Amber: Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care

Amber is an incredibly beautiful stone. It originates hundreds of millions of years ago. Even in the Neolithic era, they knew about the beneficial properties of this mineral. It turns out organically when the resin hardens.

For the first time a person got acquainted with amber in the Neolithic era. This gem was of great value and even then they knew how to properly process it. According to the data, ancient people valued amber for its beauty and unusual appearance. The first description was made in the 10th century BC. Now copies of that time can be viewed in the Museum of London.

Amber is a sun stone . It got this name due to its bright yellow color. In the sun it shimmers and has a very unusual shade. In some sources, you can find its other names – Tears of the Sea or Gift of the Sun. They all characterize amber.

Scientists have been trying for thousands of years to comprehend the unique structure of the stone. It was appreciated by stone cutters for its uniqueness.

Healing Properties of Amber

Scientists have recognized the healing properties of amber and have tried to find the best use for it.

  • It is used to treat nervous disorders, depression and insomnia. Amber helps a person to relax and stop worrying about little things.
  • Helps with severe headaches and migraines. It is enough to apply the mineral to the sore spot for several days.
  • Improves metabolism and normalizes the state of the digestive system. Reduces head feeling and helps to lose weight.
  • Carries out the correct functioning of the central nervous system.
  • Relieves inflammation and skin pathology. Wounds and fractures heal much faster.
  • Helps with thyroid problems.

Amber infusion is used to ease the course of gastric diseases and relieve acute pain. It is very simple to prepare it. It is necessary to put amber in water for fourteen days. Store the liquid in the sun.

Healers from many countries call the stone a unique helper for many ailments and use it in their treatment. So any disease goes much better, and the healing process begins faster.

Magical Properties of Amber

In ancient times, amber was called the stone of youth. Many magicians have used it to create the elixir of youth. The person always wanted to look younger and feel a great surge of energy every day. Amber filled with good health from the inside and gave vigor for the whole day.

  • The stone can be used as a talisman against envious people, evil looks and corruption.
  • It performs a protective function against the evil eye. It is enough to carry amber with you at all times.
  • Brings good luck and gives a person vigor. So he wants to do things and enjoy every moment of life.
  • Will teach you to believe in your intuition and be able to trust it.
  • Amber is a symbol of health. Girls often use it for wrinkles and facial skin problems.

Various peoples use this mineral for rituals to ensure a good harvest and attract good luck. He is also able to return a loved one and help in relationships with the opposite sex.

This mineral is often used to create an atmosphere of comfort and happiness in the home. For this, an amber figurine is placed in the house.

Amber protects against accidents and fire.

Amber suits Which Zodiac Signs

Amber, as a talisman, is suitable for almost all signs of the zodiac. He fills any person with positive energy and helps to move only forward in life.

Leo: The mineral helps people of this sign the best. It is needed to protect against envious people and the evil eye. Amber develops intuition and helps to find the gift of foresight. It is better to choose rings or earrings for women, and cufflinks for men.

Cancer is a sign of Water, so you need to pay attention to transparent stones. This look symbolizes a surge of strength, freshness and the appearance of new feelings.

Virgo is Earth. For this sign, it is better to opt for yellow and gold shades of the stone.

Shades of rich color are suitable for Scorpios.

Sagittarians are better off choosing large specimens with an unusual structure.

Capricorns prefer cream or cloudy amber. But on successful days, it is better to give preference to gold and sun stones. This difference in shade describes the character of this sign.

When buying amber, Aquarius must pay attention to inclusions and air bubbles. These stones will be most beneficial.

Some Pisces are very fond of the sun stone  and therefore often make rash acts to buy it. Others are indifferent to him.

Aries is Fire. Amber helps this stone to be more restrained and not to commit rash acts.

Gemini should choose stones of a calm color. Such decoration will help to achieve the desired goal.

Amber is not suitable only for Taurus. People of this sign should pay attention to jewelry made from other minerals.

Amber is a special stone that requires careful treatment.

How to tell if an Amber is Real or Fake:

Amber stone is notable for its incredible beauty, and therefore many jewelers try to make it a cheaper fake. Pressed minerals are often found. They are rather cloudy in appearance and are obtained from ground powder of natural stone and young mineral. The process of creating such an instance is very difficult and takes time. Decorations are not so beautiful and lose in strength. Their service life is much shorter.

There are several ways to distinguish an original stone from a fake:

  • Check the luminescence property. This can be done simply with an ultraviolet lamp. The original stone should glow.
  • When considering the color of a stone, it is worth paying attention to the saturation and inner content. Upon closer examination, you can see the unique air bubbles inside.
  • On contact with hands, the natural stone feels warm. It gives positive energy even with short exposure.
  • If you put amber in salt water, then it floats.
  • When the stone is heated, the smell of coniferous branches is felt.
  • Electrostatic. When rubbed, paper and threads are attracted. Amber has this property.

Taking care of Amber

Proper care of products is essential to ensure that they serve as long as possible and please the eye.

Jewelry made from this stone requires careful care. It belongs to delicate stones. It is best to store them in a separate hard-walled box. It is strictly forbidden to place amber next to metal. Do not expose the mineral to temperature extremes.

