Agate “Blue Lace”- Blue Chalcedony Magical and Healing Effect, Zodiac signs, Chakras, Taking Care

Blue agate is famous for its delicate colors and smooth outlines. Its unusual palette, in which blue, white and yellow-brown colors alternate, has long attracted the attention of lovers of natural stones. It is believed that in addition to its beautiful appearance, blue agate also has interesting magical properties.

Points Covered in this article :

  • The healing and Magical properties of blue agate
  • Blue Lace agate is Suitable for Which Zodiac Sign:
  • Agate “Blue Lace” (Blue Chalcedony) Relation with Chakra
  • Compatibility of Blue Lace Agate with other Stones
  • How to Energize Agate “Blue Lace” – Blue Chalcedony?
  • Blue agate care and wearing
  • Uses of Blue Lace Agate
  • How to distinguish a fake
  • Blue agate Care and Wearing
  • Good time to buy Blue Lace Agate
  • History and origins of Blue Lace Agate
  • Physicochemical characteristics
  • Place of extraction

The Healing and Magical properties of Blue Lace Agate:

It is believed that agate has healing properties: it can relieve nervous tension, relieve headaches and itching from insect bites, and help against sleepwalking. It has the greatest impact on the emotional state: wearing it in the middle of the chest helps to smooth out the emotional imbalance that does not allow a person to open up to romantic feelings, although he himself wishes to. At the same time, agate develops confidence and decisiveness in a person, encourages the owner to analyze his own actions. Pebbles of the correct form bring harmony to a person, while the wrong ones encourage specific actions.

Due to its rarity, it is not easy to establish the magical properties of the stone.

Some Italian Renaissance artists allegedly wore blue agate jewelry as talismans. Perhaps this is the origin of the opinion that this mineral contributes to inspiration, the manifestation of a person’s creative abilities, the discovery of talents previously unknown, confidence in one’s creativity. When combined with fire stones such as ruby, it can in rare cases also contribute to the active generation of new ideas.

Agate should be worn by those who dream of speaking eloquently, because it gives the wearer confidence and improves his oratory skills.

For unbalanced people, the mineral helps to restore mental balance, so it is often used for meditation. It allows you to talk with people more restrained and deliberately, to push the emotional component of the relationship into the background, to deal with the depressive and depressed state.

The mineral is great for controlling emotions and achieving balance. For a person who wants to open up emotionally, this mineral will allow you to do this. To those who, on the contrary, are too hot-tempered, he will help to keep themselves in hand.

Wearing a blue agate cut as a decoration improves the aesthetic taste, which will also be useful for creators and representatives of some professions, say, designers or fashion designers, especially if the cut is worn on a black cord or a thin silver chain, not necessarily made of real silver.

It contributes to the provision of great trust to the owner on the part of others and encourages the wearer to keep trusted secrets. This property can be used in order to rid yourself of excessive talkativeness and inclination to gossip.

This ornamental stone promotes restful sleep with pleasant dreams, relieves nightmares, but does not lull the wearer to sleep. The stone can save the owner from a little trouble.

Some esotericists say that it is worth “recognizing” a mineral by focusing on it for a while, but this cannot be done for too long: the stone has a strong connection with the world of the unreal, so long-term concentration on it can cause too much distance from the real world, after which will be followed by a painful fall into reality.

Blue Lace agate is Suitable for Which Zodiac Sign:

Blue agate stone is well perceived by water and air signs (perhaps this is due to its azure color), in particular, it is suitable for Aquarius and Pisces. But this mineral is best suited for Gemini according to the horoscope. In astrology, agate is often believed to correspond to the Taurus zodiac sign.

Agate “Blue Lace” (Blue Chalcedony) Relation with Chakra

Used for : Communication, Stabilization, Calmness

Expressing your Truth

Speaking in public, being able to express what you really feel, articulating your ideas well: this can be difficult, especially if your Throat Chakra is not open well. The gentle Energy of “Blue Lace” Agate is your ally to express * your * truth.

Compatibility of Blue Lace Agate with other Stones

The mineral is calm and well compatible with others, but it is better to avoid combining it with fire stones: they can destroy most of the beneficial magical properties of blue agate and enhance others. But the combination with any of the stones does not carry negative effects and danger to the wearer – the owner of blue agate can be calm in choosing jewelry for his image.

