”.

However, the amount of mining has decreased considerably now, and it seems that it is difficult to find one that keeps the shape of the whole shellfish. Most of them come out in debris, but they are still quite rare.

Properties of Ammolite:

Mineral nameAmmonite
Main production areasCanada
Chemical composition
Crystal system
Crystal habit (shape)
Main shadesRainbow-colored
Streak color
specific gravity2.60-2.85
Refractive index1.50 to 1.70
Similar stone non-madeLabradorite, a non-gemmonite