It is necessary to clean amber only with a soft cloth without aggressive chemicals. They can damage the structure and spoil the gloss. In case of severe pollution, it is worth using running water and a specialized composition. If it is not at hand, then you can use salted water. To cleanse, it is enough to soak the products for 15-20 minutes.

Amber can become cloudy over time. In order for this not to happen, you must follow a number of simple rules:

  • Do not store jewelry near a source of low or high temperatures (air conditioner, heater, etc.). Jewelry must be removed when using the sauna. It is not recommended to wear amber during the cold season.
  • It should be remembered that the penetration of perfumery on the gem negatively affects it.
  • Do not wear jewelry at home when doing household chores. It is best to wear them when going outside.
  • Jewelry must not be dropped or thrown. Products require careful treatment.
  • Do not take the stone with dirty or greasy hands.

If the gem has become cloudy over time, then it can be saved. To do this, use paraffin and tooth powder. Mix these components until smooth with a piece of flannel cloth. You cannot use toothpaste, only powder. With the resulting mixture, gently polish the stone, without pressure and effort. After the procedure, clean the surface with a napkin. The stone will shine and look like new.

If the stone is damaged, then you need to contact a jeweler who can fix the problem.

Shades of Amber

The amount of impurities is the direct cause of the resulting shade of the gem. The more there are, the richer the color of the stone. There are more than three hundred types of amber colors, and each of the representatives is different from each other.

Organic stone can be red, light honey, brown with black, light yellow, gold, green, milky beige or ivory . This is one of the few gemstones that range from colorless to brightly dark. If you look closely, you can see the remains of plants or even insects inside it. Its cost immediately increases several times.

Key Features of Amber:

  • Amber does not sink in salt water.
  • On contact with fresh water, amber swells. The increase in volume is noticeable only if the stone is in water for a long time.
  • When interacting with boiling water, amber turns into resin.
  • Let’s dissolve in acids, some oils and alcohol.
  • Easily subject to changes in density and color.
  • Conducts electricity.
  • At different temperatures, the stone changes its structure. At temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius, it becomes soft, from 150 to 350 it begins to melt, and from 350 to 1000 it completely disappears.

Where is Amber found:

Amber is mined in a large number of countries. These include:

  • Romania;
  • Poland;
  • Sicily;
  • Ukraine;
  • USA;
  • Germany;
  • Mexico;
  • Canada.

On the territory of the former CIS, there are two fields that are classified as large: the Baltic Republic and the Kaliningrad region.

Uses of Amber:

The most popular area of ​​use is jewelry. Amber is used to create jewelry such as bracelets, brooches, earrings, as well as beads and pendants. The frame can be a base metal, silver or gold . The final cost of the jewelry will depend on this.

Beads and bracelets with plants or insects inside the stone are especially popular. You can also often see such unusual rings.

You can find unique souvenir masterpieces from this gem, such as boxes, key chains, dishes, clocks and figures in board games. They not only look beautiful, but also bring abundance and good luck to your home.

Cosmetology and medicine. Since ancient times, amber has been valued for its many medicinal properties. It contains iron, iodine, and potassium, which are necessary for humans.

Amber oil is used to massage the lower back and neck. This procedure relieves pain and warms the body. And also for the treatment of injuries and restoration of metabolic processes.

The stone itself is used for tumors, thyroid problems, headaches and migraines. For sore throats and colds, you should apply the stone several times a day.

Amber powder is essential for the treatment of cracked legs, insect bites, purulent wounds and hemorrhoids. It also strengthens the hair and promotes its rapid growth.

Art. You can often find amber as decoration for icons or paintings. For this, small stones are used, which remain after the creation of jewelry. Pictures with nature look the most beautiful, because gold-colored stones are used. They shimmer beautifully in the sun, so the painting looks expensive. Amber varnish is used in musical art. It is used to cover musical instruments.

Agriculture. The seeds are treated with succinic acid for yield.

Ship business. The bottoms of ships are coated with amber varnish so that they may become overgrown with plants. The amber coating is also used for furniture that is in high humidity most of the time.

Amber in Ancient Times:

Each country has used the stone for different purposes:

  • In Egypt, incense burners were made from it. They were used for various rituals.
  • Amber in Greece is called electromagnet, which means “shining”. The Greeks believed that he brought victory in battles and therefore always took him with them in important battles as a talisman. For this, men’s jewelry or weapons interspersed with stone were specially made.
  • In Rome, this gem spoke of the status of the family. Only rich people could afford to wear amber jewelry.

Amber gained the greatest popularity in the 17th century. All noble ladies had sun stone jewelry. This spoke of their wealth and status.

Physical and Chemical Properties:

Amber contains a compound of organic acids that contain a high level of molecules. Succinic acid is basic in the composition.

The composition of amber is carbon – 79 percent, hydrogen – 10.5 percent and oxygen – only 8.5 percent.

  • Hardness: 2 to 3
  • Structure: Amorphous
  • Density: 1.3 g / cc cm

The stone contains a large amount of impurities. These include aluminum, iron, calcium, silicon and others. Refers to opaque or translucent minerals. Shine can be observed in several types – glassy, ​​matte or oily. Processing and creating jewelry does not take much time.

Chemical formula – C 10 H 16 O + (H 2 S).