The stone is best combined with topaz and aquamarine, which will enhance the magical properties of agate. Combination with other stones can give various interesting properties that do not contradict each other.

How to Energize Agate “Blue Lace” – Blue Chalcedony?

  • Sit down for a few minutes with your Stone in your hand. Breathe in and visualize the Energy of your Crystal entering your body. Visualize your intentions for your Stone. What should she help you with? To relax? To appease you? To give you more confidence or energy? Anything else? Your Peter listens to you and is ready to help you.
  •  Program your Blue Lace Agate with a powerful affirmation like “I speak my truth and I am being heard” and let its vibration amplify your intention.
  •  Keep your Stones with you, use them in all your intuitive or meditation practices (mindfulness, yoga, sophrology…) or place them in your “Ritual corner”.
  •  Stone of Communication, Agate Blue Lace or Blue Caldedonia is associated with the Throat Chakra.

Uses of Blue Lace Agate

The largest piece of agate is a 75 cm dish cut from a solid stone.

The stone is used for artistic carving. Due to its strength, toughness and high hardness, it can also be used for the manufacture of mortars and pestles for chemical analytical work, prisms for analytical balances and stones for watches.

Decorations are made from agate. Most jewelers believe that a massive frame can only spoil the look of this stunning stone, therefore, it is made invisible, exclusively precious metals are used for production. You will not find these stones in a gold setting, because the color of gold does not match well with them.

Talismans and amulets made of blue agate can be very diverse: from simple jewelry, that is, a large stone in a setting, to an agate cut on an inexpensive cord.

Agate amulets (especially beads with blue agate, just a stone inserted into a pendant is also suitable) is recommended for pregnant women to avoid the initial fear of motherhood and childcare.

In general, blue agate is inserted into necklaces as well as bracelets, earrings and rings. The shape of the jewelry does not matter for a person who wants to possess agate, since the magic of this stone almost does not depend on the shape.

How to distinguish a fake Blue Lace Agate

This mineral is very porous and therefore easily lends itself to artificial coloring. They say that they learned how to turn gray agates into blue ones back in ancient Rome. When purchasing a stone, take a closer look at its shade. Avoid too “poisonous”, too bright and saturated colors: most likely, in front of you is an artificially colored stone.

Often, fake agates are made of plastic or glass, and outwardly they hardly differ from real ones. However, if you squeeze them in your hand, they quickly heat up. Real agate itself is cold and stays cold for a long time. Following these tips will prevent you from running into a fake.

As with all stones, you should pay attention to the cost: blue agate is quite a rare stone, so it is unlikely to be too cheap. However, there is nothing stopping fraudsters from selling the stone at the price of real blue agate, so this is not a universal method.

Blue agate Care and Wearing

It is better to store blue agate in a soft case, keep it away from moisture and direct sunlight. Thus, if a person wears blue agate on himself as a pendant, it is better to hide it under clothes. Many esotericists argue that if you wear blue agate solely as an amulet, say, a protective one, it is generally undesirable to open it to the eyes of other people. But this statement should be taken with skepticism.

Note: Agate should be washed only under cold water and not too often.

Good time to buy Blue Lace Agate

This is a calm stone, so you can buy it whenever you want. The most favorable time of the year for buying it is spring, the day is Monday, and the time of day is morning. All of these timestamps are a symbol of the beginning and are suitable for buying many other stones. The best option would be if you get up at five in the morning and buy it as soon as the store opens. But do not take a day off for this: the stone will not lose its positive properties.

History and origins of Blue Lace Agate

How agates were formed has not yet been precisely established.

Since ancient times, this blue stone has been used to make seals, ornaments and vessels. Agate was used to make eyes that were placed in the sockets of the statue to scare away the dark forces. So history has known this mineral for a long time.

It used to be believed that it helps in the treatment of spider and scorpion bites, medicines crushed in agate mortars cure diseases, and rings with this mineral contribute to the development of eloquence and success in sports. Subsequently, these statements were found to be incorrect.

Physicochemical characteristics of Blue Lace Agate

The hardness of the mineral is medium, closer to high. The gloss at the fracture is matte or oily, at the polished surface it is glassy. Resistant to acids. This is a kind of quartz.

Place of extraction of Blue Lace Agate

It is less common than other types of agate. But there are large deposits in which blue agate is mined in large quantities. These are deposits in South America (Brazil), North America (Mexico, the United States of America), Australia, China and the island of Madagascar.

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